October 8th, 2007

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Hair Stylist Recommendations

I used to get my hair cut by Alice at Dosha Hawthorne.....

She was the *best* stylist I have ever had,
and had worked there for quite a while.... years I think.

I called this morning and she is "no longer with the company." And Dosha is so adament about making sure that people don't find out where the stylist or aesthetician has gone if they've moved to a different establishment.....


1. I am crushed! Does anyone know Alice or where she might be working now/next??
Did anyone else out there get the hair cut by Alice?

2. I am in need of a new person to cut my hair. Is there anyone out there that is super skilled with scissors and does an excellent job that you would recommend?

3. What is up with Dosha? Are they just really horrible to their employees or something? The turnover rate is just astounding..... or is that common in salons? Which salon in Portland treats their employees the best?

I am not going back..... I'm tired of it.

Quickie OT Q

(Sorry for the offtopicness, but I know there are quite a number of web-savvy dp'ers around here...)

Looking for a quick bit of CMS (content management system) advice.  I am wanting to help someone set up a cms-driven site where they can post information about a series of topics.  So unlike most blogs (which are chronological in structure), this will be hierarchical by topics (and you can drill down into various topics and read articles in those particular topics).  But I'm also not a big fan of most Wikis (with the run-on page names and strange text formatting/editing rules).

I'm familiar with opensourcecms.com and www.cmsmatrix.org, which have tons of info about various CMS systems, but not so helpful about *finding* something that fits the above structure (without me skimming 100+ different cms demos).  So anyone have some pointers for a popular or easy CMS system that would work well for presenting a bunch of topics and articles, and not in a chronological or wiki medium?  Prefer apache/mysql/php implementations, but will consider others if there's a compelling reason for it.   Thanks!

carpool wanted

I would love to be able to carpool with someone to Tanasbourne area of Hillsboro. As my car is small, old and somewhat unreliable, I would pay (happily/generously) if you could meet me somewhere in the NW Portland or Pearl or downtown area for a ride there and back again, hopefully in tune with my current 8am - 4:30pm schedule (times are somewhat flexible). (I don't necessarily need door-to-door service, I can meet you somewhere.) We can negotiate a fair monetary amount (per month) if you're able to help. Thanks for reading. You can reply to this message or email me at amazinglybadpoetry AT gmail dot com.

Good hair places?

So my girlfriend is in the market for a new haircut, and she doesn't want a mediocre job done, so she's willing to pay a bit more (not astronomical) at a nice place to get it done. Unfortunately, she doesn't know where any good places are. Any suggestions?
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Trimet.com vs Google Maps

Whenever I search for a route on Trimet, I get the most roundabout routes, with multiple transfers. This happens no matter if I put in "walk 1/2 mile" or "walk 1 mile."

When I plot my trip on Google Maps with the "use public transit" option, it gives me a very strait forward route with very little waiting time.

For example: NE Alberta to NW 21st and Kearny
on Trimet, it's the route they give me is 92 minutes
on Googlemaps, it's 40 minutes.



Turkey Stock - What should I make?

 Hello everyone!

So, its no secret, my household likes cooking tasty turkeys -- we do one a month or so. And I love making turkey stock.
So, now I have this freezer with a bunch of stock in it. I've used it in the past to make yummy split pea soup, and risotto, and I know that I want to cook something along these lines today.
I was just gonna run out to get some groceries.

Any suggestions? What should I do with my stock today?
Lobster Love

Fast Food Nation!

Does anyone living in the NW neighborhood have a copy I could borrow for two weeks? I'm a book collector so I can promise you it will come back looking just as if it had been on your shelf for the two weeks. The reason I don't purchase a copy is I am short on cash (poor working student) and I can't justify purchasing a book I will only read once.


:::EDIT::: Got a copy, thank you!
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if you like-a-th' soul music...

(posted because a while ago, someone was asking if there were any DJ's that play soul records in town)

i'm DJing tonight at the Aalto Lounge during the exquisite hours of 10pm-1:30 am. Yeah, I know it's late for a Monday night, but F(r)UG your day job!

I'll be playing my special patented mix of super-sonic-soul, boogaloo, r+b, funk, and whatever else I dig out of the bins. It'll be special, whatever it is.

c'mon by and dig some hi-hat.


Two random questions for you...

1. I recently discovered the awesomeness of podcasts for working out. I feel in love with the Couch-to-5k podcasts by Robert Ullrey, but now I'm done with the program and need something new. Do any of you have either a running or yoga podcast you can recommend? 

2. For Christmas last year I bought my husband a flying lesson. I thought it would be a fun gift but he hasn't used it yet and probably won't ever. He gave me permission to sell it. It is a $75 gift certificate for the flight school near Pearson Airfield in Vancouver and can be used for anything (it is enough to cover a 1 hour ride in a small plane).  I'm pretty sure it expires at the end of the year. Are any of you interested in it? I'd be willing to part with it for $25 (maybe less if you can give me a good reason why you NEED it). ETA: Sold. Wow! That was fast!!!

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anti-sweat earbuds

Along similar lines of phrassie's post, my problem is not finding cool stuff to listen to while I work out, but that I perspire more than any human being on the planet when I hit the cardio machines, so much so that my ear buds tend to slip out.

Can anyone who has dealt with a similar problem suggest a good pair of headphones / earbuds that'll stay put during sweaty exercise?


(no subject)

Does anybody out there have an outdated street map of Boston, Massachusetts that they'd be willing to send my way? I'm looking for one that was put out around 1999-2002 or so. Hell, I'd even be willing to pay for it, if you want a couple of bucks for it. Go ahead and either comment or e-mail me at singswithtrees@hotmail.com, and we'll talk. Thanks!

