October 15th, 2007

Lego Castle Making
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If you see a  light blue 1989 Camry with the rear right window missing and the Washington License plate of 970 NLN,  that's mine. And I'm not driving it because someone stole it so like...call the police or let me know where you saw it. 

Yes, I know how unlikely that will be but it never hurts

/mondays suck.
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For sale!

I posted this on craigslist and thought I'd try here as well, to sell my drums: I have a 3 year old Enforcer set, an appropriate picture of which I cannot seem to find, although I can provide a link to a similar set if you wish. Enforcer is not a major brand, but it is a good learning kit for, say, middle schoolers (or someone in their mid-20s who wants to fulfill a childhood dream), and it has been barely used as I started moving around soon after I got it.

It is metallic blue, and I'm pretty sure I still have the throne with it. It's all in pieces, and I don't have room to set it up for you to whack at. I know that's lame but it's a small apartment :) I cannot deliver it, either, so you'd have to pick it up. I'm asking $275 for it, as I'm selling it partially to afford a doctor visit (apparently I'm not eligible for health insurance. Or OHP. Go figure), just to tug the guilt string ;) If you've seen prices on major brand drum kits, you'll recognize this is  a pretty good deal and, of course, will further someone's musical education and won't that make the world a better place?

Anyway, if you have questions, let me know. Please tell your friends! Thanks everyone.


ok, so my kitten is sick, and I dont know where to take her! She hasnt been eating much, when she does eat, she cant keep it down. She is super lethargic. Not her usual playful self. It seriously kills me, but I dont know waht to do. I think its because we ran out of her usual Iams food, and my roommate had some cheap Trader Joes cat food lyin around. Im just guessing her little tummy couldnt handle the change in food, maybe the change in quality???, but I dont know! I got her some new food yesterday, but she was soooo excited to have good food, she scarfed it down. Again, another chnage in food, she threw it up like 20 min later. :(
so now I need to fiind a place to take look at her that is either super cheap or FREE!!! Ive got an appointment for tomorrow at Pacific Veterinary Hospital, and its gonna be 39.90, which is the cheapest Ive found, but if you guys know of anything less expensive, I would <3 you forever and ever if you pointed me in their direction.

/the shit of it all, she got sick on my laptop on saturday night, shorting out a ton of keys on my keyboard, hence the lack of apostrophes, slashes when I have to hit the return key, among other keys taht dont function correctly, and random f-keys engaging themselves, causing my computer to act like its possessed. So I have to spend even MORE money to get my keyboard replaced. Thank god for craigslist and people parting out their old laptops for super cheap!!!!
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An invitation....

group of people together to dress up/ celebrate Halloween with me. (Well... actually on Saturday the 27th). We would love for people to join in with the theme "Alice in Wonderland" but we wouldn't turn you away if you are a party pooper and choose another costume.
In case you want to go here is a list of the characters that are already taken.

Queen of Hearts
Mad Hatter...

There are TONS of fun choices left... be creative.. come drink with us (or not) and have fun (NOT optional)

Please get back to me aSAP on your costume idea so I can make plans. The more the merrier!!!

IKEA Scavenger Hunt

So bellybalt posted the pics of yesterday's IKEA extravaganza featuring me (emakelle), littlebluedog, sushi4k and my non-LJing co-worker. Don't worry, I'm trying to talk him into the wonderful world of LJ.

If you want to have your own fun, you can try either of these lists. You'll note that there are some overlaps, because there are some that are just too good to go without.

The Fantastic Team's list is here.
My list is here. Credit goes to lbd and others on my flist for many of the suggestions.

If you do this, please post the pics in DP, and/or email me (emakelle at lj) the pics, because I'd love to see 'em.
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au naturale

where is your favorite place (and why) to find natural cosmetics in portland? what are your favorite brands?

i don't want to keep putting parabens and other disease-causing chemicals on my skin every day ... and it's the perfect time for me to buy some new products, woohoo!

thanks in advance for any tips :)
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Pug in wig

New to Portland

Why hello, neighbors! You can call me Plaid; my husband and I are new to Portland, but we're already in love with the city.

To start, I have a silly question that I'm hoping to get away with because I'm new.

All of my friends/relatives who've visited Portland speak of a magical place that 'might be near a river, could be near downtown, and is open and full of shops and things to do'.  Nobody knows where this place is or what it's called, but apparently, it's a great time.

Anybody have any idea what they might be talking about?

Thank you kindly. ;D

EDIT: Found it! Thank you all.
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Apartment help

So, I finally moved to town this weekend. I already love it here -- everyone I've met in this city so far has turned out to be completely awesome. I have a small apartment problem, however, and I don't know what to do. I pray that you wise people can help this poor DP neophyte.

I had heard that apartments in the Pearl were hard to come by, so before I even got here, I put a $500 deposit on one that seemed pretty good (yes, sight unseen... yes, I'm an idiot). Call this apartment #1.

