October 19th, 2007

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hey, a homemade sound/music/noise/field recording relationship? cassette, cd-r... home record press

I think it'd be cool. I tried it in the past, one of a very few of the applicants was supremely fun and awesome, but I had much less spare time than I do now.

speaking of spare time, I have a lot of it at the moment. any upcoming govermental meetings attendable to the public on-going/in the near future?

also hey, stephen colbert announced presidential candidacy. I think a lot of the people I've met who like the daily show / don't care about the colbert report just really Don't Get It Yet. :) what do you think?

Why are people so upset at me because of my job?

Small talk can sometimes lead to big things.
When you are "making small talk" with a new person the subject of your employment almost always gets brought up. (If you're in school it's "what's your major") Anyway, whenever this gets brought up and I inform people what I do, I never get a "oh that's interesting", it's always bigger than that.
I transport dead bodies.
Yeah, that's what I do. It needs to be done and I do it. Whenever somebody dies it's my job to go pick them up "where they fall" and take them to whatever funeral home they are going to or, in the case of suicides, homicides, accidents and people that are just found dead after several weeks, they go to the medical examiner's office. Usually people are shocked and want to hear more and I end up telling a bunch of weird and/or gross stories. (Those are usually the medical examiner calls) But, occasionally, I get people who are upset by the whole thing. (Not the stories but just the fact that I do the job that I do.)
I've had people that I was getting along with just fine treat me like a pariah and avoid me like the plague and some that seem downright angry at me.

What gives?
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Blood in the What?

So I was just browsing through the latest batch of posts here on DP and saw the one on the blood in the bathroom at the Burnside Freddies.  It got me to thinking.  There are all of these strange things that happen in Portland and the surrounding area that seem newsworthy and yet are not big enough to be reported.  Lots of crashes, conflicts, and catastrophes occur in the area but you never hear about them.  Are there websites that report the little news stories in Portland and if not, who wants to start one so we all can report these things? 
fashion design

(no subject)

Tonight's runway shows will officially launch
the Spring/Summer 2008 collections of the following designers:

Amai Unmei
Olivia Luca


Doors at 6pm: Guests will be greeted by AMAZING Cellist Adam Hurst! Pre-party/Cocktail Hour, boutique, accessory, and other vendors in the PFW Plaza from 6:00pm (ENTRY TO PFW PLAZA IS FREE)

This is an all ages event
Tickets: http://www.PortlandFashionWeek.net
Or at the door!
little blue dog


HEY Portlabnd I'm NOT drunk this time.

Can you help me out with a few things?

  1. I'm heading to the punkin patch this weekend, and I'm wondering if anyone has any fantastic punkin seed roasting recipes. I'm talking gourmet, out-of-the-ordinary, or even slightly weird here, as opposed to the standard "mix 'em with salt and butter and stick 'em on a cookie sheet" practice.

    Got any awesome recipes or techniques you've tried?

  2. Win some home-made cupcakes or PIE, delivered right to your doorstep, by making a macro in emakelle and bellybalt's LOLkea Contest. Some great entries so far.

  3. Vote for me as Mr. Gardenburger.

    For reasons not clear to me, emakelle entered my pic in a contest for a year's supply of Gardenburgers. I have no idea what she'll do with them if she wins. Maybe share them with DP. You have to register, and you can vote once per day through November 8.

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frenchie dp!

dearest dp,

I have an interview at the end of the month that will be partially conducted in french. needless to say, I am terrified. at one point I was fluent, but time has weathered my skillz to "highly unimpressive" territory.

so! are there any frenchie dp-ers who would be willing to mull over a cup of coffee and speak ze language of love? coffee's on me, as are gratuitous moments of "uh... uh... comment dit-on...?"

(I did check out the meetup group, which unfortunately already had its october meeting. merde.)
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Wanna road trip with us?

Ok, so you might have seen my other post recently about wanting a ride to the Okanogan Family Faire up in Tonasket, WA. Well, the tables have turned now and we have decided to take my car. We would just kind of like to find some body (or multiple people) to come with us to relieve the gas cost for us a little. We are wanting to leave soon, so please let me know!!! It's a wonderful barter faire and my fellow road tripper will totally smoke you out as incentive, if thats your thing ;)
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supresmooth is looking for a handkerchief. Not the one my gay men use for sexual code, and not the kind a Blood would wear. The nice kind that you'd wear with a suit. Any ideas on where to acquire something like this in good ol' Stumptown? Thanks for your help!

Danny O.
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So where is a good place to get a carload of seasoned firewood.

A cord, or even half cord is too much, and I just feel lame buying the plastic wrapped bundles at Fred Meyers.


Oh Mighty Portlaaaaand

I need something. It doesn't have to be vegan, but it can involve vegans.

I need an accident report. Not the form. A filled out accident report, involving cars. NOT lawyers/attorneys, helicopters or planes, or stupid stories posted on the internets about a car accident someone was in from their perspective which is filled with snarky remarks & lulz. I've also asked my instructor if my near foot-death experience yesterday would count, but he has no sense of humor.

I have put in a whole bunch of boolean search things in the Google search bar & I come up with naught! NAUGHT!

This is for a school assignment which needs to be turned in soon. I had midterms this week & totally spaced this little gem of a paper. Oops.

