October 11th, 2007


More Halloween... ness.

This is my first time posting on here, I think. Scary!

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody on here possibly had a Minnie Mouse costume that they'd be willing to sell or lend to me. I've wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween for a long time, but I never can seem to get it together due to prices, availability or time. I realize that this is a longshot, but I'd regret not at least asking. I'd probably be a size XXL. :-\

I've been looking on eBay, and I've found some things. But they all seem to be too expensive and/or wouldn't get here in time. I should've looked earlier. And on top of all that, you have to actually win the bid. I wish I knew how to sew and had access to a sewing machine. I can always get ears and gloves someplace, but the dress is the tricky part.


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Music backlog

Dear damnportlanders, here is a little quiz. Do you keep newly downloaded music someplace separate before integrating it into your collection, and if so how big is your backlog?

Mine is 2,037 files in 874 folders comprising 13.1GB. This is about 2/3 the number of songs in my active collection and about 2/5 of the size of my active collection. Some of this to-be-vetted stuff goes back to 2003.

How to get the numbers: On Windoze, right-click the top level folder which contains your new music and select properties. On a Mac, um...
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Food Not Bombs Found Not Guilty of Feeding the Hungry in Orlando

So, this dude in Orlando helps organize their local Food Not Bombs, and was arrested for "feeding more than 24 people in an Orlando, Florida city park," facing a fine of $500 and sixty days in prison. The law is specifically targeted towards feeding homeless people.

Yup. That's right. It's a crime to feed "too many" homeless in Orlando.

What do you think about this? How would you react if this happened in Portland?

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Another Halloween costume post...

So I'm going to be Evil Bo Peep. I have the skirt, the stockings, the shoes... I'm going to make a shepard's staff out of PVC pipe and a hanger and black duct tape... So all I need now is a black muffin cap, and a longsleeved black peasant shirt. Any ideas? Help?
FYI, I *don't* sew. I've tried. I think they made a law against it or something. Seriously, I suck at it that bad.

BTW, Tim, did you still want that cricket bat?
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Pawn Type Shops?

I have a diamond ring that I need to sell/use for collateral. I've not ever used a pawn shop; but it seems that some of them buy things straight out, and others will "hold it" in exchange for cash for a prescribed period of time and if you don't return and pay back your loan they own it. The ring has a substantial amount of sentimental value, however, having a place to live in also has quite a bit of value at present, and I have less than a day to figure all of this out.

Since DP is full of smarty-pants...

*Any light to shed on this subject?
*Any pawnish shops that you know of that do the latter?
*Any fun snarkish replies to make me laugh, cry, or defenestrate the computer?

Disclaimer of sorts: Yes I have procured a small loan at an unbelievably horrendous interest rate, and yes I have called in favors, sold books to Powells, and squeezed pennies out of turnips.

It's a black/white/asian/middle eastern thing.

Okay, I need some help here. I'm multi-racial and have fine hair that isn't very tight and I need a gentle calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide conditioning relaxer (NOTE: Not a straightener, thermal straightener, Japanese straightener etc.) done by a talented and knowledgeable salon artist who has done this many times before.

Portland seems to be a little bit on the white side (shh, don't tell anyone), and white salon artists are scared to touch my hair because its too black. Not a problem, what about going to see a black salon artist? Well, the few that seem to be on the east side  are scared to touch my hair because its too white and thus fine.

 I usually go to a salon, that i very much adore, but they canceled my appointment that I made 6mo. ago (not a biggie, the stylist was sick, and that happens) *but* now they can't squeeze me in for another few months and then that's a *maybe* for the appointment.

 I need to find a place in Portland, preferably on the east side, but at this point anywhere will do that probably won't tell me to wait 6 more months before they can put me on the list. I've already talked to my stylist and the one person that he knows of can't do it until MARCH. The only other person that I've found that might be willing to do it just graduated from cosmetology school a few months ago and has never worked on my hair type before and also told me she was going to put something on my head that upon further research...well...would have made me bald. I want pretty hair, Help! DP! Help!

A Teenage Transsexual?

