October 27th, 2007

green turtle
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I have a 30.00 gift card to Coldwater Creek, but I would much rather have cash. Can I walk into the store and get the cash back, or can I purchase something and return it for the cash?? Or, if anyone loves this store and is planning on buying something there anyway and would like to give me cash for the full amount I can make you cookies or something!
turn it

all i want is everything

has anyone recently upgraded to a new laptop
and have their old one collecting dust and want to get rid of it?

like free or quite cheap?

i have a little bits of cash, but only little

i would like it to hold a charge finely
and be wifi spiffy

it wouldn't have to have any programs on it
except a word processing program

i'ma do nanowrimo this year
and don't want to be exiled to my bedroom to write

as i said, all i want is everything


love and madness,

oh! i have a lovely epson stylus photo 1280 printer
i am willing to trade.
it prints divine, with an 11" carriage

Voluntary Survey

I was driving home last night from downtown on Scholls Ferry near Washington Square at about 2 am.

On the right side of the road was a police car, with lights on, flares surrounding it, and two flaggers talking in the parking lot. The sign next to the car said, "Voluntary Survey". No one was stopped.

What was that? 

Lost Kitty

My moms cat got away and has been gone three days. My mom usually lets her in the back yard when she smokes a cigarette and she does her thing and comes back in. Well I guess this time, she didn't come back. My mom posted fliers in the neighborhood and the cat is microchipped. No collar.
If anyone sees her please call 503-431-9191. She is an Orange tabby with green eyes. Her name is Michaela Wizowzki(Mike for short) and she responds better to men than women. She hates to be picked up to if you do pcik her up and she freaks out, don't worry she's not mean, she just pretends to be.
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EDIT: This would be in the Hillsboro/Aloha area.
me & nana
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here we go again

So after a few short months of living in Seattle, my husband and I have decided that raising kids so far from family sucks ass, and not in a good way.  He grew up in Portland Beaverton, and his mom and siblings still live there, so we're packing up the family and heading south.  Problem is, I'm the one in charge of research and I don't know anything about neighborhoods.  I DO know that I want to be as close to downtown as possible, or at least in a walkable neighborhood that is close to public transportation (bus OK, MAX better) because I hate driving, especially in cities and especially with my kid in the car.  My car is a piece of shit and the less I drive it the longer it will last.  Given we can't afford a new car, that's important. 

I've been looking on craigslist, oregonlive, willamette week, etc. but without neighborhood parameters, I'm fumbling blindly.  We're looking for a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and a dishwasher.  Originally I was thinking washer/dryer, too, but with my mother-in-law in town, we can do laundry at her house; it would, of course, be beneficial to have our own but it's no longer a requirement.  $750/month or less, walking distance to grocery stores (because taking 2 kids under 3 on the bus to get a week's worth of food?  No thank you), reasonable distance to transit.  Library in the neighborhood would be a major plus, as would a yarn shop, but I'm willing to do a reasonable public commute for both.  Parks with well-maintained play structures need to be close, too. 

Where should I be looking to find such a dwelling?  Or does it not exist in Portland?
1.20 boys don't cry

2 shows coming up

homey se neighbourhood bar, intimate show, all acoustic
i got the address wrong, but it's right there anyway, 27th and belmont.

bauhaus tribute band, industrial-female-led rock, vegan food

it's going to be a fantastic weekend. there will be very little overlap between the shows, by the way, so if you go to one, you're not going to see the same songs as the other.

flesh for my consumption

I am a meat eater. For example, I like rare steaks swimming in a pool of their own delicious blood. Mmm-mm! Tasty.

However, I want to stop eating factory-farmed meat for a number of reasons. So is there a butcher shop anywhere in town that stocks local range-raised flesh for the barbarous roasting and eating? I'm willing to pay what it costs since that means I'll be eating less meat which is good for my health and the planet. Being close in SE or NE would be a plus.

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[BST] synthcat's survival tip #42393

(Yes, this is completely random, but reasonably Portland-related, as this tip can be used here in Portland....)

When using the restroom facilities in a restaurant, mall, store, community center, church, school, office, etc., I have found that answering these "pre-flight check" questions come in handy. They have saved my ass (pun intended) on more than one occasion:

1. Is the restroom facilities suitable and designed for your gender? I have on several occasions walked into lavatories which were obviously not suited to my gender (when the number of feminine protection dispensers outnumbered the urinals, that was not a good sign for me).

2. Are there sufficient quantities of toilet paper rolls in the restroom? If not, are there any stash of extra rolls located anywhere in the room? This is a very important consideration when using a public restroom right after consuming several Great Balls of Fire habanero fritters from Salvador Molly's.

3. Does the toilet flush with enough oomph? How strong is the flush? The presence of plungers near the toilet may provide a clue to this question. To be on the safe side, I have gotten in the habit of doing a "pre-flight flush" to prevent unforeseen embarrassment, water conservationists be damned....

Have a great Saturday!

-m (first post on Leopard....wheeeee!)
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little lo

(no subject)

if you're in the mood to rock out, there's going to be some sweet awesome music at the ash street tonight...

metallica cover band? check.
motley crue cover band? yes.
misfits cover band? of course.
and pirates? oh yeah!

225 southwest ash street, music starts around 9:30.
find me dancing while the pirates are playing and i'll buy you a drink, a double if you dance with me. yaaaar!


The boy and I are going as "Affair Having Boss and Secretary" for Halloween. We need some good one liners-we're drawing blanks here...


DP related because...I'm in Portland, babies.
pumpkin-candy corn

Kid-Friendly Haunted House?

Does anyone happen to know of a kid-friendly haunted house???

My daughter is 5-years old and has what I would would imagine is a fairly average fear tolerance for her age. She kind-of likes the campy Halloween stuff (much like her mother). But, some of the Halloween decorations with sound effects kind-of spook her out, even though she knows that they are just pretend. I think she has a fairly healthy fascination with the stuff really. We don't watch scary movies or action-packed movies. Her tv-movie watching is mostly limited to PBS and the like. So, she hasn't been as desensitized to that sort-of thing as some kids might be.

SE PDX, downtown or otherwise close-in locations would be a bonus.

There's got to be something geared to her age group even if it's just a school or church's fundraising haunted house, right???? ;-)
hard times in the ghetto

so yeah, who doesn't love to talk about shoes?

quick question for those of you in the service industry

what kind of shoes do you wear (non-slip, black)? i ask because i'm about to burn my sketchers, they may possibly be the worst shoes i've ever spent money on, uncomfortable (even with insoles), falling apart after maybe two months of wear, kinda ugly. i've heard some good stuff about Shoes for Crews i guess, are those my best bet? i would like to still be able to walk when i'm old :)
me defauit

Don't come a knockin' if this stall's a rockin' at the Bridgeport theater

So there I was, going number one. And then I hear a man's voice a few stalls down. I stopped midstream (I didn't know I could do that). Was I in the men's restroom or was he in the women's?? Classic.

He was on his cell phone giving someone his e-mail address. Greg(garbled)at yahoo.com at which point I realized he didn't know one of us was in the wrong spot. I couldn't stop giggling or bring myself to come out of the stall. So I called my friend on her cell phone and whispered, "Please come into the bathroom" without telling her why.

She comes in and passes him on the way out. "Oh, wait, is this the men's room?" I heard her say and I guess he was embarrassed because he bolted. After it became clear that I was, in fact, in the right restroom, I washed my hands super quick, and tried to find him. I even called out "Greeeeeg" in the lobby but no one replied.

I really wish he would have stuck around so we could have had a good laugh about it. I thought it was rad! Anyway, if you are Greg, or know him, let me know.
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