(no subject)

I need to reserve some rooms for my May wedding. I plan to reserve a block at the downtown Marriott for my fiance's family, but I need to find something relatively inexpensive for mine, probably in downtown. Any ideas?

(no subject)

I'm thinking it's about time to invest in some quality ear protection.
I go to alot of shows, I'm a musician and I'm starting to do studio work and live sound. I know they make ear plugs for musicians with the intent being protection but not at the expensive of sound, but are those actually worth it or just a marketing ploy?
Thoughts? Recommendations?
Also, where to buy. Preferably in downtown.

Pet Sitter

I have done a search for posts like this before and found a couple suggestions but need more. I need a pet sitter for my cat and bulldog for 10 days. My previous sitter came twice a day but just watched tv and the pets didn't really get that great of care. This time I am looking for a bonded insured sitter who will come out to the Linnton area. Thanks for any suggestions.
& Daggers!
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An alternative to Sauvie Island.

If you're looking for autumnal/Halloween-y fun, seriously consider checking out Fir Point Farms in Aurora.

While their pumpkin patch might be considered a bit pricier than some, the activities and experience are worth it. There's a huge corn maze, a hazel "nut house" for the wee ones to jump around in, hay rides, woodsy walking trails, goats that climb in the trees, yummy food, fresh cider, a greenhouse and a huge garden of u-pick flowers, cute widdle animals to pet, and a store with lots of locally-made products and fresh produce. Even in the later October weeks I've never felt it was overwhelmingly crowded. Also, parking fees ($2) all go back into community projects. The drive out is beautiful as well.

The adults in my family all go without the kids, we love it that much. :)
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the evil Californian is coming to Portland (just to visit)

Hello Portlanders. So I'm planning my trip to Portland to have a look around town. I'll probably be coming by myself. SO far i've decided I don't need to rent a car since the public transportation out there looks pretty efficient. Right!? So i only have like 2.5 days so I must make the most of my time. One thing im very interested in is the music scene up there. Where do the local bands play or where could I meet some musicians? I plan to stay at a place (I don't want to say where exactly, I'm afraid the guy with the bear icon might try to kill me) in the SE area on Division and 39th'ish. I will be quite adventuresome though and my main goal is to just see the city, not really see any bizarre attractions necessarily or do ultra touristy shit. Any places i should really go see? Any places i should definitely NOT walk thru at night? anywhere i must eat? (By the way are there any Chinese markets up there?) I want to see what area i'd like to perhaps live if i choose to move up there. It is still sunny and in the 80's here so i am coming prepared with my scarf and beanie.. and quite excited to breathe the crisp cool air of Portland.. YAY! Any comments/suggestions would be great, tanks!

appropriately suspected

(one because the spam flamewars bore me and this personally offends me.... i am sure this will distract with some debate!)

With the full support of Alberto Gonzales' U.S. Department of Justice, New Jersey U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg is pushing legislation to give the government unprecedented discretionary power to secretly decree that a citizen is banned from owning firearms. The government would need nothing more than a "suspicion" using information it would not have to divulge, ever.

Called "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007"--the Gonzales/Lautenberg bill, S. 1237 drafted by the Justice Department--is the broadest power grab ever proposed over the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. (To see NRA's response. click here.
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Darklady by Ator

INVITE: Darklady's Haunted Gothic Wedding Polyween

Darklady's Haunted Gothic Wedding Polyween

Halloween, Hallowe’en, All Hallows’ Eve, All-hallow-even, Oíche Shamhna, Allantide, Hop-tu-Naa, Calan Gaeaf, Samhain, or Pooky Night – Darklady calls it a time for love, lust, reflection, and romance. Dress up in your darkest dark or most seasonably festive garb, let the spirits animate your flesh, and feel the magic of pansexual amore as a real live couple renews their wedding vows. Let Darklady help you renew your own or make a first official commitment, if you wish!

Bring a pet or human care product for Esther’s Pantry/Tod’s Corner and get $5 off your entry.

Saturday, October 27th, 2007
7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Portland, OR
Jupiter Hotel
RSVP for Special Room Rates link
Fully Wheelchair Accessible!

Ages 21 and older
Photo Booth
Opening Ritual with Darklady & Dale the Nail
Vow Renewal Ceremony & Celebration
Guest Request Handfasting Ceremony with Darklady
Wedding Cake from the Naughty Baker

Door prizes
Rubitorium & In-Tents Dungeon
Massage Table
Casting Couch
Photo Booth
Costume Contest
CineKink Film Festival Clip Preview
Birthday fantasies for September, October & November

$30 - Street clothes
$25 – Gothic or Festive Holiday Garb
$5 OFF entry with donation
RSVP Absolutely Required

Volunteers, party & prize sponsors of all kinds sought

December 31: Darklady's New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball
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Did White House Lie About Solution Provider's Role in Loss of 5 Million E-mails?

(still bored of spam flamewars.... but this was a nice smoking gun i recieved today.... )
When Congress asked about 5 million executive branch e-mails that went
missing, a White House lawyer pointed the finger at an outside IT

The only problem? No such IT contractor exists, according to sources
close to the investigation of a possible violation of the Federal
Records and Presidential Records acts.
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spammer question?

so if i spammed this list with things like in the last 2 posts would that be considered as spam..... i am no mention any name but i would like to post more to this list but would hate to feel like propagandist coming off the wrong way?