October 23rd, 2007

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hey ladies

have you ever thought about going on a date with rarebit? now is your oportunity! I need your courtesy. I give you massage and/or kind words and/or honest communication and/or passionate embraces.

also: please pay my rent I will love you exclusively for a hundred years

Your mission should you choose to accept....

...is to find a copy of Geraldo Rivera revealing American troop movements on Fox News.

Apparently, the video of Geralo Rivera revealing troop movements on a broadcast from Fox News is VERY difficult to find. He was thrown out of Iraq by the military for revealing troop positions on the sand.

Can anyone find a copy of this video?

It's a challenge DP!
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tesla vs edison

more jack

Alterations advice

Hey y'all -

I finally settled on my Halloween costume and found that it needs altering.  I looked through memories and  didn't see any good info.  Can anyone recommend a place that does good alterations?  Or, is there anyone interested in making a few bucks who can do it (by Saturday afternoon) ?  I have a (somewhat expensive) satin corset that needs all the hooks moved about an inch or so.  Ideally, they need to be sewn very close to the boning.  (Yeah, I said boning.)  I'd do it myself but I'm not that handy and can just see myself ruining it.    Thanks in advance. 

Plus Size Petticoat

Ok... its another one of those "Where do I find this" posts from me.. Sorry..

So I thought that my costume was complete but... it is not. I am looking for a blonde wig (Alice in Wonderland) and a petticoat. Does anyone have one they are willing to lend, rent or sell me?

If so please contact me ASAP....


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Bike headlights?

I'm tired of using little cheap bike headlights that get lost or stolen or break. Can anyone recommend a good bike headlight that's durable and attaches permanently to a bike (or at least, permanently enough so as to deter theft)? I'm willing to spend some money for something that will last.


good pumpkins?

Where can I find some good pumpkins today? Are there any farms relatively close to SW Portland that doesn't take 30 min+ to get to or must I resort to winco and fred meyer for pumpkins? =( I've looked at a couple websites, but the farms I've found are so far away and I don't have a lot of time...today is my only day off until halloween.

Thanks...and sorry if this has been asked already.

Whoa! Is Me

Okay DPers, here goes nothing.

Every year I dress up in some ridiculous pun costume. For example, last year I was a tourist trap (like a venus fly trap, but not), and the year before that I was a frame of reference (frame with dictionary pages posted all over it).

This year, though, I'm out of ideas and NEED YOUR HELP! What are some good punny costumes you've seen or wish someone would do?

If all else fails I'm going to go as a lawsuit, but that's a little too close to the frame of reference for my tastes.

Aaaand vas-y, vas-y!
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buffy is sleepy
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I have 4 kitchen chairs that need to be reupholstered (50s style chrome diner chairs). Where is a good place to go for a quality vinyl job? What sorts of questions should I ask?

Show Tonight: Digger and the Pussycats (Melbourne, Australia)

If you're looking for something to do tonight,  Digger and the Pussycats are here from Melbourne on their first US tour. They are an amazing two-piece (guitar and drums and lungs of steel) heavily influenced by a youth spent listening to Portland's own Wipers.

I was lucky enough to catch them at the Tonic Lounge on Friday, and was impressed by their old school punk sound and snarky lyrics. Tonight you can see them at Ground Kontrol Arcade for $3. I am so there!

Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (503)796-9364

Tonight, Tuesday, October 23rd, 9:00PM 
Thought Patterns
Holy Shit! (Milwaukee, WI)
Digger & The Pussycats (Melbourne, Australia)
21+, $3

Mixed veggies

For you cooking enthusiasts out there:

If you like making yummy stir-fry anything, do not get the mixed veggies from Safeway. Especially if you like water chestnuts. They totally cheat you on the water chestnut to everything else in that goddamned bag ratio.

Seriously. My boyfriend and I picked up a bag to make beef fried rice and stir-fry and we used that instead of getting fresh veggies ('cause hey, making money stretch and last is good) and there was one, COUNT IT, ONE water chestnut in that whole damned bag.

Seriously. If you love water chestnuts as much as I do, it really is disappointing when you get a bag of the frozen veggies and plow through your whole bowl and realize, " I have no water chestnuts." and then ask you boyfriend, who says that he has only gotten one. And then eat the rest of the rice to realize that he got the only one in the bag and you got none.

It was a sad, sad day indeed.

And I'm still craving water chestnuts.

