October 16th, 2007

Yukari RAWR! pokemastersan

Concrete Truck: 1, Cyclist: 0

It's really pissing me off how up-in-arms people are getting regarding that incident where the concrete truck ran over that cyclist, and how they're frothing at the mouth to assign blame, whether it be the driver of the truck, the cyclist, or, in one memorable article, the design of the truck. Because we all know every vehicle can be designed to not have any blind spots.

You know what? All this finger-pointing won't bring that poor girl back.

Her death shouldn't be a rallying cry against automobiles, or against bicycles. What it SHOULD be is a wake-up call for cyclists to have some fucking common sense. If you're on a bike, you're slower, less visible, and more vulnerable to your gas-guzzling counterparts, which means that in a crash, YOU are the one who will be injured, so you have to be the responsible one and aware of your surroundings. I was always taught that if you can't see the driver's face, whether it be in their mirrors or while you're next to their vehicle, they CAN'T SEE YOU.

BE SEEN, FOOLS! And don't do stupid shit like dart across three lanes of traffic in the fucking rain like some dipshit did yesterday on Sandy...the car in front of us almost hit him because that sprocket-brained idiot wearing pavement-colored clothing didn't feel the need to signal.
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Can any of you recommend oral surgeons who did not require you to pay the amount not covered by insurance the day of your surgery and let you pay it off in monthly payments, or is that something most places don't allow you to do?

I had scheduled surgery to get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Insurance is covering most of it, but they wanted me to pay 600.00 the day of the surgery. I can't do that and they weren't willing to work with me to make monthly payments so I need to find someone else.


Hard Cider on Tap?

Alright Cider enthusiasts, does anyone know if any pub in Portland has Hard Cider on tap? I ask since my wife is a Cider lover and she keeps finding in bottles I believe under the Wyders brand.
So any names / addresses you can give me would be appreciated..

2 days and clouds..yessss

free self-defense groups?

hey yalls. i've been really interested in forming a self-defense collective in NE recently, but i thought i'd poke around here first... anyone know of any free self-defense groups in NE portland? something that welcomes men, please.

thanks! =]

Run For Your Lives!!!

Oh My God! Run for your Lives!  Fake Terrorist Attack Alert!   Anyone here know what's been going on with this drill happening today in downtown Portland?  I guess it's centered around the Steel Bridge.  It must be a pain in the arse if you're trying to get around in that area.  Have fun trying to get to and from wherever you're going.  Just remember.  This terrorist drill is for your own good.  How else can they put the fear and paranoia into our otherwise mundane lives?


I appear to have an extra Ron Paul 2008 button. Anyone want it? I really only need one. They come off, apparently, and you can pin them on to any number of coats.

Neat, huh?

Anyways. I'll be heading off to downtown at some point today, I'm sure, or if you wanted to pick it up at my residence in SW (Hillsdale), you're more than welcome to do that as well.
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This is ridiculous....

Saturday I was in Eugene, so I couldn't purchase tickets for Tool. BAH. My boyfriend tried to reassure me all day that "oh, honey they won't sell out". Bullshit. Anyways, looking for 2 Tool tickets around the hundred dollar price range. No luck on craigslist or e-bay. Fastixx only has $179 +

Help me.
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instant snark gratification post of the day

dear damnportlanders:

it is a rainy day (oh, yes it is!)
and i and a friend have a strong desire to wander and take photos
(of things, each other, whatever).
we are not particularly afraid of water
but would also enjoy semi.covered or indoor places
that cost nexttonothing
as i'm a cheap rat bastard.

please magically for to produce the awesomnest location out of your arsehole.
you rock, and in a totally hipster emo cool way. thanks.

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still need a ride

Hello. I was wondering if any of you are or would want to go see Barbara Ehrenreich speak at Willamette University in Salem on Thursday Oct. 18th at 8pm.

My husband and I would like to go but our car just broke so we don't have a way to get down there and I have to be at work the next day.

If anyone is going and would like to get paid for having company, please let me know!!

