October 22nd, 2007

Fatty Goldfish


i cannot sleep, and i cannot stop listening to The Protomen. and i cant stop drawing artwork for it.

anyone else have the same problem? or just agree that they should come here?

they really should do a concert here, portland would be a perfect city to conquer...



Greetings insomniacs! Go outside and look east. Venus is incredibly bright!

Also if you face Venus and look straight up, off to the right will be Mars which is a lovely red-orange shade.

Portland-related because Venus and Mars can be seen from Portland (when it's not raining).

Just because you married him doesn't mean he's not a perv....

I would like to know when it became okay for a girl to bring her husband into the women's bathroom at a bar? I would have no problem with it if say the Men's restroom was out of order and he was actually using the toilet. I know I've used the men's room at bars if it's just a bathroom and no stall and the line for the women's is about a mile long. Anyways, I walk into the bathroom, and there is a guy and a girl in the stall, they hear me waiting and ask if I need to use it. Um, yes. So they walk out, I do my thing and look up and dude is peering over the stall door. Gross! Freaky! I finish up and they walk back into the stall. So I went and told the bartender, and she took care of it. Their friends got pissed off at me and yelling all sorts of rude shit and saying that it was okay he was in there, he was with his wife. After an almost brawl between me and my friends and their friends, I left.

This is not the first time I've been told that "It's ok, he's in there with his wife/girlfriend."

Please ladies, leave your boyfriend/husband/man friend outside the bathroom. If they love you they will be there when you get back.
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Cooking Classes in Portland? Anyone?

Does anyone know of a decent cooking class for basic kitchen skills in Portland? Nothing vegan, too healthy or too exotic. I'd like to learn how to orchestrate a good dinner every night with limited time spent and disasters. Imagine high school Home Ec for grown ups.

I'd prefer something that was once a week, several weeks, under $200. Any leads?
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My apologies.

I saw the news about California, and my first thought was that I'm glad I don't live there. I guess I am an ego-centric, insensitive clod. That wasn't my intention. Of course I feel for the people who are suffering from this tragedy. It just wasn't my first response.
The original post has been deleted, with my apologies to any it offended.
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Wildfires in Oregon...

I had this comment all set to post to the girl who mentioned there not being any wildfires in Oregon, and POOF! the post disappeared. The wildfire nerd in me demands retribution by posting my response anyway...

Actually, Oregon gets quite a few wildfires. This year, the statistics are 2,403 wildfires burning 588,522 acres. That's 40,000 more than California. I get my stats here: http://www.nifc.gov/fire_info/ytd_state.htm

Most of them are in the eastern part of the state, where there are fewer people and the climate is much drier... so we don't hear about them as much. However, you may know Angel's Rest, which burned a few years ago. Also, there was a serious fire on the bluffs near the University of Portland a few years ago that threatened homes. Fire is a natural part of the landscape here, too. We've just gotten pretty lucky the last decade not to see one that close to Portland.
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Yet another "I need a job" post

Hey Damnportlanders!

I'm currently looking for a job & was hoping someone might have some suggestions.

I have experience at call centers, clerical, receptionist, administrative assistant, data entry, & office supervisor experience. I would be interested in doing any of those things, or working someplace where I'd be taking incoming calls & assisting customers in some way.

I have no retail experience, but if you know someplace that will give a decent wage even without experience, I'd be open to hearing about that as well.

I'd like to be working at least 30 hours a week, if not full time. I can work any shifts including nights or weekends. (I'm *not* looking for recommendations to a temp agency; I'd like something dependable and long-term.)

I enjoy helping people & solving problems. I'm a hard worker, a team player & very dependable. I'd prefer not to be on my feet all day or to work in a really noisy environment, but at this point I really can't be too picky.

Since I don't have a car at the moment I'd prefer working someplace that's not too far from downtown, or at least easily accessible by MAX or bus. I'm ok with a commute though.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

Ride the train.

Due to the increasing cost of flying, my girlfriend and I have been looking into alternative options when it comes to traveling for Thanksgiving. Specifically, we're looking into taking Amtrak to Chicago. We happen to have a good buffer of time on this vacation, meaning that we can afford the extra time it takes to take the train, and neither my girlfriend nor myself have ever been on a long train ride before and see it as an adventure.

I do have a few questions, however, and I always rely on the wisdom of the mighty DP:

1. I have a friend who claims that there are places online where you can buy train tickets at a reduced rate (as compared to buying directly from Amtrak). I googled my brains out and can't seem to find anything other than the standard AAA/Senior/Student discounts. Is anyone out there aware of a mystical place where I can get Amtrak tickets cheaper than what Amtrak is selling them at?

