October 12th, 2007

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the darjeelinglimited did not disappoint me tonight, I thought it was so rad! Wes Anderson is amazing. This week, wow. I mean, with Radiohead's In Rainbow being released earlier, I am overwhelmed with all of the beauty & creativity that has been passed on in the last few days.

Did any of you make it to the showing tonight?
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Job, anyone?

The company I work for is in need of a receptionist.

Someone who is:
- timely
- courteous
- clean
- articulate

The hours are Monday - Friday 8 to 5. No overtime. One hour lunch. Not too busy of a switch. In the Tanasbourne area.

Please email me if you want more information and where to apply.   megsdaisy at yahoo dot com

Disclaimer: I am not the hiring manager, I am trying to help a friend out by finding someone worthy of the job, someone who can show up at or a smidgen before 8. I am NOT
guaranteeing anything.
Lego Batman Rain

What's the deal with that guy?

Ok any DPers who live near SE Franklin a question for you.  All summer long I've seen in the early morning hours on my way to work a tall 35-40 year old black guy with a beard standing almost perfectly still on the side walk.  He always has a cardboard box on one shoulder and stares straight ahead not looking at anything in particular.  He had long black hair and he wore sandwhich bags over his shoes (not joking).   I saw him pretty much every day all summer.  Now for some odd reason I'm concerned because I haven' t seen him for a week.  So do any Damn Portlanders know what the deal is with that guy?
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Shameless Self-Promotion

It's an event, promise.

Tomorrow is our OPEN STUDIO DAY! Get a hawt picture of yourself for way less than our usual rates, and if you don't like them, you pay nothing! Click on the obnoxious promo graphic for more info:

So, yeah, come get fabulous photos and homemade vegan baked goods! (drink!)

Outrageous Audio

That guy on those stupid commercial is so fucking annoying! He thinks he is a local celebrity and compares himself to Tom Peterson. HARDLY!!!! I just wanted to gripe. If I were in the market for car stereos, I wouldn't shop there no matter how great the deals were. I hate him. That's all I'm sayin'.
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I like bikes but.....

Why does it seam when a story is reported online, where there is some kind of accident with a biker + car, or a death of biker, that its ALWAYS the drivers fault?

So, because the person drives a car and not some eco-friendly asshat people think the driver should die in a fire............with cake.

pimpin' out my shoppe

save 40% this weekend at the scarlet garden brick and mortar! for those of you who missed the big sale this summer, need new gear for cheap, or just happen to <3 hallowe'en, come one, come all, this weekend for great costume ideas and more! this is at the brick and mortar only, so local kids, take advantage of this rare offer!

save on our entire stock, including new merch and already discounted items! we've just gotten new shipments from rock steady and kim sakkara. and remember new rock boots are 50% off 'til they're gone!

for goth/industrial/etherial/leather/lolita/fetish/gothabilly/bellydance/corsetry and more...
~the scarlet garden darkshoppe~
128 nw 23rd ave
pdx, or
inside robot piercing...
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Lake Geneva


So, word is slowly getting out about the amazing all-vegan Veggielicious food cart over at 33rd and Hawthorne (Tues-Fri 11-6, weekends 11-4, last I checked), but I wanted to add to the word on the street, because they're not getting nearly as much business as they should be yet.

I've been there three times now and it's been great each time. The first time some friends and I had the Egg Mockmuffin (available weekends only) with tofu and great fake cheese and ham. I never even liked eggs in my pre-vegan days, but I loved this concoction. It had that comforting fast food feel but, of course, was much healthier. They serve hot chocolate and other beverages too, but we brought our own homemade hot chocolate in a thermos (cause we're on a budget), and took our food to nearby Edwards Park (at about 31st and Market) to have a playground brunch.

For my second trip I had the soy of the sea, a really nice sandwich which pairs tofu with nori and a special sauce. Funny enough, I also never liked fish sandwiches in my pre-vegan days, but this was awesome.

Finally, today I had the Shroomburger. I don't generally like "hamburgers" anymore, but this one converted me. All the tastes came together really nicely (patty, fake cheese, pickle, onions and mushroom) to once again create amazing comfort food.

Prices are somewhat high for a food cart - sandwiches run in the $4-5 range. But they are totally worth it. Veggielicious almost makes up for the Red & Black's absence in terms of the food quality and friendliness. So yes, go give them a try!

Instant coffee anyone?

Has anyone switched from high-end coffee like Stumptown to low-end coffee like instant? I did. Well, at least at home I did. When I discovered how fast instant coffee is, (IT’S INSTANT!!) I just really didn’t want to take the extra few minute to brew coffee. So, now that my taste buds have adjusted to instant coffee, I can’t seem to get a decent cup of high end coffee anywhere! Has this happened to anyone? Any instant coffee fans out there?

Vagabond Opera!

Who's all going to Vagabond Opera tonight?

Eh? Eh?


At... Mississippi Studios! 3939 N Mississippi St! 21+!

7pm and 10pm! (two shows!) $15 day of show.

