October 26th, 2007

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This Friday...

Hey everyone!
I don't live in the Portland area anymore but am here to visit am an introducing a friend to the friendly Portland Queer community. What should we do tomorrow (or today rather)!??!?

Thanks folks!

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All my friends drink alcohol?

So, the stereotype about Portland is it is the city of Microbrews and restaraunts and young people out on the town, having fun and drinking. And drinking some more.

And I've noticed that the stereotype holds true in this group, where there is a lot of talk about bars and liquor stores.

I am not against alcohol, and I have used it socially in the past...but this summer, I just decided that I didn't find much interest in alcohol anymore. I've only drank once since July, and even that was just enough to get the taste.

So am I the only person on here who doesn't drink? (I imagine not). And also, am I the only person who doesn't really understand why consumption of alcohol is the center of social events? Again, I am not against alcohol...I just don't see what is so interesting about it that people center their social lives around it.


Cool spots to meet-up in the Way-NE 'hood?
I'm going to this (Theatre du Grand Guignol) tonight, and it's at NE 7th and Dekum. What's a good spot that my friends and I could redenzvous for a drinky ahead of time?

Blue ribbons?

I know this is a strange question..but sort of a weird need. Does anyone know where I can find a 1st place blue ribbon (like you might see at a fair or something)? I need it to be downtown since I am at work down here and I take the MAX in to work. I need this ASAP for a company event later today.

Thanks oh wise ones...
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Ballroom Dancing..

Hey all, it is my roomates birthday and the only thing she really wants to do is go ballroom dancing. Im not the ballroom dancing type so I don't even know the first place to look. Anyone have reccomendations on a place to get all dressed up and go to Ballroom Dance?


landlord issues


as far as you all know, and under a standard lease, are landlords responsible for the cost of home repairs? 

i live in a rented house and am having drainage problems in the bathroom.  i called my landlord, he gave me the number of a "cheap" plumber to call, and quickly hung up before i could ask him much else.  the plumber is coming out tomorrow so i need to know if i can bill my landlord for this service, and i am unable to contact him right now.

thanks guys.

*edit* finally got a hold of the landlord, acted really irritated when i asked him about payment arrangements and answered "shit, i dunno, just have the plumber call me when he's done i guess."


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Final Paycheck

Help! If an employee is terminated, the final paycheck is due no later than the end of the next business day. Does anyone know the rules regarding whether the employer has to *mail* the check, or if it just needs to be available to the terminated employee (i.e. can it simply be available for pickup at the office)?? I've searched BOLI and didn't see anything, and I can't remember from past experience. Thanks all!

And...drink! some Diet Coke, because it's lunch time and too early to start boozing (hah!).

Where are the warehouses in PDX?

Are there any warehouse spaces in Portland that you all know of...that are open to hosting art shows for a (low) price (or free).

Have you been to any that seemed particularly cool. I'm looking to host a group show somewhere and I'm trying to find a nice space for it.

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(no subject)

Has anyone ever had to return something to IKEA and not had their receipt?

I just bought a dresser on Wednesday, but it's a piece of shit and pieces are too big and it won't fit together right. I need to get my money back, but in cleaning my room yesterday, I managed to throw out my receipt by accident, and the trash has already been taken. I paid for it with my debit card, so obviously there's record of the transaction, but the website says all returns need a receipt. :(

Wow, this post got out of control. This is crazy, and frankly, I haven't been able to keep up. But if anyone cares, they were able to find my transaction, and I got my money back. Thanks for suggestions and reassurance. Now go get lives.

DP at work!!!!!

Since we all check our community at work...bored...I dare you to photograph yourself in work mode and post it here! Damn Portlanders gotta make cheddar, or not...but if you do POST UR PICS OF YOU WORKING FOR THE MAN

omg_kittens: I do love making the most vivid and useful posts in this community. Oh yes!

yourdannybear just LOVES checking you into your friendly Shilo Inn...not.
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looking for a roommate

i live in a large condo in beaverton, 3 bedroom, 2.1 bath, 2 story, and i'm looking for someone to rent a room. $500 plus utilities. it's a luxury condo, with amenities such as in unit laundry, dishwasher, fire place, balcony etc. with your own bathroom, and parking available and it's right on the max line. the landlord will want to run a credit check and will need some references. new roommate must be goth and cat friendly. sorry, the landlord says no pets (since i already have 2 cats) and no couples (dunno why). 21+ prefered. drop me a line at korina_morella @ yahoo .com if interested or if you know anyone, send 'em my way. thanks!
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(no subject)

since others have had such success recently i thought id ask...

ive been single for several months, many of which i spent not ready to date. now that i am ready i am having trouble finding dates.

so, anyone interested, or have good suggestions for me?

also can always use new friends.
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Fat Clothing Swap call for volenteers and donations!

Portland Please Repost

The Fat Clothing Swap (Sunday, November 11 at In Other Words on Killingsworth from 3-6) is calling out for donations and volunteers for the event.  Below is a list of ways to help out and things we need, if you are interested in helping out please contact jack radish at jackrobinson @ riseup . net

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Car fire

Did anyone else see the car on fire on SE Belmont and 56th today around 5:30pm? It was kind of scary... I'm wondering if it spread or if firefighters eventually got there before it exploded.
Oct 2010

Camera mounting plate needed

Recently someone visiting used my tripod and they forgot to take the quick release camera mounting plate off of their camera, and they left the state. They shipped it back to me about 2 weeks later, but only put it in a flat cardboard envelope, and it arrived today broken and ruined. :( I am VERY sad about this.

I am trying to find a replacement quick release mounting plate, but it needs to be a specific one. It is made by Manfrotto, and goes with the 3030 basic pan head with quick release. I believe the part number is 200pl-14 but when I google for it, I come up with almost entirely UK sellers. I found it in several other countries, but so far, no luck in the good ole USA.

Now, this might be a huge long shot on DP, but I was wondering if anyone has an idea where I might procure this item here in the Portland area. Heck, I would be happy if I could find it in the US.

And yes, I have contacted several camera shops via email tonight, and will call around tomorrow. Just thought, by some crazy odd chance, someone here might have an inkling of where I might search and find.

Thanks much.