If you are interested in what I am talking about, here is a recent interview discussing her new book on collective joy. and an older interview from '97 about the origins of the passion for war. She is also known for her work on poor and middle class work as well as white color corporate workers. She's also a radical feminist and an all around great thinker. She's basically my hero.

Barbara Ehrenreich, author most recently of Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy on MEDIA MATTERS WITH BOB MCCHESNEY.

DR. BARBARA EHRENREICH Political Essayist, Social Critic, Activist and Novelist. Author: "Blood Rites - Origins and History of the Passions of War" Originally aired" 11-10-97 on CONVERSATIONS WITH HAROLD HUDSON CHANNER

dripping hair
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Looking to gain environmental experience?

Are you looking to gain hands-on river restoration experience? Does collecting GPS data interest you? Do you want to be part of a team?

The Watershed Enhancement Program of Clark Public Utilities is seeking team members for its Stream Restoration team. The complete team will consist of one Team Leader and five Stream Restoration Coordinators.

The AmeriCorps Team focuses on watershed restoration and education. Team members have the opportunity to work with and gain valuable experience in the following areas: nursery management, monitoring and developing, planning and implementing on the ground restoration activities. Team members will also work with the StreamTeam which is a community outreach program. Members will be exposed to environmental education activities, coordination of volunteers and event coordination through StreamTeam activities. Our goal for the AmeriCorps members serving at our site is to provide quality training on proven, successful riparian and wetland restoration techniques.

Stream Restoration Coordinators will have a unique opportunity to learn how to manage real-world salmon restoration projects (including site assessment with GPS equipment, planning with CAD programs and implementation). Coordinators will be exposed to a large variety of site conditions and restoration experiences ranging from 1 to 20 acres on small and large stream systems. Coordinators will also have a great deal of individual responsibility, including a member specialty (volunteer coordination, watershed education, Stream Stewards Program, nursery management, and water quality/survival monitoring) and logistical coordination of team members, volunteers, and work crews.

Positions start January 24, 2008. Benefits include a monthly stipend of $1,009 before taxes, health insurance, a $4,725 AmeriCorps education scholarship, loan forbearance, childcare allowance and many training opportunities.

For more information, contact Bob Stearns at bstearns@clarkpud.com or (360) 992-8576. Apply today!!
fashion design


Does anyone have the name of a dermatologist, preferably female, that you *really* recommend? A dermatologist that is also somewhat holistically oriented, as far as taking account of your lifestyle/diet/etc, and not just pumping you full of drugs.....
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Meetup date!

Warning: Meetup is NOT on its usual day this month!

Per the results of this poll, the October meetup will be held on October 30th! NOT the 23rd! You have been informed!

It'll be at 7pm and it'll be Halloween/costume-themed, naturally. I'll post one-week, day-before, and day-of reminders as usual, but I wanted to let you know now so no one showed up next week ;)

I need your creative brain juices

Dear Portland,

I am going to attend a MAJOR 80's party with friends. I have no idea what to be. I was born in 1986 and I do sort of remember certain thing's about back then, but not enough to carve out a hot outfit. My question to you all is what should I dress up as? I like most music from the 80's. I in fact love it a lot. I could be Siouxsie Sioux? I don't mind crossdressing, I'm broken wristed, I like crazy shit, and I want to look fine for the party. Please send me any suggestions you might have!


Danny O.
someday b/w

Yet another request

I need a Halloween costume idea.

be from a movie
not be a cliche or over done
be unique, thoughtful, fun
not be to difficult to recreate

I'm looking for a strong female role in a movie (I know hard to find) that isn't a cartoon or overdone. It doesn't have to be something that everyone will get just the elite few works too.

The ideas I have so far are:
Maude Lebowski
Lotte Schwartz
Karen Pomeroy
Samantha Baker

also i have short curly reddish brown hair being able to incorporate that in works great!

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Okanagon Family Faire anyone?

Hey! My brother and I are heading up to the Okanagon Family Faire (aka Tonasket) Thursday night, and our ride is starting to look unreliable. I was wondering if anyone here is going up there and wouldn't mind the two of us riding along... will pay for some of gas :) Our target time for leaving is, again, Thursday night, say after 7?!!?
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