October 9th, 2007

Computer game 1986?

I know this is a long shot AND I am asking at 1am... but you guys are the smartest and most internet savie and damn good looking people EVER

So here it is

Somewhere in the EARLY 80's there was a computer game geared towards children and I believe it was called something like Dream House. In this game you would put things in the rooms and then at the end you could bring your house to life.

The only vivid memory left from this game in m mind is a parrot in a cage, the kind of cage on a pole like a cady cane.

Yeah, nobody prob know but if anyone does then woah that'd be a trip.

*I was just reminsing my first computer experiances so if you want to comment and tell me your first memory of using a home computer AWESOME, but the fat you played oregon trail in th late 80's doesn't appeal to me because DIDN'T WE ALL, if you hae played Oregon trail three then you know it got way better
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figure there has got to be a few ordained ministers here on DamnPortlanders...

who are you?
want/willing to officiate a wedding for myself (obviously a DPer) and my fiancée (a former DPer).....? say mid-day on 10/30?
hail to the king.

Portland Clubs

I'm sure this has been asked numerous times, but does anyone know of any GOOD clubs around here?

I listen to all kinds of music and prefer the techno style clubs when I go out...sometimes hip/hop, but more often than not, techno [Tiesto, Van Dyk, DJ Doboy, etc...]

Can anyone help a friend out?



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halloween parties... again

ok, so I know this was already asked, but I've got to be a little more specific... I need to find good Halloween parties for those under 21... sucks the fun right out, doesn't it? I've successfully reached the age of 18, but 21 is oh so distant. So any good parties? Any any any???

Athletes vs Rock Stars

A while a go I shared with a friend that I thought all professional athletes should be forced to earn minimum wage since, in my opinion, they really don’t contribute much to the greater good and that since they’re all on performance enhancing drugs, they’re really just crooks anyways. She stated that the same thing could be said for rock stars.

So, tell me – who should have to make minimum wage – athletes or rock stars?

Portland related because we have an over-paid basketball team and an abundance of rock stars (real or delusional)
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Inside Coke info!

So, every time I go to the McDonald's drive-through on NE 82nd near Fremont (for Cokes only, as Supersize Me had the intended impact on my fast food consumption), it dawns on me that I should hip my fellow DPers to the fact that you can get a large soft drink for 75 cents if you ask for it. It's a weird little bit of insider information, I know, but if you don't request it, they won't do it for cheap. I like it because it makes me feel dirty and wrong, but maybe I'm just funny that way.

My question: where else do these little deals exist?

Tell me! Tell me!

I'm pretty sure Coke is vegan.


Speaking of drugs--I mean, cool cities--Northwest Airlines just announced that they're gonna start flying Portland to Amsterdam direct!

Amsterdam is a great place for a vacation. Laid-back vibe, great art, and even more bikes than Portland. Start saving your pennies now.

Yes, the XXX crest is the symbol of Amsterdam. No, it has nothing to do with the red light district.

Dog Grooming

Hi everyone-

My fiance and I rescued a new dog a couple of months ago, and at this point he is seriously in need of a haircut. Could you guys recommend a good groomer (preferably not too expensive) really anywhere in Portland or surrounding areas? The little guy has some separation anxiety issues (hes 2 years old and we're the 3rd home + two foster homes that he's been in, so he's still a little scared we won't come back for him at places) so a groomer who is especially patient and kind would be an added bonus.

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Photoshop help?

I given a copy of photoshop 7.0  and I know that you can do just about everything in photoshop, But yet i know how to do nothing and would love to Learn. So what is a good information/learning site for photoshop? Or can you give me some helpful tip to help learn?


Butcher Shops?

A fitting post after the previous vegetarian cartoon, I think.

Does anyone have a butcher shop that they recommend in the Portland Area? Preferably (but not required) on the East side? We're looking for good quality, good selection of meats and cuts, etc.

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(no subject)

Ung... just what I needed.

On the corner of Cornelius Pass & Cornell Rd out in Hillsboro is a Sonic. We've established this. Okay now. Next door to them they're building a Del Taco.


(no subject)

Anyone know anything about bonfire permits in Portland? And/or a venue/warehouse/etc that might be comfortable/experienced with controlled burns in containers? Considering a fun fire-themed event, but slightly at a loss for the best way to go about it! Burning Man folks?
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SW 185th and Baseline?

