October 17th, 2007


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Do any of you have any experience with Associates Staffing? I hsot them an email about a job and got some annoying and somewhat unprofessional responses.

Just an off day? Should I be concerned?

Mmmm, hi. Are you a carpenter?

I require the piece of wood that is part of my front door frame into which the dead bolt locks to be replaced.

Are any of you skilled at this, or can you recommend someone who is?


P.S.: No, no one busted my door open. I'm just putting in a new lock and the old piece of wood is REALLY messed up.

Guerrilla Art! Help Please!

If anyone with a camera is near Old Town right now, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to 5th and Glisan and take a picture of the large, serene, OK hand sculpture?


It's currently holding a joint.


I laughed so hard I almost ran the stopsign.  What a day to forget my camera.

 edited because I fail at spelling.

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Nikon D200

Film vs. Digital

If you had ordered a commission for a photograph, would you prefer a good quality film print where it's developed by hand, or a digital print?

I'm curious...pro's and cons...for's and against's [if those are actual conjunctions...]

Your thoughts and reasoning...?

I'm possibly...POSSIBLY moving from film [Nikon F4s] to digital [Nikon D200] and just wanted to throw this one out there to all of you.



Controversy Time! (But not too much)

I've talked about this on my personal journal before, but now I thought I would leave the question to all of my assembled damnportlanders.

I have noticed, a few times, people who work "traditional hours" (M-F, 9-5), seeming to assume that everyone else does, too. Not only that, but they also seem to treat being up at different hours to be a sign of moral failing, even when it makes perfect sense. For example, if someone works a 2-10 retail shift, sleeping until noon isn't a sign of laziness.

Am I the only person who has noticed this? I would think most people reading this would be youngish, meaning working non-office, non-professional jobs, so have you noticed this misunderstanding from older people, or the rare people in their 20s who do work office hours?

And isn't it annoying?
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Thanks for the eating place recs. But now I have an even more pressing problem.

I had these cute fingerless purple-and-black striped gloves AND I LOST THEM. AND NEED THEM AGAIN. I got them in Canada and I'm at a loss as to where I'd go in the P-Land to get replacements. Help anyone?
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i need a room to rent by late nov/ early dec.

and i thought i'd post in here.
you people are hilarious.

tha post:

i think the title speaks for itself.
i need a room.
or a closet, cupboard, couch, etc.

i'll be in portland mid november to december first (when i will hopefully have a roof). i moved from pdx to california in march when a seriously awesome skateboarding accident left me broken in the mid calf region. and now i'm coming home, but it's harder than i thought to find a roommate when you can't meet up with them in person until later than you want to. alas. i'm trying now, so maybe i can get some interviews for later. shit. i don't know. it's all confusing.

me: in my 20's, queer, funny, smart and often redundant. i have a full time job that transfers to pdx with no missed time. i'm also going to school full time, so i'm a busy girl. i have a cat, but she may end up living with the person who is watching her now, so it's iffy on the cat. her name is dolores and she's in-fucking-credible cat. she has super powers. anyway. i'm a porch smoker (so my stuff and yr stuff doesn't smell bad), i play(ed) rugby terribly, i bike and also have a car, i ride horses, make coffee, am studying to be a mortician (actually a trade embalmer, but i'm trying with the basics), i eat everything but conform well to other people's food needs. like, if yr vegan then i don't eat meat or dairy in the house. and i probably wouldn't eat it out of the house anyway. if you eat meat, cool.

you(s): any number of people from one to twenty. you like to bike (maybe you have a fixie like me, we could be friends). queer, gay, whoever you are but yr friendly and won't ask me to make out with my friends in front of you. maybe you smoke on the porch too? we could have a party. if you live close-in or downtown, that would be cool too. i'm not picky, just looking for flexible people.

i have bedroom furniture, personal hopes and dreams, money, a job, beer and candy.
i also shower, courtesy flush, wear headphones, cook dinner and love everyone regardless of how loud their music is and whether or not they've changed their pants.



non E10 gas stations?

anyone know where any non E10 gas stations exist? is this just a multnomah county only law, or do i need to go further for real gas?

my gas mileage has dropped 15-20% using E10 and the power has dropped significantly as well. i'm not too concerned about the power, but a 15-20% drop in fuel efficiency means that i end up using more dino bones per gallon than without the ethanol. this kind of defeats the purpose of the ethanol for me.

yes, i realize that the drop is only supposed to be around 2%, but my engine has some pretty specific tolerances, such as the need to use premium, etc.


Bittorrent over MetroFi

Has any tried using Bittorrent over the MetroFi free service. I rely pretty heavily on using MetroFi service for my home office business and would hate to get shut out because I started downloading via Bittorent. Has anyone tried this? Does it work well? Has anyone heard of someone getting kicked off MetroFi for using Bittorrent? Has anyone even read their TOS to see if Bittorrent is disallowed?

general life question about my oven

When I set my oven to "bake" should the top coil AND the bottom coil get hot?

Also, how long should it take an oven to get to about 450 degrees?

EDIT: yeah. I guess both coils should come on. Damn. Anybody know how easy/difficult it is to fix/replace a burned out coil?

out of the loop

I was out of town for way too long, just wondering what happenings are happening soon in Portland anything I have to go see or do that is reasonably CHEAP! Craft circles,zombie walks, fire spinning, music, or other delightful mayhem...
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(no subject)

I got a parking ticket because I got to my car 2 minutes after my time was up.  The meter guy had just put the ticket on my car and he looks at me and says, "You know there's no grace period" and then turns around and keeps walking.

So my question is
What happens if you don't pay your parking tickets?
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Choir Concert Tomorrow in Corvallis!

Howdy folks,

I know it's short notice, but I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow night, Thursday the 18th at 7:30pm, the Corvallis Repertory Singers will be performing Mozart's Requiem (Maunder's score) and Bach's Cantata BVW 29. We have some great soloists and the orchestra is excellent - and the Requiem is a piece that most of you have probably heard before, at least in bits and pieces. Tickets for adults is $15, but students with ID are free, as are younger children. We're performing at the First Presbyterian Church on 8th and Monroe - if you'd like directions let me know and I'll get them to you. Hope to see you all there!
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strange but not random parking question


i am arriving in town tomorrow night, late-ish. like, 9 or 10 pm. i'm driving a behemoth of a moving truck which is a bitch to park or drive, especially in the parts of portland i've visited (all west of the river, east of the mountain). so here's what i'm hoping to do:

park somewhere in east portland that's fairly close to i-84 (my entrance route) on the street where i will not be ticketed, harassed, or generally in the way of people on friday, and where it can stay until saturday. it'd be especially nifty if it's close to a stop on the max so that i can grab my bike out of the truck and train it downtown to where i'm staying. obviously since i have my bike i can ride to the station...if it's not hard to find--my bike map is packed away somewhere :/. the park and ride lots don't really cut it since they seem to have 24h time limits and besides are not really suited to a 26' moving truck--i'm not very good at maneuvering tight turns with it (at least not without crushing whatever's on the inside corner of the turn).

does anyone have a suggestion as to where i could park? i'd just take a taxi from somewhere but i really need my bike with me when i get downtown since i have to ride all over lookin' for a place to live on friday morning. is there a taxi service that would handle my bike and me? i never saw any non-car-shaped cabs when i was there but i admit to not looking very closely.

even a general "this neighborhood has wide streets without parking meters and isn't entirely residential (or doesn't get very heavily parked at night, since parallel parking is tremendously icky, is i guess what i'm looking for) and is near the train" would be better than nothing.

thanks so much for your help, damnfolk.