October 21st, 2007


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so i was checking out how far along they were coming on fable 2 and noticed that it's format is xbox 360. are they not making one for the regular, good 'ol xbox?? i cannot afford a fancy xbox360 and fable is pretty much my all time favorite game.
portland-related because...um....i'm... in portland? d:
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Furniture and Dante's

A pair of questions, my dear damned Portlanders

1) I need some pieces of furniture. A couple bookcases, a couple dressers, maybe a nightstand or two. Doesn't need to be fancy - something that'll last for a few years and a few moves. I'd been looking at Ikea, but am wondering if there's someplace other than the big blue Swedish box that might have what I want at reasonable prices. For reference, I've been looking at this, this and this. Any suggestions? Vegan preferred, must be gluten-free.

2) One of my favorite bands, mono, is doing a show at Dante's this Friday with High on Fire, Panthers and Coliseum. I've never been to Dante's, and I'm going alone. I'm skeeved out by the location, 3rd and Burnside, to the point of debating if I even want to go. Is it safe for a woman to go to Dante's alone for a concert? Sorry if I'm being paranoid. Also, anyone else planning on going?

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Music at Mississippi Pizza

Hey DP,

If you're looking for something to do with your early evening this fine gray Sunday, my suggestion is to head over to Mississippi Pizza Pub at 6pm to listen to Chris Koza (and perhaps have a slice and a brew).

He and his band play a lovely brand of mellow-but-not-draggy indie-type rock music that you may find as pleasing as I do (his myspace thingy is here). I was looking forward to seeing him in person again after catching him this summer in the Bizarro-Portland-of-the-Midwest, Minneapolis, but unfortunately my hopes were dashed when I found out the show is at 6 and I get off work (in the middle of wine country) at 5. So go enjoy because I can not.
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Pembroke Pinot

Has anyone heard of the Oregon wine called Pembroke Pinot? It has a picture of a corgi on it, and I can't seem to find anything on Google. Would love to get my hands on a bottle.

Hula Hoop Mondays!!

A small group of us are having our first hula hoop gathering tomorrow! We are all just starting out and are just looking to be in a space big enough for all of us to dance around with our hoops without breaking everything in our house. I have a few extra hoops for people who are interested in just stopping by and a speaker, so bring your ipod for the sweet sweet jams!
So whether you are a super awesome hooper and want to teach us some new moves, or someone who hasn't picked up one of these things since you were ten, stop by!!
We will be under the Hawthorn bridge (where fire jam is on Sundays) around 7ish.
See you there!
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It's my boyfriend's birthday today and he absolutely loves chinese buffet, but hasn't found one here since he moved. I'm hoping to find one to take him to for his birthday... any of you know of any great chinese buffets, preferable in SE? (or in Tigard.. random, I know, but it's where I live and we could always head that direction if we had to. Last resort.) And it HAS to be a buffet, if it's not then don't even bother.

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yes, again a request

This time: eye exam and eyeglass places.  Necessarily good, preferably inexpensive.  
(Anyone know if the Lions Club's eyeglass program exists around here and if so how to find a place through which it's administered?)

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Unrelatedly, a few weeks ago (or maybe longer :(    ) I was at Bagby and the cold-water well was totally empty.  Is that common in the late summer months?  If so, what's to be done to make the hotsprings tubs cool enough to actually get into, besides carrying your own water up the hill?  Anything?
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I am really needing the helps this week. Maybe I'll bring cookies or something to the next meetup as a general thank you.

Anyways, I need to buy a pair of simple black Mary Janes, but I wear a size 13 in men's (size 14 in women's, I believe). Further problem is, I don't want anything with heels (Seems like everything in that size is gaudy drag queen stuff, which is not what I want). I just want something like these. Except, you know, enormous.

I've scoured the Google and a bunch of local stores, and I can't for the life of me find anything like that in such a size. Is there a secret place I'm missing? Any help? Thanks so much!

EDIT: I don't need them for Halloween or any kind of event, I just heart Mary Janes. =)
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(no subject)

Where can I find a good black light. Not one of regular light bulbs that are dipped in violet paint but a black light. We need some for our party this Friday and have checked Party City and two other "Halloween" stores along with Walmart on 82nd and the Clackamas Target. We need two or three that are already mounted and ready to plug and go and two more that are just the fluorescent bulbs.


I've been thinking about renewing my wilderness medic certification lately, and possibly getting involved in volunteer search and rescue.

I'm not totally sure what that would entail. Has anyone done SAR before?

Also, I think I should pretty much start from scratch on my wilderness medic cert. Does anyone want to take the courses with me? It's so much better to do these things with friends. :)

crossposted to my journal, 'cause I'm a total loser like that.

(P.S. If you flame me, I will officially declare you to be a lame person.)
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Any recommendations on where to buy a keg? I'm not the biggest beer drinker, but I'm looking for a party that's being thrown at our house next weekend. I know DPers are the people in the know.

Thanks in advance =)