Oh, and they're amazing.
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Sad weekend

RIP Tracey Sparling, student at PNCA, employee at Saint Cupcake, all around great friend of mine and many others. Please join us at 6pm at the west end of the Burnside bridge. We will be walking our bikes westward up to the ghost bike at W Burnside and 14th.


If we're in love...

I'm selling my Playstation 3. Complete with Resistance Fall of Man(fun game). It's basically new and 400 bucks. Let me know if you're interested Portland. Everytime I try to post on craigslist I just get nerds trying to trade me subwoofers or a XBOX 360 for it. I want cash, not your pogs.
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she blinded me with science!

Tri-Met sucking for anyone else?

Maybe it's just my optimism wearing off, but it seems to me that the reliability of Tri-Met's bus service has been in a steep decline in the year since I moved here. MAX continues to be wonderful, but I'm beginning to dread any trip that involves more than one bus connection. Plus, as someone noted here recently, the trip planner on trimet.org has been acting pretty wonky lately.

I just got home from a day in the sprawling, cultureless suburban wasteland that is Beaverton. The excursion was a case in point. First, the 11:47 #75 at SE 39th and Powell was either more than three minutes early, or that particular driver just decided not to show up for work today. That put me 15 minutes behind schedule, which made me miss the #67 connection at Beaverton TC. This put me 40 minutes behind schedule.

So I finally get where I'm going and find out I have to go one more place. I'm told it's a five-minute drive. I pull up the Tri-Met trip planner and I get a bizarre 49-minute route. Somebody suggests getting back on the #67, riding about a mile, and walking about two blocks. And it would have worked, too, if it wasn't for these meddling kids if I hadn't had to wait through two scheduled arrival times before a #67 actually showed up! Meanwhile, I counted no less than twelve out-of-service buses passing by on their way to the garage.

I know Tri-Met needs bus drivers – they have signs up everywhere. But come on. Can't they at least update their trip planner when buses aren't running?

Things I need

A bar.  With smoking in it.  Shochu and takoyaki.  Preferably in actual PDX not in Beaverton. 

Snap to it better than Google people. 


Alternately who wants to go eat takoykai and drink shochu?

Labor law

Hoping somebody here can help--

Officially, my company has a policy of promoting from within. The employee handbook clearly states that internal applicants for a position will receive preference over external applicants.

Unofficially, my company also has a policy of limiting salary increases, of any sort, to 5%.

So, if you make $30k/yr, the biggest raise you'll see if $1500, even if you're promoted into a position that the company would hire for externally @ $40,000. This policy is enforced regardless of qualifications.

I find myself wondering whether this is even legal. I can understand that the company need not disclose its salary guidelines in the employee handbook, however, this seems a little shady. The only salary information available to employees is contained in the handbook, which, again, makes absolutely no mention of this policy, and goes so far as to explicitly endorse promoting from within the company.


Washington/Multnomah county line barricades?

Tried googling and searching the respective county websites for this one, but I'm stumped and this problem will probably come up again. I had a delivery up in the west hills today in the Skyline area right along the county line, and came across an unexpected hazard: Multnomah County seems to have permanently closed a pretty good number of residential streets crossing over from Washington County by installing padlocked gates and planters right at the county line, though the streets are open on both sides of the gate. These gates do not appear in Streets and Trips, last year's Thomas Guide or the current AAA maps (what I had on board), though they appear to be rather weathered, not recently installed.

So, where do I go to find out more about which streets are gated at the county line? Is there a map that shows the gates, or a list of which streets have them somewhere?
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Buddhist block things...

ok, so I'm looking for some (like 10) of the little block things that are used by Buddhists for sitting on while meditating... or at least they're used at the Buddhist temple off Hawthorne and 17thish... where in the world (or rather in Portland) would I find some? And does that even make sense? They're used so you can sit cross-legged for a long time without bothering your back... help? anyone?


(a bit old but the nfoz relate!)

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is researching the
use of a novel technique to deal with the after-effects of incidents
involving a 'dirty bomb'.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, Mr Peter Lindsay,
said the technique known as 'luminescence' would measure levels of radiation
resulting from an explosion, so that appropriate treatment could be rendered
to people affected by the incident.

A dirty bomb is an explosive device containing radioactive material which
disperses radiation on detonation. Its primary aim is to deliberately spread
radioactive contamination unlike an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which
is designed to cause damage through a blast effect.

"DSTO is proactively developing ways of measuring radiation exposure because
the amount of radiation will determine the type of treatment to be applied,"
Mr Lindsay said. "Getting an accurate reading of the radiation dose will
directly help the recovery effort."
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Friday Night Fantasmajoria!

So I saw a post and might as well post to it eh...

My friday night consists of...

Old School Oregon Trail, a bottle of cheap wine, some vegetable Lo Mein and my one eyed cat being a pain in my arse. Actually quite lame.


HA....People of the ElJay....keep a beotch company!
Im actually quite fun!
Plus I am trying to think of a wicked halloween costume...

Im so bored...