October 25th, 2007

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Fitness Question

Decision time, and I don't have the knowledge to make it. I have about 1 month to decide on a gym/fitness center to join*. Casting aside all thoughts of which is cheapest, closest, etc, I'm down to 4 choices: Curves (the one close-in on Hawthorne), Loprinzi's <sp>, the Mt. Scott Community Center, or the YWCA. I do plan on taking this month to go visit each, but sometimes other people can bring up issues I know nothing about. Also, does anyone have any opinion on the Couch-to-5k plan? I have heard a few people say it works, but I'm a bit skeptical so far, although mostly skeptical as to my ability to stick with it. Sometimes it seems like "not wasting my money" on an unused gym membership is the only way to get motivated.

So, the questions are: have you been a member at any of these places? Do you think the fees are reasonable given the access to equipment, quality of equipment, etc? Would you go there again; why or why not? Any other suggestions?

I don't really want to join a 24-hour Fitness type place, as I am a schlub and wish to blend into the scenery and don't like the whole "wall of windows" idea. I hold odd hours and don't have a bus pass so a place where I can complete a workout (without standing around waiting for equipment to open) is nice. I've also heard concerns about "supporting philosophies" with which I may not agree, so I have to say that, at this point, if someone said I could lose 30 pounds by kicking puppies daily, I'd *probably* consider it.

*If I can find a way to lose 5 pounds in the month I've given myself to find a gym, then I'll save the money and try to lose another 5 pounds, hence the interest in the Couch-to-5k idea. Also, if I reach my goal weight, I get a new tattoo.

Portland-related because it's beautifying the streets one schlub at a time.


DEAREST DP, i need your help!

i have two friends, both girls, who are looking for a place to live. they're two of the nicest people i've ever known -- and i don't say that lightly! they're both 21, politically minded, and they don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or drive. they're pretty quiet, booky, musicy, and dancey.

they're really good friends who met in france, and one of them is here from sweden until april. they'd really prefer to find a place together, but won't turn down two seperate but awesome offers. also, i think they're fine with sharing one room -- so if anyone out there has one big room available, please speak up!

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Contacting authors

I was wondering if any knew how to contact authors? The author I'm speaking of is not particularly well known and mostly works as an editor right now from what I can tell.

I tried calling the publishing company that published her only book that she wrote, but they said they can't even forward things to her for privacy reasons.

Any ideas?
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Anyone Interested in a LAN Party the week-end of November 10th?

For the past three years I have been hosting a LAN party at my home. The party is typically held four times a year. It is not your typical LAN though, as there is plenty of time for socializing and hanging out. If you plan to sit in front of your computer in silence the entire time this is not the LAN for you. Bringing a non gaming guest to hang out with us is encouraged provided I know in advance they are coming.

I recently made more room for attendees so I can once again make an open invite for new players. For this party we are holding a special Omegathon event. We are looking for teams of two to compete in multiple games in a double elimination tournament for a cash prize.

We are accepted a maximum of 24 gamer RSVPs and 10 non gaming guests RSVPs.

For more information and to sign up to receive the address of the house go here:

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speaking of mattresses

I need a mattress (and maybe box spring?)! Twin or full would be best. Does anyone have one they want to get rid of? For up to 30$? And who can assist a vehicle-less me in getting it to my house near lloyd center (hopefully on Sunday)?

This would make me happy


So I live in a house with a bunch of college students and we need about 300 gallons of oil to heat our poorly insulated house for the winter. Where is the *cheapest* place in Portland to get that amount of oil. Right  now our cheapest estimate is 3.13/gallon. :0P

That said, any other tips for insulating our house? We've already shrink-wrapped our windows and we're weather stripping our windows and doors and hoping to caulk the outside of our windows.

Thanks everyone!


I need a model for a trunk show I am doing this evening......

It is not formal, no actual "fashion show", just casual display modeling..... wearing the clothing while people shop, or display modeling a sample if someone wants to see it on the body. My alternate model had a last minute issue and had to cancel. The shop has 1-2 models already as well, so you won't be alone.

You can be size 6,8,or 10 and must feel comfortable modeling and being in front of people.

Please email me at acadiabaird@livejournal.com with a photo of yourself and your measurments/size and I will email you back with the details.
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Washington Criminal Registry?

DP, I need your help!

I've recently applied and scored an interview for a job working with children in Vancouver. As is the case in Portland, I need to register with the/a Washington state criminal registry system. I found the Oregon Criminal Registry system with a quick Google search, but I'm having no luck finding anything similar for Washington.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd call my possible employer, but I don't want to look like I have no research skillz. Because I do, usually.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

(p.s. I'm sorry if this isn't appropriate. I don't really know who else to ask!)
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On-line FAX -- no membership needed

Do any of you guys know of a place on-line to place a FAX that is either free or charges per usage rather than signing you up for a membership and charging monthly fees?