Then I found out about another apartment that seemed better and put a $250 deposit on that one, too. Call it #2.

I finally got to town and saw both buildings. I indeed like #2 a lot more, and will almost definitely end up taking that one.

I haven't signed any leases yet, because I'm not sure what to do about #1. Is there any way to get my $500 back from building #1, or even part of it, or am I completely screwed? What can I do?

CLARIFICATION: Thanks for asking -- yes, there was a written agreement in place, specifically my application for residency, which I faxed in a little over three weeks ago. I should have mentioned that. It says "Cancellation of the apartment reservation 72 hours after the date/time that the fee was paid or 24 hours after application approval will result in loss of the security deposit and/or the pro-rated amount of rent from the time said apartment was taken off of the market to the time cancellation is received my [sic] Management." So, yes, I know what this says -- I'm simply hoping to see if there's anything clever I can do at this point.
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heating options

Hi there,

Do you have full-electric heating? As in, your furnace is powered by electricity ONLY? I'm not talking about cadet heaters or baseboard heaters.

If so: Do you find that your bills are outrageous? How big is your house? How much are you paying per month in winter? Bonus points for responses if you have an old, creaky, poorly-insulated home.

We may have to make a decision about this soon (like, tomorrow) and I'd love others' inputs!

(for the record, we have oil and converting to gas may not be possible.)


PS Thanks bellybalt - I wouldn't have thought of this if you hadn't said something =)
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(no subject)

Are there high-speed ISPs other than Comcast and Qwest in the Portland area? I know similar questions have been asked before, but everyone just tells people to go either Comcast or Qwest. OH - I also don't think I can get Verizon, because aren't they only FiOS? I doubt I can get that at my apartment.

I'm asking because although I really do love Comcast because of previous places I've rented, my whole apartment complex (Greenbriar Village, for those of you that are wondering) in SW Portland gets crappy service with Comcast - or so we've heard. I am currently using them and although our digital cable service is fine, our high-speed is not. In fact, it barely works. Now, for someone who games online on their PS3, 360, Wii, and two computers, this isn't acceptable. (If I was just checking e-mail, I could probably live.) I have someone coming from Comcast to look at my internet tomorrow, but from what I've been hearing from other residents, we probably aren't going to be too lucky.

Now, as for Qwest, I've heard that no one really likes them for gaming since their service isn't that fast either - and it's not worth switching ISPs for the same problem.

So, I come to you, DPers... I need a high-speed ISP!

Recycling Question!

I have a home now! Yay!!! I live in NE at Grand and Dekum, and I'm pretty damn excited about not having to calculate exactly how much water I can drink so that I don't have to get up out of the backseat of my car and find a place to pee in the middle of the night!

However. This apartment building does not have recycling. (??!!??) Has anyone heard of this? I mean, I've NEVER not recycled in my life...except maybe when I lived in Utah and was too young to remember. Are there any suggestions as to what I can do about this? The housing manager says everyone just throws stuff in the dumpster in back (fucking...gasp...), and I refuse to do that. I see that the houses across the street have their yellow bins...and I want one too!

Does this have to do with the city of Portland, or with this apartment complex? In short, who can I call to get some recycling? Or am I doomed to sneak it into the yellow bins across the street?

Thanks, all!

Brake Drum

Hello All,
I am in my first year of teaching middle school band and am looking for some percussion equipment.  A piece we're playing calls for a brake drum, which sounds very anvil-esqe when hit with hard mallets.  Something like this would be perfect. 

Anyone have any idea where I could find one of these really cheap?  Or, anyone have one lying around that they would like to donate to some 7th grade musical endeavors? 

Thanks very much! 
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memory blank, photos

you guys are really good at this.

there's this type of photo that has something to do with dynamic something, its name is an acronym, it makes very pleasing-to-the-eye photos that have a lot of light dynamics in it. WTF am I thinking of. it's driving me crazy.

I made a post about it awhile back I think it was here. it had something to do with the earthalbum.com site I posted, and how most of the most popular photos that are gathered from flickr, which is how earthalbum gets its stuff, are (blank) ie the answer to my question.

SDKFJSFKGJSGKJSDFGKJDFGKJD haaaalp. by which I mean help.

Rooms for rent! Rooms for rent!

Hey folks, I'm giving my landlord a hand and trying to rent out the other two rooms of the house I'm in, here in sunny NE PDX by the corner of MLK & Alberta. House was renovated in 2003, so everything's in great condition, kitchen is still new, etc.

here's the CL ad for it: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/roo/446342453.html

One big suite w/ full bath on the 2nd floor = $550 + util.

One bedroom on the first floor, shares a bathroom with me = $365 + util

Smoke-free, laid back, two blocks from the #6 line and the Olympus Gym, just a few blocks south of NE Alberta.

As always, if you know anybody who needs housing, send 'em our way.