October 10th, 2007

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Choppy Videos :(

This isn't completely Portland-related but there are a lot of computer-savvy people IN Portland, so it's semi-applicable, yes? DP is the best resource for everything, anyway.

About a few months ago, all videos on my computer began to get choppy no matter how long they played for. Prior to that, if I played a video for a long time, it would eventually become choppy. But recently, I can play them for about 1 minute max and then it's unwatchable unless I wait a really long time and then I'll get another minute if I'm lucky.

I've googled the hell out of this but haven't found any solutions. Most forums I've found assume you know a ton about computers and I don't. I'm not computer-illiterate but I'm not that savvy either. I've cleaned out files, "defragmented" my computer, run a spyware checker.. nothing has helped. Videos from any site, embedded or not, seem to have problems. I even had a problem playing a video I purchased from iTunes.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop that I've had for about 3 years now. Can anyone give me some pointers? Any idea why this might be happening? It's incredibly frustrating.

Thank you!
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Can anyone cite any laws pertaining to the time an employer is required to give an hourly paid employee between the end of one shift and the beginning of another shift?

I can't seem to find what I'm looking for through my own research.

Your personal knowledge is great, but I would really appreciate a citation.

Thank you.
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old comics question

there once was a comic maker back-when who made comics where it'd be like 3 or 4 frames, and at the end ALWAYS someone was like BLOWN OVER by the punchline and all you saw was their legs up in the air and some motion lines.

who was that comics author!

and since we're talking about The Funnies, here's a joke you can use whenever you want:

when someone asks you, "Say, do you have the time?"
you can respond, "No, but I have a record of the time!"

Practice it on your friends first!

(Thanks, Laurie Anderson!) Thanks, Portland.
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(no subject)

So how much did you choose to pay for the new Radiohead album?

[edit] I paid $6 and my SO paid $20.. which might be a touch overzealous but hey.

I also will not seed this album on P2P networks because I think anyone with a computer or mp3 player can afford $1.
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(no subject)

so i was drinking one of those soup in hand things last night. and i felt something in my mouth. it turned out to be a sharp bendy piece of wire. theres no way this slipped in while i was heating it. it freaked me out. i could have swallowed that. i was not expecting metal in my soup.
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I need to print some t-shirts for my volleyball team.

[1 color, white on a colored T-shirt]

i need only 10 t-shirts, but most places seem to have a minimum of 24. yikes! that's too many!

any suggestions as to local t-shirt printers? i was really hoping to get these before next tuesday.

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since the question is often asked here, and i even asked it myself, i thought i would provide some feedback on abc electric.  here is my review just posted on google.  as you can see, i am looking for recommendations for a new electrician.
Your review
good work? luck of the draw? Rated 5.0 out of 5.0- Today
i had used them twice in the past, once to run a new circuit and once to install a new switch, and was very happy with the service, the quality of work, and the people. i called them out to run yet another new circuit, and it was a disaster.
~the electrician was over an hour late.
~the job took twice as long as the same job had taken a year ago.
~he left my walls, which had just been primed, painted and sanded, with 3 gaping holes.
~he replaced a gangbox and cut the hole bigger so that the faceplate no longer covers it.

i contacted the company and expressed my unhappiness and disapproval of the work done and the cost involved. i was promised a call back, but it never came. i called again. again, i was promised a call back that never came. i called again, and was told that the president of the company (Sean) had been apprised of the details and said, essentially "that is how work is done".

really disappointed, and now looking for new electricians, and will stop referring people to them (i recommended them to at least 5 people).
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(no subject)

for one of my projects in my communication design studio 3 class, i'm doing a project about videogames as art. one piece is analytical - that is, just laying out facts. the other piece, however, has to be persuasive, and we need lots of research to back it up. now, it's easy to find opinionated articles and images or screencaps that relate to this, but i've been trying to find something more along the lines of a site or a blog dedicated to video games and their relation to art or design. i've found one, but it was really bad :( i'd totally settle for a review of a game that talks mainly about the design of the game... but no such luck (and i read sites like ign every day!)

now, i feel like a few of you out there would, like me, enjoy video games, and also like art. do you guys know of anything?

portland related becauseeeeeeeeee i go to psu and therefore reside in your fair city.


Does anyone park their car at the Sunset Transit Center and if so, have you had problems with break-ins or have you heard about cars being frequently burglarized or vandalized while parked there? I checked the Beaverton police website for stats, but it hasn't been updated since June. Go fig. Thanks.

Volleyball anyone?

Ok, so when I lived down in salem, I played volleyball in the Salem Volleyball Association. We played monday nights, pretty competitive and decent skill levels.

Now that I'm in Portland, I really wanna start playing again. I am willing to pay for league fees. however, I dont have a car right now and will have to take public transportation (assuming I can't carpool with someone. I'm willing to fork over some cash for gas)

Anyway, I need to start playing again. I played for about 13 years and when i started working full time about 2 years ago, I as always working on monday nights, so I couldnt play anymore. Now that my schedule is a little calmed down, its time to get back playing again. I'm really really itching to play again. Help!!!!