2. I know that the sleeper cars have electrical outlets, but we're cheap people. Is there anyplace on an Amtrak train for cheap people with Coach tickets can plug in a laptop or MP3 player or something? I would imagine that my batteries would run out before the trip is halfway done, and that might not be such a good thing.

3. We like smoking. Is there a smoking area on the train or do we have to wait for stops at stations to jump out and get our dirty dirty nicotine fixes?

3. Have you ridden the train halfway across the country? Do you have any stories? Any tips to survive the ride? Anything we MUST bring?


Portland-related because it just is.
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MAX? More like MIN.

Hey all, I'm back in LA from my Portland trip. I seem to have managed OK w/o a car or bike. I spent alot of time riding the MAX back and forth, checking out local places. I saw some of cool stuff, but the one thing I never saw: a trimet ticket checker.

I'm a assuming I just got lucky each time I left fareless square (not that I needed to be since I had bought a daypass four days in a row). How often do they check? Which stations see heavy enforcement? What kind of ticket do you get if you don't have a pass?

And go!
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slap me please

If someone you didn't know (me, for instance, if you don't know me) walked up to you on the street and asked you to slap him or her on the face, would you?

EDIT: Please feel free to expound, such as explaining why or why not, or if there are any circumstances under which your answer would change.

Free Vintage Movies on 16mm Tonight: AV Geek Night

Tonight, Monday Oct. 22, we are showing educational films about the science of audio-visual.

The Soundman - 1950 Academy documentary
The Show Must Go On - Everything you ever wanted to know about a 1949 Bell & Howell projector
Radio Broadcasting Today - 1947 March of Time TV show
Sound Recording & Reproduction -1933 documentary about how optical sound works on movie film
Microphone Speaking - 1972

Starts 9PM at the Tonic Lounge, 31st & Sandy NE, good cheap food and drinks, free admission.
All of these are actual 16mm films shown with a projector. No video or DVD.
Hosted by Tom Robinson

Mailing list sign up is mondaymovies at aol dot com.

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(no subject)

what phone number would I call to report a downed power line?

(it's in NE Portland btw)

update: thanks for the input guys. apparently you're supposed to call your power company (ie pge or in my case pacific power) to report it.


who is else is super stoked that its alllmooossttttt halloween?

update, I found everything I need for my Jessica Rabbit Costume. :-D

however, one question: My roommate and I are probably going to go to Rocky Horror on friday at the Clinton Theater at Midnight. Its her first time and I've onlybeen once, and it was like 7 years ago, so it should be fun. However, does anyone know how much it costs? And is there a better one in town we should look into instead?

Thanks guys!!!

Poor unemployed children...

I am at work and someone has this little rubber bowl thing. They washed it an put it out to try and I noticed it says "Ethically Manufactured in China".

So what constitutes "ethical manufacturing"? Not being made by 12 year olds? Only the use of organic plastics? Or is this just another marketing ploy...
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Custom Wedding Gown

Hi all,

This may be a long shot, but I'm looking at possibly getting my wedding gown (for April 27) custom-made. Unfortunately, this may be a bit out of the question seeing as I don't LIVE in Portland, so you couldn't literally fit me. Although I can provide all the measurements you could ever want and do my final fitting/alterations locally.

The design I'm looking for is something like this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7353100

Maybe minus the lace. So nothing too poofy or extravagant--after an initial consultation, I would buy all the supplies myself (probably 40% off at Fabric Depot, so it's something I could have shipped to you or you could pick up).

If there are any willing souls out there, please leave me some information about the timeline/how much money this might cost. Thanks!

You can comment here or contact me at rahnia@highcottonnatchez.com
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Fuel Spill in Southeast!

Walking up Mt Tabor early this morning, I noticed the police had a multi-block stretch of SE Belmont cut off to traffic. As I passed a fire engine and a KATU news crew a little further up I noticed the distinct smell of fuel. Then I noticed what appeared to be several blocks worth of paper towels lining the street, soaking up oil.

Pleasantly bizarre. The story here.
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(no subject)

I have a problem. Long explanation: I have a 2000 Volvo s40 in, um, not so hot condition that I need to dispose of. It is currently at a Volvo dealership and service center in Salem, where it broke down (I live in Portland). It is not running because it needs a new idle control motor (a $765 repair). It also needs a new right side mirror, has faded paint, needs new tires, an interior detail and the trunk doesn't open. I have already purchased a new vehicle without attempting to trade in the Volvo, because trade in value would probably have been minimal. I have also offered an outright sale of the Volvo to the dealership in Salem and they are not interested. What should I do? I don't have anywhere to store a non-running vehicle in Portland if I were to attempt to come up with the repair money and then sell it as a private party. I also am pretty hesitant to go through the hassle and expense of having the vehicle towed up to Portland in the first place. I was planning on donating the car to a charitable organization, but I thought I should make some inquiries to find out if there was a better/relatively painfree way of/source for selling the vehicle so that I can maybe come away with slightly more money than I would get from a charitable tax deduction. I work for Auto Trader, and could, if necessary, place an ad in one of our magazines, if I could find a place to park the vehicle in Salem until sold.

