October 20th, 2007

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If any of you were at the Interpol concert tonight -- did you catch what their excuse was for not playing an encore? I couldn't understand what he said.

I love Interpol. But they left much to be desired tonight. And what the hell was with the opening band?

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So tomorrow will be my first Saturday off work in ages and I have no idea what to do! I don't care if it's raining, i'm getting out there!

What do people do on Saturdays besides sit in cubicles?


curious if anyone else on dp is excited about this movie or a shark lover? i am also curious if anyone here works in a movie theater and knows this is going to be playing at their place?

Help save the sharks by spreading the word!

In the true-life documentary Sharkwater, director and biologist Rob Stewart sets out on a journey through 15 countries over five years, documenting the plight of our oceans through the eyes of one of the world's most misunderstood creatures, the shark.
As species of sharks are becoming extinct due to poaching, you can do your part by telling your friends to see Sharkwater and pass on the message that sharks are not man-eating monsters and need our help!

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Someone at work told me that there are bars here at which you can bet on sports, except basketball. Legally. I'm wondering if that's true, and if so, where. I'm also wondering exactly how liberal the gambling laws are here. In Cali, you have to go to Indian casinos for anything past poker - slots, sports betting, etc.
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The movie entitled "Abbey of Thelema," an independent dark comedy about Aleister Crowley and the aforementioned Abbey, will be playing in Portland at the Hollywood on Oct. 28 at 7pm. This first feature-length film with Crowley as the central focus also has Ron Jeremy playing a Catholic priest.

Here is the movie website, including trailers: http://www.abbeyofthelemafilm.com/

The Abbey of Thelema in Portland Oct 28 7pm

Anyone going to the coast., river ..or ?

I either need a bunch of small pieces of interesting drift wood, or interesting twigs from the woods... like a little more than a shoe box full. I would be willing to trade baked goods for them.... cookies, cupcakes, lasagna? If you are going out and about and are interested, email me at my user name at yahoo dot com. I work all weekend and need them for an art quilt project... odd baubles found in the wild also appreciated as a part of the mix ( like interesting nuts, seeds, rocks, beach glass... funky found objects).

Comcast skullduggery

The Associated Press has confirmed that Comcast is blocking BitTorrent traffic in some areas by injecting forged packets into users' connections. People interested in the details can see my post on the matter.

I'm curious as to what's going on locally since this hasn't been rolled out to every market yet. One blog quoted a (former?) Intel worker in Hillsboro as saying problems have been going on there for months and that he suspected Hillsboro was a test market. On the other hand, I've had few problems in metro Portland (and no, contrary to what I've said in previous posts, forcing encryption probably isn't a workaround). So, here is a poll. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please choose bacon.

I am a Comcast customer and

I live in metro Portland and HAVEN'T had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live in metro Portland and HAVE had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live in Hillsboro and HAVEN'T had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live in Hillsboro and HAVE had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live in Gresham and HAVEN'T had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live in Gresham and HAVE had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live elsewhere and HAVEN'T had serious BitTorrent problems.
I live elsewhere and HAVE had serious BitTorrent problems.
I like bacon.

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I live in the 'tron and am in need of some dry ice. Can any of you tell me if you know of a place out here that sells it? Or a good idea, I really don't want to spend an hour on the phone trying to track some down (I'm really busy today)

Thanks in advance
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[BST] Moan of Ark: Where Can I Find...???

OMG! OMG! The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather alert for the Portland area!!! We are currently besieged by "Urban And Small Stream Flood Advisory" until 2 p.m. this afternoon! OMG! OMG!

So where can I find a cheap or free ark in case my neighborhood gets flooded? Preferably somewhere in SE Portland would be nice. A vegan ark is a must. Also I need a three prototypes of each genus of domestic animals in the area*! Where can I find them? I need them before 2 p.m.!

(insert massive *drinks* here!)

* Back in the days of Noah, it used to be just two of each animal species--a male and female--but now we're in the more unitarian inclusive and open-minded 21st century, I need to find a male, a female, and a transgender. Thanks!
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Angie's Tat

Hair Stylists Wanted!

You know.. I saw the recent post looking for hair stylists. I called all the numbers listed and either they don't answer or they don't have anything available until February of 2010. So. I've left messages all over the damn place hoping someone can do my hair.

Given that I have a show I'm doing on Friday, I need this sooner than later. I'm asking again.. does anyone know anyone that doesn't have have their schedule booked out for months in advance who is willing to do a cut and color (and by color.. I mean something more extreme than "my color of brown is too dull.. lets do a nice ashy brown!!!")?

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Username Poll

Poll #1074709 About usernames

Is your username related to:

your given name in some way
a nickname you have
your occupation
some fandom you enjoy (comics, etc)
your favorite movie or band/musician
a characteristic or quality you possess
your geographic location
a book you love
a television show
something else entirely

Do you care elaborate about the origin of your username?

Have you ever considered changing your username?

Yes, but I think the price of a rename token is too high.
Yes, but I haven't gotten around to it.
I have changed my username since I got an LJ

Feel free to comment if you have more to say on this topic.
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Hawthorne crap

Anybody know what the HELL was going on around Hawthorne & 25th or so a couple of hours ago? Hawthorne was competely shut down, there were numerous fire trucks, and a film crew (probably from a local TV station).

We were in a Flexcar and had to divert to Belmont, so I never saw what was going on.
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Does anyone have a recommendation for exotic-type pet vets on the west side (Beaverton, etc.)?

I have a Russian tortoise that needs to be looked at and the last vet I took her to, well, the vet didn't really seem to know what was going on. Everything we asked her, she went into the back room and "googled" Russian tortoise ailments.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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The Couve

I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to get up to Vancouver, WA tomorrow using public transportation. I've checked out Tri-met and C-Tran's web sites, and heard something about a transfer at Jantzen Beach for the two systems, but I'm still all squinty and confused trying to sort things out. Any insight?


Tranny at the Lloyd

So I was at Lloyd Center on Saturday between noon and two lounging when out of the corner of my eye near the ice rink is a guy all decked out in lingerie (think Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror) heading towards the Cricket cell phone booth with a lady friend (a real one).  Some old guy, possibly plain clothes security, intercepts the duo and tells the transvestite to leave or to at least put some pants on since the guy was in tiny black panties.  Five minutes later the transvestite is back with black pants on and the lingerie top and he and the woman he was with head into the Forever 21  across the way.  They're quickly followed by a  gaggle of  teen girls  sure to  gawk and snicker at them plus two mall security guards who very unsubtly walk past the store to make sure that there's no trouble from the "Tranny".  Just another day in the Rose City.  I just wished the guy had gone for a skate in the rink although that may have scarred a few kids for life.  Or at least it would've had the parents trying to explain to them why the big man was dressed in Mommy's underwear.
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What are some good places to go to buy cute rainboots? I like a couple at Freddies but they are all way too big for my small girl feet (7 in womens). I would like to find some with either skulls, polka dots or stars or hearts... something fun I guess. Where should I look?