October 14th, 2007

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A friends hamster passed away this morning. I was there when it happened. I realize this isn't a vet community, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any insight as to what the hell happened.

Hamster escaped for a few days. Came back and was fine. My girlfriend goes in to visit him in his cage and he's not moving. She pulls him out of the cage and his body is cold to the touch, but not rigid. He's quite limp.

Here's the really sad (and strange) part - we can feel his heart beating, but no air is coming out of his mouth or nose. Also, every 30 seconds, he seems to have ... best I can describe, as he is having a silent scream. His entire body tensed like he's really tired and he's stretching - he'd "hold" the stretch for a second or two and then go back to being limp. It wasn't like a seizure and he wasn't convulsing.

Sadly, we were too inexperienced to deal with anything like this and the hamster passed away approximately five minutes later. His breathing slowed and the heart just stopped.

I own a hamster of my own and have never seen nor heard of this happening - I can't seem to find any decent information online either.

So, your thoughts? Could he have been suffocating? That thought passed through my mind, but he was far too small for us to see anything lodged in his throat. We tried to (gently) force air in, but ... well, we're not vets. He might have gotten into - something - in the apartment while he was free, but we can't be sure. Nothing seemed to have been chewed ...

Has anyone ever dealt with something like this? Any insight anyone has would be appreciated.


Math test

I will probably get snarked all to hell for this, but I really need to know...
How does one study for a math test?
Thing is, I have never needed to study for a math test before, because all through high school I took Algebra and geometry classes which came so easily for me so I was always ahead of the class. Now I am in Math 111c at PCC which is a little out of the realm of what I am used to. I have a test coming up, so I actually need and want to study so I can do well, but I just don't know how.
Do I work some problems that aren't in my homework? Do I review my homework? Read the sections? Review notes? all of the above? How do/did you study for math tests?

EDIT: Thank you all for your help. I think that once I get into the the "study" mode, I will have the tools to absorb what I need to and do awesome on the test. And I also appreciate the lack of snarkiness to my very seemingly stupid question. =P
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Need a job?

If anyone needs a job, the place where I work is hiring.

I work in a really small call center that does support for those do-it-yourself photo kiosks at places like RiteAid and Costco. If it makes you feel better, you won't be talking to the general public who USES the kiosks, but the photo department employees at the various stores we support. I have been here for two weeks and I'm already taking calls and fixing stuff like a pro. This is the easiest job I have ever had. We've just brought a couple new accounts on board, so we're really hurting for people! Seriously, I interviewed on October 2nd at 1:30 p.m. and was offered the job 2 hours later.

Starting pay is $10/hour (yeah, it kinda sucks) but after 90 days you get full benefits and a raise. The people here are super-cool, the dress code is pretty lax, though not so much that you can show up in ratty jeans and a dirty old t-shirt. They request business casual: slacks and a collared shirt for men or a blouse/sweater for women. I wear a hoodie because I work the early morning shift and it is freezing-ass cold in here at 5 a.m.

They have a posting on Craigslist, but I just thought I'd let people here know about it.
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Halloween Help

Hallo! So, I'm seeking some assistance for glasses for my Halloween costume. I'm going to be Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords (awesome show, you should watch it.)

Anywho, I'm looking for glasses like his - I'd prefer to place to try them on as opposed to online since some glasses don't fit my weird face so well. 

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p.s. Good places in PDX proper to get wigs?
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Things to see on a rainy day?

I'll be visiting Portland later this week (bad timing) and I'm not really quite sure what to see/do given the weather.

I've seen everything having visited a few times. Is there anything in particular you can recommend to see/do on a rainy day aside from Powell's Bookstore and the mal?

The original plan was going to take a trip to Multonomah Falls but that's probably not going to happen. Any tips and suggestions would be super helpful! Thanks! 
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Fresh Produce

Hello All

I am looking to buy fresh produce in beaverton/portland/hillsboro area? Any recommendations ? I know about beaverton farmer's market but the hours and days do not work for me.
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'93 VW Cabriolet

I've got to pay off some bills, so as much as it pains me, I must part ways with my beloved Jenny. Thought I'd offer her up here in case there are any other VW lovers!

She's a 1993 VW Cabriolet. Has a few issues at the moment (under the cut), but she's pretty solid overall. Email me at mala dot bingham at teh gmail if you are interested - posted on Craigslist for $1300, but will automatically drop $100 off my asking price if you mention that you're a fellow damnportlander!

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Damnfoodies, I have a restaurant quandary.

I want to take my family out to dinner this next week for my dad's birthday, ideally someplace on the nicer end but with main dishes in the $15-25 range. I have to stick to the Northwest cuisine/American bistro spectrum for the family's sake, because they're not super adventurous eaters and I'd hate to take them to some schmancy pan-asian fusion or avant-garde french place if they hated everything on the menu.

In this town, that gives me a lot of options to work from. But here's another rub.

If I was to really make my dad happy on his birthday dinner, I'd take him to some place that has prime rib. I guess prime rib is an unpopular cut these days, because it seems like every menu on all the websites for places around here serve New Yorks. I have no problem with them, except that my dad likes prime rib, and I'd rather not order something I can cook well enough at home. Is there any place besides the Ringside (or similar steakhouse) that serves prime rib? I'd rather not go to the Ringside because their plates run more like $30-35 and the menu otherwise doesn't terribly excite me.

Barring finding some magical place that has good prices, an interesting menu, and prime rib; any suggestions on a medium-priced American fare restaurant in Portland good for a family birthday would be muchly appreciated.
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Ikea Scavenger Hunt

Today a few DPers participated in an Ikea Scavenger Hunt. We were given certain tasks to perform at the local Ikea, and we photographed them. The tasks were sent in by a lot of LJ people, and we did our best to do as many as we could. There's an example:

Photo of all team members by the JEFF sign, making a goofy JEFF face.

Possibly submitted by drjeff?

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ConAgra to Recycle Poop-Tainted Meat into Canned Chili and Pet Food

(just in case there are any canned chili eaters on dp, i thought this may be of interest to you!)


DAVID MIGOYA, DENVER POST: At least 68,000 pounds of
E. coli-tainted beef linked to an 18.6 million-pound recall by ConAgra
Beef Co. may turn up on dinner tables as ready-to-eat canned chili,
meat spaghetti sauce, beef ravioli or some other meal. Or, it might end
up as pet food. Or fertilizer. And no one has to tell you it's there.

A spokesman for the Greeley-based beef company said Thursday
that meat returned as a result of the nation's second-largest recall in
history will be cooked and turned into food for people or pets, or
nonfood products. Or both.

That consumers might buy a meal containing recalled meat is legal ---
and wholesome --- according to the U.S Department of Agriculture.

The federal agency must OK the company's plans for recalled meat.

Cooking recalled meat is common practice in the food industry.
"I think we can say any product that is cooked per the guidelines
established by the USDA and recommended by the Colorado
Department of Health is perfectly safe for human consumption and
to indicate otherwise is irresponsible," ConAgra spokesman Jim Herlihy said.

Consumers watching the ConAgra recall, however, may think differently.
"They're asking me to trust them again, and that's outrageous," said Lisa
Scannell of Longmont. Her five-year-old son, Alec Scholhamer, was
sickened last month after eating a hamburger made with ConAgra meat.
"They always blame people for not cooking the meat even though they're
the ones who put the E. coli there. I'm supposed to trust them now to cook
it, too?" A Colorado health official said recalled meat shouldn't end up as
human food again.
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