Any help, suggestions or advice would be very, very much appreciated! Thank you!

Oh That Portland Pot

So there's all this talk about decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana in Oregon.  The latest seems to be that if it is legalized, it could be sold in liquor stores.  Seems like a good idea to me.  At least I'd be able to find some.  Seriously, if the stuff is supposedly so easy to find, why can't I find any?  In any case, here's an article about the subject.

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Lazy and looking...

...for a somewhere that is streaming the Republican Presidential debates from last night.

Normally, I'd look for much longer, but I dont have a lot of computer access for the next few days, and I'm DYING to see them, as I need an excuse to drink.

So if any of you know a site that is streaming the debates and could provide me with a link, I'd be grateful.

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need some happy hour places...

So, my friend and I can't go to Sandy Hut anymore for happy hour because her ex works there. We're looking for a new happy hour place in inner SE or NE. We need cheap, good drinks, possibly good food, and at least an okay or fun/dive-ish atmosphere. We tried Club 21 and didn't like it. Hungry Tiger was cool, but not sure about the new one. Anyone have ideas? Thank you! Merci!
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(no subject)

Just wanted to let y'all know that there's this really cool art show going on at the Multnomah County Public Library right now!

The Portland Society of Calligraphy is having our annual art show!

...and my "DISCOVER ADVENTURE" book is one of the 200 peices that made it in! :D

Guys, come to the 3rd floor of the library and check it out, it's a beautiful show.
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(no subject)

My friend and I have planned to go to every McMenamins in Portland over our next few years in college. So, which McMenamins do you think is the best that we should definitely save for last?

So far we've been to the Kennedy School (really bad service for such a slow day, if you ask me) so that was an interesting start to it.

1 down, 12 to go!

Springwater Corridor question

I was enjoying this beautiful fall day, biking along the Springwater Corridor (well, I turned around at SE Umatilla). During the ride, I passed by the spring and noticed a large, abandoned-looking building with a painting of a bird on it. Any idea what used to be there?

I need your help understanding something....

This is Portland-related because those LaRouche kids won't leave me alone and I refuse to help them organize until I understand what they're organizing for and about. So, here's the news:

"Pennsylvania State Rep. Harold James (D) , along with 35 of his fellow legislators has introduced HR 418 calling upon the Congress to pass a Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. The act calls upon Congress to take emergency action to protect homeowners and banks by freezing all existing home mortgages for a period of time, adjusting mortgage values to fair prices, restructuring existing mortgages at appropriate interest rates and writing off speculative debt obligations of mortgage-backed securities, financial derivatives and other forms of financial pyramid schemes that have brought the banking system to the point of bankruptcy. It will also declare a moratorium on all home foreclosures for the duration of the transitional period, allowing families to retain their homes."

Firstly, I'm real ignorant when it comes to banks and finance. So...assuming that I know nothing at all (which is true), can someone explain how this works? How freezing mortgages and stopping foreclosures stops the banks being bankrupt, how they got bankrupt in the first place (bet I can make a guess on that one), and how it is that we're suddenly considering trusting the government to set fair prices for something?

Thanks so much for helping me in the quest for knowledge!!
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Delicious Dish

So tonight my roommate and I went to Uwajimaya, bought a wok and some ingredients and whipped up quite possibly THE BEST batch of tofu Pad Thai EVAR! The best part? It is one of the most fun things to cook! So tell me, dear damnportlanders, what is *your* favorite thing to cook?

PDX related because there are Thai restaurants everywhere around this city. And we love good food! And I was drinking good beer while I made my delicious dish, and you know we all love beer. :D

Belly Bombers!!

Oh, great, wise and loquatious DP'ers, my boyfriend has been craving White Castle and Krystal.

Does anyone know where to find ANYTHING remotely similar to that in PDX (that is like the restaurant, we've already tried the White Castle nuke'n'puke Cheeseburgers you get from the frozen section of the grocerry store. Not QUITE the same)?

Annnnnnd GO DRINK!!!!!!!!!!!

Portland related, because even DamnPortlanders get homesick,
she blinded me with science!

Boots and Bricks

Where's a good place to buy steel-toed boots? I want a pair of those lightweight ones that look like normal shoes, not heavy leather ones.

And... does anybody have any bricks? Or maybe know of a building being torn down where I could swipe some? I need about, uh... enough for two rows one brick high by about ten feet long.
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(no subject)

anybody know the academic phrase or term related to one's inherent interest in telling others what to do (other than "parenting").

Portland related because I haven't posted anything random/inane in a long time, and frankly I feel left out.