Yet another 'has anyone ever been to this doctor?' post

I need to find a doctor to tell me why I'm crazy and fix it. I've found three in the same building, very near where I work, who take my insurance. Has anyone ever been to any of these doctors?

Elizabeth A. Birecree, MD
Judith W. Pullan, PhD
Lisa Maas, PSYD

Good? Not good? I need someone who will prescribe drugs if I need them, but doesn't think throwing drugs at them is the best way to fix every problem. Also need to be open-minded, liberal, and not inclined to tell me that all my problems would be fixed if I'd just accept Jesus into my heart and stop being a dirty queer.


I got a brand new iPod as a present last year. The 30GB photo/video dealie.

Is the battery supposed to crap out after 8 hours on a full charge? (I usually just hit random and don't mess around with the display.) I've been reading and it says the battery discharge is 18hours. This has NEVER been true for my iPod.

I leave you with (almost)*  haiku:

This makes me sad now
when my iPod poops quickly
I miss my music

*Edit: Not only did I learn about my iPod, I learned how to properly write a Haiku. I'm gonna get an A instead of that Pesky A- in English class now!

y hello thar

Hi DP. I missed you.


I need help with Halloween. Whats a fat girl like me to do for a costume? I'm crying into my cheerios.

DP. I ask you for your aid in my time of need.



EDIT: Bonus points if it's sci-fi related. Just remembered the theme of a friends party :O

pictures of me behind the cut
Collapse )
p.s. i'm an ok seamstress and I work at Fabric Depot so getting material isn't an issue. I'm just stumped on what to be. I was thinking something from Venture Bros. since want to be phasmaphobic when I grow up...but I don't think I'd do well as Molotov Cocktease. No one deserves to see that.

Bah. This holiday sucks.

Personal item on a flight?

Since y'all know everything, hopefully someone will know the answer to this question: Will this bag pass as a "personal item" on a domestic flight? I called the airline and TSA, neither would give me actual dimensions. The only info I've got is that a "purse, laptop bag, or small briefcase" is acceptable.

So, wise DamnPortlanders, what do you think? Is this bag just a little too big?

grants pass!

I have to spend a couple days in the Grants Pass area in the near future for my job and have never spent any time there (except maybe stopping for gas).  Is there anything fabulous I should know about - places to eat, cool things to see, etc.  Also, is there a good hotel to stay at down there?  Thanks in advance for any help!!
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But it looked smaller on the map!!!

Sorry if this comes across as super naive but I imagined I could live without a car in Portland and now I'm starting to wonder.

I've been taking a gander at Google's new Street View feature, and it's sinking in how sparsely developed Portland is, even more so than Los Angeles. From here, it looks less like a major city or a small town's main street and more like a Texan suburb. I'm not trying to be insulting, I mean it in the sense that in many parts of the city you are likely to encounter only one store every few hundred feet with huge gaps between them. Without a bicycle, you are SOL.

In Tokyo, I could walk five minutes and pass three markets, four convenience stores, eight bars and about a dozen fast food restaurants and that would be at a small station in the suburbs. Each station was like it's own mini-downtown, where the rents would rise and the local chains would cluster. Many of the stations in Portland look barren and lonely by comparison. Instead of local hubs of commerce they appear to be functioning primarily as remote parking lots for downtown.

I DON'T expect Portland to be like Tokyo, New York or San Francisco, and I'm sure many people like it just the way it is. Love it or stay home, right? But it seems that, with the exception of Fareless Square, there is little use in being a pedestrian in Portland (much like in LA, where it's absolutely futile--even pets drive). I guess the bus system does provide the needed backbone for public transportation. MAX is not enough.

Do you live without a car? How are you managing?

EDIT: Wow. There seems to be a pretty strong consensus below that I am very, very wrong. And that's good! I want to be wrong in this situation. And I am rather surprised by the lack of snark, which seems oddly absent. Thank you for responding and setting me straight!

halloween costumes...

So I'm in the process of trying to put my halloween costume together right now and am looking for some inexpensive options. I'm dressing up as Jessica Rabbit and really only need a few things for it. I have the red dress, so I guess I need to find long purple gloves and a long-haired red wig. I can get the eyelashes anywhere. And the shoes will be easy.

I guess the problem is that I want to get a wig that is well made and doesnt look gross but I really dont feel like spending like fifty bucks on a wig I'll wear once.

And since I'm not too familiar with the city quite yet, not sure where to look. (keep in mind, no car. So its either trekkin it by foot or my limo, aka, trimet)

So whats a girl to do?

Oh, and is halloween happening on the weekend or actually on wednesday on the true halloween? both maybe? Hey, I would not poo-poo that idea!

(no subject)

I'm looking for a good quality wig shop that is likely to sell good quality wigs in the $30-$40 range. I've ordered a wig online, but I'm not sure if it's going to arrive in time for Halloween (fingers crossed).

I'm not looking for crazy wigs, just normal wigs (my boyfriend and I are doing Faramir and Eowyn from LotR for Halloween).

Any ideas?

EDIT: wow, I made this post right on top of another wig post. Go me. XD
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