October 18th, 2007

tank girl

GO boards

Oh wise DP oracle, answer me this...

Where in town can I purchase a decent GO board?
I have a compact board, but wanted to teach my girlfriend to play and want something bigger and easier to look at.
Oh, and I don't care where in town, I have a blood fueled car.

Thank You :)
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& Daggers!
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I don't even like this band.

I had KINK on this morning when a song by the Wallflowers starts. I never actually knew the title, but hey I knew the chorus! Six, seven little heartache!

Maybe it's because I wasn't attentively listening that it allowed me to objectively and CORRECTLY hear the lyrics, which would be Sixth Avenue heartache. This on the heels of my other Wallflowers lyrics debacle, where I had always thought the lyric to be and the water is nigh, even when I knew I KNEW the title of the song is "One Headlight". :|

Either I have an auditory aversion to the Wallflowers or Jakob Dylan needs to work on his diction.

If you feel like killing some time today, browse around The Archive of Misheard Lyrics. It's good times. :)
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Hey all.
Theres thing that I'm helping out with, called Supportland.

I hope that you will want to come for a good cause.
We are a group of current and former restaurant workers who have come together to organize SUPPORTLAND, a benefit event featuring live music, food, beverages and more. Proceeds from this event will go to the medical support fund of our friend and co-worker Chad Schild http://chadschild.com/

Anyway, tickets for the show are now on sale.
You can buy them at these places: TRADE UP MUSIC (2 locations)
4701 SE Division St.,
Portland, OR 97206

1834 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211

2501 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202-1238

40 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

715 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210-3210

PS, all the bands are available for listen at the Supportland myspace page:http://www.myspace.com/supportland

Also I have some tickets for sale on my person if any of these locations are bad, I can probably deliver them to you.


Hi damnportlanders.

I have entered littlebluedog  in a contest. He promises to give away the year's supply of gardenburgers to his faithful vegan vegetarian fans.

You can view the entry and vote for him here. FYI, he does not really massage my feet but I put that in there so he would sound MANLY and caring. But really he is just manly.
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(no subject)

someone was asking for a picture of the ok hand with the joint earlier.

well, i was on a friend's myspace, and she happened to take a picture with it, so for those of you that want to see it, Collapse )

and no, i didn't take the picture.
Rio Dayglo Drinks

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Being stuck in a traffic on I-5 last week during morning rush hour traffic...right behind a car with a pensive bumper sticker which read, "Respect is Contagious".

2. Delicious chantrelle scramble brunch menu item at Screen Door!

3. Tri-Met's Transit Tracker system, which allowed me to walk around a neighborhood and window-shop rousing and interesting places before catching the next bus.

4. Gorgeous colors of fall leaves.

5. Watching mesmerizing swirling winds from a fifth-floor office window earlier today.
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Bomb scare


Bomb-sniffing dogs sniff the real thing while preparing for TOPOFF exercise

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bomb-sniffing dogs being used for a TOPOFF exercise in northeast Portland detected the real thing, prompting police to cordon off a hotel, close nearby streets and shut down the MAX.

According to Brian Schmautz with the Portland Police Bureau, as officials were doing a sweep of the Doubletree Hotel located near the Lloyd Center, bomb-sniffing dogs got a hit on a car in the parking lot.

There is currently a heavy police presence in the area while police investigate.
We're watching all this from work.

Update: There's video on the KATU website now. Apparently they called off the exercise. I'm glad they decided to do that instead of having the exercise and then handling the bomb.

I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a Beaverton Police Reservist. He said a number of non-bomb related things could set the dogs off, like a trunk of fertilizer.

Final Update: Courtesy of virtual_anima via KGW:

"It was later determined that the high concentration of police and military vehicles in the area led dogs to detect traces of ammunition and explosive material."

So they sniffed... themselves.
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The ever-lively blonde woman flagger in downtown....

The high-energy, vivacious, and enthusiastic blonde flagger is at it again. She is working in the downtown intersection of SW Clay and 6th, right in front of the DMV. For some reason, her lively antics make me smile.

I suppose that in some sort of strange way, she reminds me of David Lee Roth, circa early 1980s, sans the spandex. Might as well jump....
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dog -- I am a sad puggle.

(no subject)

Long shot, blah blah blah, etc.

I lost my blue ipod mini this morning at the Milikan Way max station. It has a white clip on it and... is my baby. :(

I doubt any of y'all found/have it, but... if you know anyone who found one, please send it back my way, it's what keeps me sane pretty much all of the time.

(edit: I did already call trimet's lost and found and left a message, so... yeah. D: )


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Wii Hunting Advice

Many apologies, because I know this has been posted before (but I couldn't find anything doing a search). 

What Wii trackers do you all recommend?  Isn't there some website(s) that show you when shipments come in to local stores?

Help a girl out!  Thanks in advance! 

Pogues Pics?

