October 13th, 2007



Did anyone happen to take pictures at the Boris show at Dante's this weekend? We forgot our camera — and since no flashes were allowed I'm not too sure how well any pictures that were taken actually came out, but I thought it'd be worth a stab. If you've got any, please share! Thanks.

Fucking amazing show, anyway, right?
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GrandCentral Invites?

I've heard about this service and would really like to try it, I'm hoping to get a number in Longview/Kelso, WA, so my parents will be able to call me and avoid long distance (their cell phones don't work at their house).

Does anyone have any invites they'd be willing to share? I'd be forever grateful :-)

attack of the ladybugs?!?!

My condo is being invaded by ladybugs. Seriously. There's at least 20 in my living room right now, mostly crawling around the window. On the outside of the building, there are easily hundreds in the immediate vicinity. I've never heard of a ladybug infestation before. Is this a problem??
They're kinda cute so I'm ok with it at the moment, but I don't really need any more. I hope at some point they decide to go away again on their own accord.
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Parking at University of Portland

So I'm going to a conference that is taking place at the University of Portland in Buckley Center.  I'm from Seattle, staying at a hotel in the Portland area and I was wondering about parking at the University of Portland.  Is it expensive?  Is it easier to bus?  I can't find any information, besides parking maps on parking at the UP website.

Red Dress WTF?

So I walk out of my apartment earlier and see all these people (both men and women)in red dresses running by.   As they get to the bar right there (the Triple Nickle) all the girls start flashing everyone.   So I'm standing there on the sidewalk seeing all these boobies.  No one was explaining it, all they would do is tell me to stand there and watch, so I did.  Then I went to the park and walked around. 

What was up with all the red dresses?  Please explain.  

Also, I call for more random boobies on the street.  That was nice.

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Okay, I'm wondering... how many people out there don't have Netfilx? I'll tell you why I ask. I was just watching a Comcast commercial and it said something along the lines of (I'm paraphrasing)SAVE YOURSELF A TRIP TO THE VIDEO STORE. And in my typical "I hate commercials attitude" I thought, "Who goes to the video store anymore?". Then I really thought about it and wondered, who is going to the video store? For real?


Okay, it never ends with me and commercials. I can't help but laugh or be pissed off, or something.

So I was just watching an ad for Mirapex, Restless Leg Syndrome medication. Possible side effect?

Wait for it...


I'm still laughing about that one.

I had restless leg syndrome, but I went to Vegas and felt a lot better!
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Reduce commuter pollution, buy a Green Tag - Does your school do anything like this?

PCC / news /
Reduce commuter pollution, buy a Green Tag

Do the right thing - be a "Green Commuter"! Do you know how much carbon your car emits into the atmosphere?

Buying Green tags put wind & solar power onto our power grid, thus offsetting what your car has done. Think of this as a community effort for creating cleaner air. The average campus commuter only has to purchase one tag ($10) every term to create a neutral commute. Wow, that's not very much money for such an important matter. You may purchase more than one green tag to go beyond just making your commute neutral.

Green Tags can be purchased at the:
* Rock Creek ASPCC, Bldg. 3, Room 128 (Student Center)
* Cascade ASPCC, SC 101
* Sylvania ASPCC, CC 101

Of your $10 purchase $5 goes toward funding Solar Power and the other $5 goes towards a sustainability project on your campus.

For more information contact:
Rock Creek, yvonne.norman@pcc.edu
Cascade, ezekiel.martin@pcc.edu
Sylvania, malachi.duncan@pcc.edu.

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Posted: October 09, 2007

(no subject)

Crap, I have the song "I woke up with tom petersen's haircut" in my head, and I can't seem to find it on the net. Anyone have an mp3 of it?
I blame whoever posted about the outrageous audio guy a few days ago, hehe.