Also, I'm going to see Paprika tonight. Is it as awesome as it sounds?
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one question
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housing conundrum

well, i didn't think it'd be *easy* to find housing downtown that matched my desires, but even after lowering my standards i'm still coming up quite short after no less than 10 near misses in one day. thought i'd ask here in case anyone had any wonderful ideas other than craigslist and google housing search, whose depths i've plumbed until there was nothing left for the plumbing. i wish i had time to wait a few weeks but i gotta live somewhere ASAP.

what i'm looking for:

between the river and the mountain, and north of say 405/26
2bedroom or large-living-room (small bedroom is fine) 1bedroom
accepts a cat
immediate move in
priced <= $900, or a little more if utilities are included.

should i set my sights lower? i really want that neighborhood (will be bicycle commuting to nike in beaverton and like to get my swerve on downtown and have a short bike home)

thanks for your insights, folks.
Rio Dayglo Drinks

[BST] Get Smart....

(yes, I know the Subject line reminds me of a column in the legendary Smash Hits/Star Hits music magazine from the early 1980s....) :o

Did the heavy rain overnight sprout up an army of Smart cars? I have noticed three of those cute Smart Fortwo cars already today, and I don't ever recall seeing those babies around the streets of Portland before.

One was in hot pink color scheme, and another was metallic blue. They are so cute!
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See Oregon Home Movies Tomorrow, or Come Play Your Own!

In honor of Oregon Archives Month the City of Portland is hosting a Home Movie Day, Saturday October 20th, from noon to 5PM at the Multnomah County Building, at 501 SE Hawthorne, at the corner of Grand Ave., in Portland.

Anyone who has old 16mm, 8mm or Super 8 home movies can bring them to be shown in one of four theaters set up specifically for the event. Some of the local films already scheduled go back to the 1930's and show Northwest Portland streets, homes and people of that time. Everyone is invited to attend, whether they wish to play their own movies or just see movies of others. It's free, on the bus line, and child appropriate.

For complete information, go to http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/oaw/events.htm
Larch Mount
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Single in Portland

A long term relationship of mine ended on good terms not too long ago. I've had some time to recover, and for the first time in ten years I find myself single. Before that relationship I never really dated and I lived in Phoenix AZ.

I am now twenty eight, and all the lessens most people learn in their late teens and early twenties are all unknown to me. I have been out with some people so far, and it has been enjoyable. For now I have no plans to settle down again so soon, but who knows.

Portland has a different culture then most of the country (that is why I moved here). So I am asking two questions hoping for more local answers (as opposed to the generic shit found in internet advice columns). Just to clarify, I am straight.

1. Where are some good places to meet other single people in Portland?

2. What are some dos and don'ts for dating in the area. I am thinking like good and bad places for a first date, things that might be ok elsewhere but not in Portland and visa versa (can't think of anything that would be but who knows), etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Jay's Place on KBOO 90.7, 7pm-9pm Fridays

I was just tuning around the dial on this dreary Friday night while cooking (the City Club of Portland had come on OPB, shudder) and happened on this awesome funk/soul/jazz show! I can't say I'm the biggest vintage soul fan on earth, but the music made the crap weather outside and my persistent cold fade away right away! Good stuff, check it out and give them your support!

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with them, etc etc...
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attn: muppet fans!

love The Muppets?

not doing anything in the next hour?

i have FOUR vintage drinking glasses from The Great Muppet Caper that have been for sale at Daylight Savings, a rad vintage shop behind Burnside Proper Salon.

i'm moving all my merchandise out, and i'd rather see these glasses go to a fan than have them break.

the first person who comes to retrieve them before 10PM tonight, friday, gets them for free. please be a muppet fan!

if you can't make it tonight.... leave me a comment and if no one picks them up tonight, maybe they'll be yours.

624 E Burnside. enter through the alley between Burnside Proper and RonTom's!

they're gone! thanks for playing, kids!
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Nomadicwriter&#39;s Jed

(no subject)

I want to dye my hair blue. Like.. really blue. Awesome blue. I've wanted to do this for years. But I suck at colouring my own hair, and my hair is dark-ish anyway, and I want it done right and not in my noobish, fuck-it-up way.

What are some places in Portland that would be good for this? I live out in Beavboro, but I work in town and am willing to go out of my way for a good place.

(no subject)

Has anyone been to western europe lately? I'm off in a few days, but i haven't been in a while, and fashion changes so rapidly. I'm gonna be hitting the night scene, a lot, and I'm curious as to what people WEAR... I would know what to put on in portland, which is different than what I would wear in new york city. But whats the atmosphere like in those romance language speaking countries? Do people show up in t shirts, sneaks and sweats? is it a little more dignified with buttoned shirts, jeans and pumas? or are we talking about full out dress pants, shiny shoes and silk shirts? I don't wanna look like a total ass and missing my opportunity w/ the ladies if I'm all grunge like while everyone else is posh, or the opposite of looking like a dweeb with my tucked in shirt and braided leather belt while all the ladies have tanks and jeans.

Perhaps I'm over analyzing. I guess no one cares when they're 10 beers deep.

.... in other news, are you a computer geek? a nerd? an internet junkie? have you checked out http://xkcd.com/ yet? you should. It's amazing ....

Where can I cash a paycheck?

So I've only been living in Portland for about a month now and I don't yet have a bank account because some obscene overdraft fees incurred with Wells Fargo when I lived in San Francisco a couple of years ago are getting in the way of me setting up a new one. And I don't have an Oregon ID yet (just my Michigan ID), so Fred Meyer wouldn't cash my paycheck for me. I'm totally broke. I mean, I could get by for a few more days and a friend is willing to lend me the money for an Oregon ID if it comes to that, but I'd like to cash my check somewhere downtown on my way to work tomorrow morning if possible. (I need some money for the weekend!) I don't mind if there's a small fee involved. Could anyone recommend anything? I work at MSI on 6th and Alder, so the closer to that, the better.

Thanks, DP.
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