October 24th, 2007


Jobby job job

If anyone's still looking for work, they revamped the site and added lots more positions:

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I should also note that it involves a little personality test to apply (nothing major), but you should use MSIE, FireFox takes a dump when trying to do it. Also, you should be able to pass a drug test. (it's a federal thing since we deal with shipping I think.)

Nintendo DS lite

I need some quick cash so I'm trying to sell my DS. It's pink, it's in perfect condition, I hardly ever use it. I only have 2 games for it, Animal Crossing and Brain Age. I'll sell the DS plus the games for $75. That seems fair doesn't it?

I won't be able to access the internet again until tomorrow, so if you comment and I don't reply right away, that's why.

Thanks guys!

(no subject)

I know there are a few stores around that will buy your used CDs. (I'm thinking of two near Tanasbourne that I've driven by...) Does anyone know what they typically will pay per CD? Or is there a particular store that will give me the best deal? Trying to generate some cash here. :-\ Thanks!

ETA: Speaking of generating cash, I've just unearthed two bolts of black cotton velveteen that I'd been hoarding for historical costuming that I never got around to using. I have one bolt at 7.25 yds (a little more) and one at 11.50 yds. It's 43/44" width. Will sell either or both bolt for $33 and $51.75 respectively, but I won't cut up the bolts. That's $4.50/yd. If anyone's interested.
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Fat Clothing Swap Nov. 11 in PDX

Fat people of all genders start cleaning out your closets--seriously, and get ready to bring all the clothing you don't wear anymore to In Other Words on NE Killingsworth in Portland on Sunday, November 11 between 3 and 6 pm and swap it out for some cute new stuff.

That's right, there's gonna be a fat clothing swap so fatties that means its time to clear your schedules for that Sunday (Nov. 11), take a trip to the laundromat (or your basement) and wash all the clothes you want to get rid of (cause, seriously, going through people's old dirty clothes is a lot less appealing than going through a bunch of cute clean second-hand clothes) and clear some space out in your closet for all the cute new things you're gonna bring home

There will be a suggested donation at the door of $2 (more if you can but no one will be turned away for inability to pay) that will go to In Other Words and all clothing leftover at the end of the event will be donated to Bradley-Angle House

if you have questions or are interested in helping out with the event please email jack radish at jackrobinson @ riseup . net

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Park in Sandy, OR

I need a park or other cool photography spot in Sandy for a client. She doesn't know of anything in her own area for her son's Senior portraits, and I'm not familiar with the area either.

I'd love to have greenery as well as red bricks or a cement wall but at this point am not incredibly picky. Any help would be appreciated!


Edited to add: we've decided on Meinig Park - the mom knows where it is! LOL
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Chris Johanson Book Release Party this Friday!

Please Listen I Have Something to Tell You About What Is

A book release party with Chris Johanson

Friday, October 26th, 7pm
Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak St.

Join us this evening to celebrate the release of Please Listen I Have Something to Tell You About What Is (Alleged Press/Damiani, 2007)! Please Listen... is a beautiful full-color, jam-packed retrospective of Chris Johanson's work from the past 10+ years, with text by Aaron Rose, and contributions by Sean Kennerly and Jack Hanley. Chris will be on hand to sign books in between djing! Refreshments will be provided.

From Printed Matter: In Chris Johanson's open-wound heart and comically sinister universe, nudist dancers, good vibes, emotionally centered people, forest energy and rainbows transform the fleeting and commonplace activities of the human experience into affecting parables frozen in time. Assembled here for the first time, over ten years of this artist's works are jam packed into one volume. 

Chris Johanson is an artist dedicated to exploring the quandary that is the modern human condition, traversing the age of consumerism, and other perilous psychological phenomena such as self-help, psychotherapy, and cult spirituality. A veteran of the Northern California punk/skate scene, Johanson has been creating visual images since he was a teenager. His early raw, figurative drawings often utilized found or discarded materials such as reclaimed wood and paper, which were often found in dumpsters or construction sites. Since then he has expanded his oeuvre to include three-dimensional conceptual sculpture and abstraction, albeit executed with a sensitivity and wit perhaps unchallenged by any other artist of his generation.