I was at the Hollywood District Starbucks earlier today when some teens from the local high school (Grant?) came in.  I saw a tall teen walking in from outside and I couldn't help but stare in wonder.  At first the person appeared to be a guy in drag carrying a purse and wearing poorly applied make-up.  Upon closer inspection, this person looked very manly.  Flat-chested, thick necked, and square-jawed.  However, when the person spoke, it was clearly the voice of a woman.  I was so puzzled by this.  So this teen was a female but didn't look like one at all.  This got me to thinking.  Is there such a thing as a teenage transsexual?  I'm guessing not since you probably have to be 18 and/or be past puberty.  Maybe this teen just has a hormone imbalance.  Too much testosterone and not enough estrogen?  This would explain the women with beards that are occasionally seen around town.  In any case, just an odd thing that one doesn't see everyday.
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storage unit

I'm looking for storage unit since we have a small house and way too much stuff. I am sitting here with the yellow pages and there are about a thousand to choose from. I'm looking for something around $40 a month, if that is even possible. Those "Public Storage" ones are out since they range from 60-140 a month. We live around 72nd and Woodstock. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

Awesome Portland people and fun activities make the days so much warmer and brighter....

1. The 20th Annual Apple Tasting Event at Portland Nursery this weekend (and the following weekend). Going to this event has been an annual tradition for me for the past several years. I've enjoyed attending these with friends, and have sat through awesome cooking demonstrations, yummy apple ciders, live music, vendors, and other fun activities at the nursery. I am looking forward to sampling the fine list of apples and pears this Saturday!

2. Being introduced to amazing live music shows last weekend, courtesy of several damnportlanders.

3. The nice hipster guy who was crossing an intersection in front of me in downtown Portland last Sunday night (right after the M.Ward show got out at the Crystal Ballroom), who politely motioned to me that I had forgotten to turn on the headlights of my Flexcar. It is a welcome relief to experience these "Yo! You forgot your lights!" reminders without being made to feel like a dummy.

4. Friendly neighbors who help turn an awful day into a decent evening with friendly small conversations.

5. Friends (including damnportlanders) who make my social moments enjoyable by organizing and planning weekly after-hour social gatherings, weekend brunch outings, and weekly dinner nights. I have learned over time never to take these moments and activities for granted!

6. Folks from damnportlanders coming up to me to say hello in unexpected places during the past month--before a flag football game, at the Bike Commute Challenge post-challenge party, and at drinking establishments. People here are so friendly!

7. Meeting a fellow damnportlander friend in person for the very first time--in my office at work!
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Rescued mother cat and kittens need homes!

I'm posting on behalf of a friend who works at Dovelewis... she and her husband rescued a pregnant mama cat, who has given birth to seven kittens. They are now about 6 weeks old, they are trying to get good homes lined up for them, and I'm trying to help. I know there are a lot of cat people in this community, and I've seen some adoptions happen- so, if anyone is interested in any of the kittens- or the mom- or want more info- please see below.

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The folks who have rescued mom and kittens are dedicated animal folks, and will very likely do some pre-screening/asking of questions prior to placement. If you think you, or someone you know, can provide a good, loving home for any of these kittens or their mom, please send me an email and I will put you in touch with their foster parents. Thank you!
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I feel inclined to like engage you somehow, I guess I'm wondering if you have any kind of piano I can tune for free/a meal/some beer or something. I might have found a piano tuning/tech/repair/refurbishing apprenticeship down in mcminnville, and am also wondering if you have any knowledge of that area, and why or why you wouldn't live there?

trust, books


Not to fan the flames any more than they need to be (in general), and sorry I couldn't make the link prettier but I'm sort of in shock. Don't know why, but pure and utter mouthdropping shock. I guess I shouldn't be surprised? I almost admire her for standing up for her lame, hate-mongering, smugly superior opinion like that. At the same time I could easily smack her across the face repeatedly. And stuff.

Ann Coulter: http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&brand=(all%20content%20suppliers)&vid=b73b1a19-4418-4425-ba15-610b2df8f9fc&playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:6539f2bb-7d49-4b87-b9a2-7f788242de57&from=Msnbc&tab=g1124493656000&gt1=10450

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Custom Bike Map Generator with Elevation Profile

I just found out about this neat tool. I don't think that I have seen this one just yet. So, I figured that I would pass it along here to those crazy bike-loving weirdos in our midst.

Custom Bike Map Generator with Elevation Profile

I'd imagine that there are similar tools out there already, probably some that are PDX specific. I know we have a couple of bike route maps at home ourselves. But, I don't recall seeing anything with elevation info, which as you all know has the potential to be no insignificant detail when you're riding vs driving / busing. ;-)