Anyone know what's going on in the shopping center on SW 185th and Baseline in Beaverton?  I had about five or six cop cars scream past me to get there, and when I went by the cops were crouched down behind their open car doors. 


Blazers Edge

It's the beginning of the preseason and so I thought I'd take the time to remind or introduce you to Blazer's Edge.  With all the spam going on here, why not add mine?  :)

We've had the high of the first pick in the draft and the low of the first pick being injured and out for the season, but we still have an awesome new team that I believe will surprise a few people depending on their expectations.

If you'd like to chat with other Blazer fans and learn about your team before the blazer mania kicks in, check out the site.  


The way this city reacts to the blazers is a wee bit different than just about any city out there.  They tend to be rather fanatical about them and we have the core of a team that will win AND we can actually like again.


(no subject)

This may seem like a no brainer to some of you but I need to know.

I just moved into a place with a real fireplace and would like to get the most heat out of it as possible. I purchased a huge box of large Duraflame logs at Costco and while they are easy to use they don't seem to kick out much heat. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if those little "presto log" things would work any better? Should I just bite the bullet and try to find some actual firewood?

Portland related because it's getting cold out there.
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Another year, another insurance provider network...

Why is it that whenever I have to ask this commnity about doctors, it's always GYNs?

Has anyone here seen any of these doctors or know someone who's seen them, and have any thoughts on who to see (or who NOT to see)?

  • Dr. Carol Brenning
  • Dr. Julie Crawford
  • Dr. Marsha Gorrill
  • Dr. Nancy Kahaner
  • Dr. Nancy Lin
  • Dr. Virginia San Miguel
  • Dr. Jill Shaw
  • Dr. Sharon Wong

    Thanks much for any thoughts/advice! :D
  • vkco branding shoot 01

    Eco-Chic - Inside Portland Fashion Week 07

    It's that time! Announcing the special collaboration between myself and online green fashion source Greenloop for the upcoming Portland Fashion Week (which I first mentioned last week in my exclusive interview with PFW's Executive Director). Take a gander at our press release and find out all the juicy details.

    Let Greenloop Take You Behind the Scenes At the Nation’s Most Comprehensive “Green” Fashion Week Ever

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    nokia phone charger

    i know it's a long shot, but i've seen similar posts in the past, so what the hell. i have a nokia 6103. the charger is broken and i have one bar left. it's one with an extra small plug and i know some other models use the same one. i would just buy a new charger, but i was going to buy a new phone outright in another month or so anyway (i don't currently have the money). does anyone maybe have an extra they can let me borrow?

    Casual but professional

    Hello all..
    I just got offered my first "non nanny" job in about seven years. I will soon be working at the Clackamas Costco. I am a bit confused by the "dress code" and was hoping that you wise DP people would be able to help me out. The woman I spoke with on the phone said to dress "casual but professional". What does that mean to you? I have been trying to figure out what to wear but am still mildly confused.

    Also- if any of you work at the Clackamas Costco (or know someone who does) and want to show me around message me.




    Do you know where I can buy a pomegranate tree in the Portland area OR through a shop online that you personally have had experience with? I can Google, and mostly what I find are people saying that they bought a Pom tree and it died right away.

    Thanks, peepz.
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    As long as we're all asking for doctors and fruit trees, I need a chiropractor desperately- I haven't been able to work for 2 days because of a pinched nerve type flareup in my neck that hasn't responded to my usual neck fixing routine.

    I need something REALLY close to my house so I can either bus or shuffle off to it, and right now my best options look to be: Khalsa Chiropractic on Hawthorne, Healing Around the Bend on SE Bush, or Creston Chiropractic Clinic on SE 52nd.

    If any of you have any experience with those, please let me know. I'll most likely end up going to the first one that'll take me tomorrow sometime, but I've been to some shady chiropractors in the past, and since I don't have insurance I don't want to waste my money on shadiness. Also, since I've totally disclosed my neighborhood location, if you see someone sort of lurching along tomorrow holding her head and looking lost, it's me. Feel free to point and giggle, or maybe just make sure I'm not about to fall into traffic ;) Thanks!!