I'm apartment hunting right now and some of the landlords have asked me to fax things to them. Fred Meyer charges $1 / sheet and is certainly less convenient than doing it from home. (I have a scanner, but no fax machine.)

eFax seems to want me to sign up for a membership and I've had no luck finding anything with various search terms. I know there *must* be something out there. HELP!!!!

Do Not Disturb the Trees

I keep seeing signs on trees:

Protected Tree
Do Not Disturb
Follow protection Requirements

???? What is the deal with that? Is there a crazy person running around and cutting down the trees? Would my hugging it disturb it?


I'm going to a Halloween party and I wanted to go as Melanie Daniels from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I have the green outfit, feathers, fake blood and scar putty, but I think a fake crow sitting on my shoulder would be an especially nice touch. Where can I get a fake crow? I've been to just about every thrift store in Portland in the past week. I was thinking about training some to follow me around and squawk menacingly, but that's too labor intensive.

Also, where can I buy a cheap blonde wig that doesn't look like complete poo?
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Bored and lost...

Me and my friend are in downtown portland @ sw taylor st. & sw fifth ave... Right now, what should we do?... We don't care if its food or sonething you think is really fun... Just looking for something to do.., we just finished up mini golf... Thanks...
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The energy and liveliness of the new DP everyday hero, Traci Olson (the downtown construction flagger, a/k/a the female David Lee Roth), whose presence in downtown Portland makes me smile.

2. The Zombie Walk this Saturday evening. I will probably miss out on this, but it is nice that events such as Zombie Walk happen around here.

3. All-day Happy Hour prices for bicyclists at Por Que No throughout end of the month. I will use this excuse to check out the restaurant!

4. Delicious mushroom omelette at the cozy Rumpspankers Beyond Broth (chow.com description), which was beyond delectable! The sweet caramelized onion sauce and pecans contrasted very well with the savory mushrooms and spinach.

5. The extreme coziness of the above eatery leading to meeting new people and learning more about them--in this case, it was my being elbow to elbow at the table with members of group who get together every week to dance. I'm glad that I had the chance to meet and to get to know the folks in Portland Ecstatic Dance while being squished together with them at a table at Rumpspankers.

6. The clear weather on Sunday providing an excuse to try out my new bicycle tights (yes, TMI I know....)

7. The World Series providing an excuse (or an inspiration) for me to investigate some dive bars around the city.
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Hey guys/gals with SAWS!!!

Here's a random challenge for you...

Can anyone saw a curling iron in half for me???

I'd need it before noon Saturday; *downtown*
Any body up for the challenge?? =)
(any old curling iron will do, the longer the better, and broken is obviously fine)... or I can find one to be sawed.
Many thanks!!
(hey, I *had* to make my first post back a weird one right? =) I've missed you all, its been almost a whole month and I JUST today got my computer back from being repaired. *gah*)
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Yet one more Costume help question.

I don't actually need any DP help with the costume itself.

But I do need a fanny pack. I put on my costume last night and realized that I don't have any place to put my phone, wallet, camera, cigarettes, flask, IED or other things I might need.

I don't want to carry around my regular giant sized courier bag or make my partner carry around all my stuff in their purse.

So either does someone have a fanny pack sitting in the back of a closet they don't want or maybe someone knows where I can buy one for like a dollar?

If you've got the fanny pack, maybe we can trade. I've got some old classic out of print scifi paperbacks that you might want. Or maybe something else.

Hook a brutha up!
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piles and piles of free (?) wood

Anyone looking for free wood?
For a couple weeks now, I've noticed a MASSIVE pile of lopped up tree trunks on the west side of the N. Failing St Pedestrian I-5 Overpass (one block off the MAX yellow line). I've also witnessed many people helping themselves to it.
Yesterday, I noticed the pile was significantly larger with newer, drier wood. Most are 12" long stumps of only 1-2ft diameter. Not small, but not large
I have no idea who chopped it up and dumped it (the city? PGE?), but it seems to be a free for all.....  so if you want it, go and get it while the gettin's hot!
Thought I'd put it out there for all you lucky bastards with fireplaces or who are going camping soon...

Don't Mug That Shot

So is there an easy way to get a mugshot from the police department?  You always see celebrity mugshots in public it seems like hours after they're taken but what if it was just an ordinary guy who wants to see their mug and how it was shot?  Especially if it was taken a few years after it was shot?  Just curious especially since this "friend" of mine wants to see what he looked like at the time.  ;)
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