October 7th, 2007

Poor little abandoned kitty I rescued (and am allergic to) needs a home

my neighbor has been evicted and she left her cat behind. he has gone without food or water for 3 days. i just went to winco and bought cat food, a litter box, litter, a scoop for poop, and a food dish.  

i am extremely allergic to pets. does anyone have the loving capacity to love this cat and take him into their home

what they'd get:

a neutered adult male cat who i have known since he was a kitten. he is sweet and doesn't scratch furniture
a brand new litterbox 
a brand new bag of litter
a brand new food dish
a brand new bag of cat food
and a brand new poop scoop

please respond to this somebody because i love this animal so much and i think it is heartless to just abandon him! i hope someone out there will give him the love he deserves.

I have this friend . . . .

who is super hungover. She needs hangover food delivered in inner NE. D-dish is pretty much useless until later today.

My friend is unable to stand for long periods of time necessary to prepare food and totally is not safe to drive. She is subsisting on juice boxes (4 so far).

ETA: I, I mean my friend ended up waiting and ordering from D-Dish!
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orange box

Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the timewasting that will be The Orange Box?

Related, does anyone want Half-Life 2 or its sequel, episode 1? I will have them to give away as gifts this Wednesday.
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(no subject)

Okay, so I know everybody posts this, but it's for good reason, ya know.

My awesome friend needs an apartment in Portland (not a 'burb, Portland), studio or 1-bedroom, for $575/month or less. Is anybody's building renting? She's clean, quiet, pays rent on time, has one cat, likes tea, is perfect, etc etc.

Also, thanks for all the lodging responses!

we want suuushi

It seems to happen almost every Sunday, my roommate and I will decide we desire sushi only to find out Mio Sushi is closed on Sundays. Today we will not take it!
So any suggestions on a sushi place in north portland?

Thanks :)
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portland tatoo

portland’s mississippi studios vs the state of oregon

Yeah...it's a cross-post, a link, and one of the most important issues for PDX musicians, artists and venues...so deal with it, plus--I DIDN'T write it...the Moose did b/c we get a lot of viewers and he wants the info as many places as possible...he didn't post it here (probably doesn't want to argue and fight all day with some of the babies here), so I linked to where he did post it.

portland’s mississippi studios vs the state of oregon

October 7th, 2007 — The Moose |

Portland, indie music capitol of the USA

Portland, indie music capitol of the USA; pay your unemployment taxes even though you didn’t employ musicians.

Ok readers (especially in the rest of the world,) I usually try not to get too granular about the Portland music scene unless I’m excited about a band or 2.

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You'll laugh! You'll cry!

I've been gone a couple of days, and catching up with my friends list just reminds me of one unwavering truth: damnportlanders is your best entertainment value. Dozens of characters to follow, storylines, subplots, love, violence, stupidity, brilliance... don't ever desert me, DP. I will always need you there to enhance my quality of life and give me something to hang onto.

(no subject)

This may be a shot in the dark, but I've got nothing to lose in my endeavor.

I recently became homeless in an attempt to better my life and am currently looking for a place to crash in the Portland area while I look for work. I've got a bag of clothes, a backpack of reading material and an acousic guitar- I'm not looking for much space.

If you can help and would like to know more about me and what I am looking for please contact me at samanthapease@msn.com or on myspace; http://www.myspace.com/futureabsolute
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Time for another round of "STFU and listen, kids!"

Alrighty, the drama is over. Even after I explicitly told both users NOT to fight on this post, pdx_username picked a fight and has now been banned. I'm sure plenty of you will disagree with this, it was the final straw on the camel's back as far as I'm concerned.

If you want to see what this post said before I made this edit, or if you still want to vote in the poll, it's all under the LJ cut.

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i want to believe

WTS Nikon 28/2.8D

I posted this on CL but I thought I'd offer it to all you fabulous people. Secretly, I could probably be convinced to part with it for less than the ad says. I bought this lens new when I bought my D50 in early 2007. It's a sweet lens, but f/2.8 just isn't fast enough for the stuff I like to shoot. (Plus I don't have a job and my credit card payment is due in a week.)


LJ Cut?

I'm hearing this a lot - and I'm not sure what it means? Can someone explain it - as it seems to be important in this discussion group.

I don't want to be a rule breaker - or annoying - because I'm lacking information.

Irritation en masse

So I was heading to work early today, riding my bike down Barbur, only to find it completely backed up from all the runners in the marathon. Half the street was coned off for the runners, while the northbound lane was pushed into the island and the south bound to the far left lane. It wouldn't have been so bad if the runners didn't keep drifting into traffic, slowing everyone down to a crawl. Needless to say, I was late. Seems a bit selfish to be angry, with the marathon being for a good cause and all, but oh well.

Anyone else have a similar experience today?

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