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I haven't seen this posted.. Maybe I missed it, sorry if I did.

Best haunted houses in Portland?

Also, is there any fare for the corn maze on Sauvie's Island?

And... a most important question that every dp should answer.....
If your ears hung low, would you indeed wobble them to and fro?
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Pete Krebs Trio at Mississippi Station, tonight, 7:00

I'm headed to Mississippi Station tonight at 7 to hear the Pete Krebs Gypsy Trio. Pete and Co are the instrumentalists behind the Stolen Sweets. If you like gypsy/jazz guitar, you're in for a real treat.

In a shocking stroke of coincidence, I look a hell of a lot like the user picture on this post. If you see me in the crowd, c'mon by and join me.

Late notice, I know. Sorry about that.
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Hurricane Katrina disaster relief

I can't decide...DP, you choose.

Should the US federal government contribute any further money towards Hurricane Katrina relief? If so, should it be spent rebuilding the levees or relocating the city to higher ground?

I vote: yes, relocate city. Think of the forecast of rising sea levels and the financial boost to Louisiana construction companies. That would help provide local jobs (not that the construction companies haven't already been busy). The shipping companies would obviously be SOL with a city move though. Unfortunately, people would probably still live there regardless of the rest of the city being moved, and the tragedy would occur again.

This opinion is subject to change.

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Is it okay to go to the grocery store without shoes on?

I don't mean okay as in "it's not against store policy". I mean okay in a "does it violate laws of the universe" sense.

If you saw someone with dirty gross looking feet in your grocery store, what would you do?
Dance like no one's watching

To the woman in the green car....

...that honked to warn me of a car that ran a red light, helping me to avoid a possibly fatal car/bike accident as I tried to cross. The sun was in my eyes (even with my helmet that had a visor thing), so I wouldn't have seen it coming. I looked up, the light was green, I slowly ventured forward. She honked, I stopped, car that ran red light passed, I was safe. I turned to her and said thanks, and as I pedaled forward I tried to help my vision by shading the left side of my face a little bit. Sun was still too bright.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I would give you a hug if I could. So I'll do it here. *HUG*
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Reminder: meetup was not tonight!

I suppose this would have been better to post earlier, but I got a bit sidetracked because someone keyed my car. (Just kidding.)

Anyway, to remind you: this month (and this month ONLY!), meetup is being held on Tuesday, October 30th. It will be at the East Bank Saloon on SE Grand at 7pm as per usual. It is, of course, Halloween-themed. The meetup faq is here.

Seeya there!


Hiya folks. I'm trying to sell a NEW copy of Bioshock. The box has been opened, but it has not been registered, so you should be able to use it just fine. Bought it for 47$, willing to sell as low as 40 >.<

Anyone interested? Fred Meyers won't take it back.


PC version :D

Comcast Admits Interfering with Internet Traffic

(since a few of you on dp have been talking about comcast and whats been going on lately, i decided to pass this email i recieved on to those who are interested....)


Greetings. A few days ago, I reported on apparent tampering with
Internet traffic by Comcast
( http://lauren.vortex.com/archive/000321.html ).

Caught with their pants down by Associated Press traffic
tests, Comcast has now admitted to what they call "delaying"
traffic -- in this case a euphemism for what network engineers would
call the spoofing or forging of traffic to disrupt the expected normal
communications protocol sequences
( http://www.nbc10.com/technology/14408077/detail.html ).

For those of us who have long been concerned about assuring Network
Neutrality, this case represents but the tip of the iceberg in terms
of the sorts of potential likely abuses that we can expect from the
unfettered ISPs.

If ISPs have problems with the traffic generated by a particular
class of applications, the correct approach would be to work with
the network community toward solutions, not acting like an
incompetent hacker who could care less about disrupting network
protocols designed with considerable effort over decades.

This case isn't just a Network Neutrality smoking gun, it's a
veritable bazooka -- and it's aimed right at ISP customers -- that's
you and me.

Good luck getting out of the line of fire.

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Just heads up to you folks from the LJ Support page:

Mail to Hotmail, Windows Live/MSN, Cox, Juno, and Netzero is currently blocked; LiveJournal engineers are working to contact those providers and resolve the block.

I usually have my comments dumped to my Hotmail account as a repository. But all day I haven't gotten any of my comments and now I know why. So if you're not getting them, there you go.

End Transmission