If there are any damnportlanders out there who went to see the Pogues in Seattle last night, or if you know someone who did who got decent pics of the show...
could I beg you to e-mail me some? I got two short videos on my camera but the pics didn't turn out. I would probably love you forever if you sent me some pics of Shane and the boys.
road to morrocco

Damnportlanders LOLkea Contest

Here's your chance to win cupcakes or pie made by emakelle, delivered FREE to your doorstep! Simply modify one of the pictures from Ikea Portland Scavenger Hunt II into a lolcat-style macro, and put it in a comment to this post. All the pictures (and some hilarious outtakes) have been provided for you, conveniently in this post.

emakelle and I will judge the WINNAR sometime over the weekend!

A couple web-based lolcat generators:

Collapse )

Weird Night

Last night I walked into Fred Meyers on Burnside downtown and the security guards were running over to the bathroom area. When I looked over there, there was a huge puddle of blood coming out of the bathroom. Does anyone know what happened there last night? It is really close to my home and I was kinda freaked out.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any prior experience with Vector Marketing ?

The pay seems too good to be true it is too good to be true, but whatever. I have an interview scheduled next week, and I'm kind of not sure if I want it (though I definetly want the money). I have a girlfriend who did stuff with Vector a few years ago and did pretty well, BUT she's the type of person who got 150% on every test and is now an A- student at Cornell University, TA'ing a class, rehabilitating wild birds, taking 17+credits AND volunteering at a vet clinic, so I don't really trust her results.

So, have any of you guys heard/worked with Vector Marketing?

Gaaah you guys. I need a second job. I just paid my school bill and am about to eat cans for dinner. :\

edit to say: Thanks! Saved myself a trip to Beavertron, glad I asked!!

Quick question regarding phone numbers.


I dont really want to have my land line phone anymore. But I want to keep my land line number (and for those of you who know me know why).

Is it possible for me to switch my land line number in place of my out of state cell phone number?

And does anyone know how one would go about doing that?
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An open letter:

I thought I'd write this while I'm still riding the adrenaline rush of having almost been rolled over. Yes, rolled. Not ran over. Oh no, nothing so glamorous as a hit and run. Just a rollover.

Dear Girl in the Red Car:

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you were on your cell phone, but as I was crossing in front of you IN the crosswalk area you were staring off to your left, towards traffic, and started rolling your car into me. I was already closer to Powell than I would have liked, as you had pulled up pretty far (as drivers do on that side road) to see the traffic flow. I'm not that agile as it is, so instead of attempting some sort of hopping or darting maneuver, I chose to slam my hand down on your hood a couple of times to alert you to my presence. I was honestly afraid that if I did run or dart or whatever, I would trip and fall and you wouldn't even see me as you pulled out into traffic. And since it's almost Halloween, a horrific vision of my head being smashed like an overripe pumpkin did, in fact, flash through my head, along with my body being dragged many blocks while shocked drivers honked and made hand gestures at you while you were too busy on your phone or thinking distracting thoughts to notice. Yes, I have an overactive and paranoid imagination.

I'm sorry I scared you; the look of absolute horror when you finally heard me and looked up actually made me feel sorry for you, as you looked nice, if distracted. As I kept walking while doing the car-hand-slamming, I was pretty much past the hood by the time you made eye contact and said "I'm sorry". At which point I mouthed "I'm sorry" back, in the middle of my crazy grimacing. It was just too SLOW of a road accident to really be that mad, although I was pretty hopped up on the danger of it all for a good 15 minutes (adrenaline ebbing out....now).

As I not only walk places but love the bus (freaks on parade!), own a bike, and a car, I understand how these things happen. I often choose to walk behind the cars that pull into the crosswalk area but abandoned that effort just last week when another car turned at a high rate of speed and could have plowed me down. Now it's crosswalks only. Even if it's unpainted, there are obvious crosswalk distinctions (I believe any 2 parallel corners make a crosswalk?) and therefore I have the right of way. All I ask is that, before you move your large and unwieldy vehicle, look left toward your flow of traffic, BACK to the right (as indicated in the Oregon Driver's Manual) to check for pedestrians such as myself, and then BACK to the left to make sure nobody's popped out of nowhere, THEN go.

Thank you :)

Another Open Letter

I see I'm not the only one who almost got smacked today.

Dear Dickbag in the White Truck:

Don't look shocked & offended when you get the double bird from a girl in the crosswalk. She wouldn't do it for no reason.
I should know. I am that girl. You almost ran over my fucking foot turning right onto Columbia River Highway. We're both EVER so lucky that I decided to stop in my tracks. Had I been some kind of suicidal nutjob or that one person who doesn't pay a lick of attention to anything, we would both be in some serious trouble.

In case you forgot, here is the law concerning pedestrians in crosswalks...