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I'm worked up about the two recent cyclist deaths resulting from collisions with large vehicles. The tragedies were terrible ones, and humans being humans, when we're faced with trying to make sense of a tragedy, we try to figure out how to prevent it from happening again. This leads to a natural inclination to place the blame somewhere.

Neither of the drivers in the two recent accidents were issued citations for failure to yield. A lot of folks were enraged by this. Maybe you were too. But hopefully it's for the right reasons.

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cake, nagel

may the force be with you...on Mississippi

I had lunch on Mississippi Ave today and walked by THE coolest window display I think I've ever seen.

The display is a huge, detailed Star Wars scene made out of Legos, complete with suspended fighter jets and miniture Storm Troopers, Yoda, Chewbaca, etc. (maybe more main characters but I didn't have time to look at it in detail).

It's in one of the windows for the Sunlan Lighting store and I highly recommend checking it out if you're in that neck of the woods.
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Shanghai Tunnels?

Hey there! some friends and I are planning on going and doing the whole Shanghai Tunnel tour thing, and I thought I'd see what you guys had to say about it, seeing as you're all so wonderfully versed on everything here in Portland :) Super fun? or super not worth it?
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Lego Batman Rain

Independent Tuesdays! Halloween Horror Extravaganza 10/30/2007

Independent Tuesdays! Halloween Horror Extravaganza 10/30/2007

Yes yes yes.  I know that this competes with the Damned Portlanders meet up.  Local film makers, making short horror movies for the Halloween theme.  9pm at The Standard! 14 NE 22nd Portland, OR 97232.  Costumes encouraged.  Sobriety not so much.  Bring your own submissions if they are under 10 minutes!

It'll be a gruesome fun time. Muahahahahahaha!

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(no subject)

One of my professors was going on and on about getting a Liberal Arts degree.

Not meaning "liberal arts, english" or "liberal arts, painting", but a GENERAL liberal arts degree.

Is that worth my time?

PSU's program information is also really really vague. :\

Also, yes, I know I really need an academic advisor, but I was curious as to y'all's expeeerience. :)

(I want to be a teacher, ie: get masters in education)

Stupid "it's almost time to go home" question

This has nothing to do with Portland other than the fact that DP seems to know a lot of random stuff.


What is the name and composer of the song they play in cartoons during a quiet moment? Not "Morning" by Edward Grieg, although it's close. Not "William Tell Overture" but the OTHER one?

This is driving us all batty.

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questions, questions.

1) quick--best drinking establishment (pub, bar, speakeasy, etc) within stumbling distance of 23rd and burnside. 6 blocks is probably about the furthest we'd like to stumble, and we'll be stumblin' in about an hour.

2) slow--best locally owned bike shop with friendly mechanics. i'm looking for a place with a small staff who i can come to know by name and who can handle all of my bikes--i race and i commute, on rather different wheels. bonus points for between the river and the mountain, and within portland city limits.

thanks so much for your help, folks!

Computer speakers that don't suck??

Is it possible to find really good computer speakers for under $100 or so? I went to Freddies and bought a $50 set of a sub-woofer and two satellite speakers... but they don't seem anywhere near as good as what I am replacing.
(which is a pair of Aiwa speakers that I bought off Craig's List for $25, and were apparently never sold in America)
Got any suggestions?

(no subject)

Ok, looked under tags but didn't see anything, but I know we've talked about it before - I need a 24 hour laundromat. Or at least one open for another 2 hours or so. I need this info now. I'm in a bit of an emergency with work and need to get about 6 loads of laundry done before tomorrow at 9 a.m. Or really just dry them. I got everything washed at my usual laundromat, but they close at 9 p.m. So I now I have 6 loads of wet laundry waiting in my car. Doh....


And drink!

BarFly voting thing

From BarFly:
"It’s BarFly Awards time once again! As of now, you have FIVE DAYS to nominate your personal creme de la creme of the PDX scene for a coveted 2007 Golden BarF! Fill out BarFly’s online survey to nominate your fave raves for BarFly Awards celebrating the local service industry, media, and artsy-fartsy contingents that keep Portland PORTLAND, and enter to win tickets to the social event of the season!"

I don't work for them or anything, just thought it would be fun if DPers had their say.  Go on, nominate and vote, you know you want to!