811.028 Failure to stop and remain stopped for pedestrian; penalty. (1) The driver of a vehicle commits the offense of failure to stop and remain stopped for a pedestrian if the driver does not stop and remain stopped for a pedestrian when the pedestrian is:
(a) Proceeding in accordance with a traffic control device as provided under ORS 814.010 or crossing the roadway in a crosswalk, as defined in ORS 801.220; and
(b) In any of the following locations:
(A) In the lane in which the driver’s vehicle is traveling;
(B) In a lane adjacent to the lane in which the driver’s vehicle is traveling;
(C) In the lane into which the driver’s vehicle is turning;
(D) In a lane adjacent to the lane into which the driver’s vehicle is turning, if the driver is making a turn at an intersection that does not have a traffic control device under which a pedestrian may proceed as provided under ORS 814.010; or
(E) Less than six feet from the lane into which the driver’s vehicle is turning, if the driver is making a turn at an intersection that has a traffic control device under which a pedestrian may proceed as provided under ORS 814.010.
(2) For the purpose of this section, a bicycle lane or the part of a roadway where a vehicle stops, stands or parks that is adjacent to a lane of travel is considered to be part of that adjacent lane of travel.

In summation, getting a double fuck you is much better than what could have happened. You ass.

This applies to all the rest of the people who I have screamed at, flipped off, or smacked the hood of their car. Watch what the fuck you're doing. I know your car is like your second home or whatever but it also weighs a lot, is on wheels, can easily crush pitiful humans, & YOU CONTROL IT. Please make sure you do so in the future. Thank youz.

No love,

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Queer Bait

I'll be there. Lookin like shit from working all night in a hotel front desk. Woo! Bring your LGBTQSI ass and whatever alphabet you fall into to Crush tonight! ;) Fannie Mae will be working the door and Splendora will be hostin. Dj Jimme Jamma will be bustin out the tunes. Yay rainbow powers!

looking for some dog help

In February I rescued a Rottweiler mix dog from the Albany pound. I saw a Craigslist ad about him that just got to me.

I found him a place to live (via Craigslist) on a horse farm, but he's had trouble there. The fences on the farm are not adequate to keep a dog in (the farm's gate doesn't touch the fence -- good enough to keep in horses, but not enough to keep in this boy).


So now he's homeless again. I can't take him: I travel a lot, and I'm living in an apartment which doesn't allow pets. I need help! I contacted the Happy Tails Rottweiler Rescue, but so far they haven't written me back. I've placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a home for him. Last time I took him to the Humane Society they rejected him for being "mouthy" (trying to stick your hands in his mouth, like a puppy).

Good things about him: he is smart, handsome, loves people and wants to please. Likes children. Cool with other dogs, cats, and horses. Super affectionate and attentive.

Bad things about him: he runs away (because he wasn't neutered until age 4). Also, when he stayed with me in February, he tried to mark my bookshelf once (because he wasn't neutered yet).

He is neutered now, has had his dewclaws removed, and needs a place to live. Do you know any cheap dog boarding places, possible foster homes, a rescue or shelter I could drive him to? Do you know any dog people who might want to adopt this good boy? He deserves another chance.

UPDATE: He's in a shelter right now, unfortunately. I can't foster him, but I'm trying to find a place to take him so I can liberate him from the shelter.

Some people...

Did anyone else attend the Art Chantry lecture at PNCA tonight? There was a couple there with two toddlers who gave a new depth to the word disrespectful. We've all seen people who bring their babies to a movie, but this was just mind boggling. They were letting their kids have free reign of the room during the lecture, weaving in and out of rows, laughing, yelling. The kids were having a great time, I felt bad for all the dirty looks they were getting that should have been directed towards the parents. Why do people feel the need to bring their children to an event like a two and a half hour lecture? What kind of enrichment could a three year old possibly get there? It's hard for some adults to sit through something that long, it's downright mean to expect children to. And if they didn't expect them to sit down and shut up the whole time, then that is flagrant disrespect for everyone in the crowd. Art actually had to stop his lecture twice to comment that the children should be taken outside, and that the family should just leave altogether. I'm not normally anti-child at all, but this situation just made me wonder why some people think everyone should be subjected to the consequences of their decisions.
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punk bands

growing up, me and my friends played a lot of shows with punk bands, and I knew a lot of friends who liked punk a lot, but suddenly I realize really the only "punk" I've ever heard is joy division and the boredoms (?.. doesn't count, not for this.) and a song or two by the dwarves, I guess. I could just randomly go at the big names, but any specific recommendations?

I don't know why I'm asking you specifically. I guess you're just kind of this general demographic that I frequently get really interesting/useful/stupid responses from, and that's what I love about you, specifically.

big thank you to passerby on 72nd and holgate!!

so my dogs went missing for the first time ever today, disappeared from our yard without their collars, no visible signs of a breakout. it would have been a much more terrible and traumatizing experience, had a few friendly folks not apparently spotted the rogue pug and schnauzer, corralled them away from traffic, and called animal control to pick them up safely at 72nd and holgate. I am so grateful, and think it is so awesome that multiple people stopped to help, a generosity that I have only experienced here in portland. just wanted to share that here with hopes that my gratitude reaches them.

spencer and walter say THANK YOU.
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