October 6th, 2007


I just gotta say

I am thoroughly impressed with this community. I've only been in dp'ers for a few days, but I dont think I've ever seen a community that is so active. Its killer, seriously, I'm in ruv I think. :-P Not only do people post all the time, but people actually comment and interact, its pretty effin sweet. Makes me a little more **excited** than I already am about this fabulous city I feel so privileged to live in!




Tonight is the end of an era - it's the last Sissyboy show, ever. Ever, ever - Ever!!

Doors open 9:30 -

Sissyboy documentary shows at 10pm - (this should be extremely interesting - as it's been a year in the making and followed them on tour)

The boys go on afterwards.

It will be jammed packed - so get there early!!

Truly, if you haven't witnessed the glory and disgust of a Sissyboy show, you've missed out on something pretty darn special -

See you there! Let's show these boys how much we've appreciated their antics over the years!
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anyone have any listings of co-ops in the portland area? a long while back I had this site bookmarked that was a listing of co-operatives based on city or area, and it was great, had fields like income sharing if any, dietary things if any, religious things if any, etc... I'd love to find that site again, or any others you might know about, or specific referrals to co-ops you personally know about. thanks plenty!

EDIT! the site I used to have bookmarks is ic.org, for example here's intentional communities in oregon:

still interested on specific recommendations/stay-away-froms.

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Hey DP'ers,

Where can I get a 2007 Silver Lexus? I'm a college student so it has to be cheap, and I need the trunk to be full of cocaine. Also, no further than 6 blocks from campus (if you could deliver it I'll totally give you some yummy carob-chip cookies I made or knit you something that might resemble a scarf)

It's for my Mis-Asian Effects in Post-Modern Western Consumerism class.

PS the Prof is a total cockbag, so I need it today.
Preferably 12 minutes ago


vegas baby! ....but wait...

So, I'm 20 and my best friend is getting married in Las Vegas at the end of the month. As the maid of honor, I'm not exactly allowed to not go, but I'm also not thrilled about the trip. Does anyone here have any experience with anything fun to do in vegas for the under 21 crowd so that my overpriced trip isn't a waste? Or possibly (and preferably) a hookup for an alternative to legality *hinthint*?

Please email at stellanotti at gmail.

Portland related cos i live here ^_^


K so its a friends birthday. He wants to go dancing... We are all pretty new to town so not really sure of a good place to go. The only place I know is barracuda and, well, not sure about the whole meat market-ness.

So we wanna go out in the downtown area, maybe pearl or whatever. Hoping to not pay cover. So even if there is a cover, I'd its free before 10, that would rockin.

Any ideas?


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does anyone know where I can find Game Development Essentials: an Introduction in Portland... I am looking for this book and I need it tomorrow. Tonight would be the best but I need it by tomorrow. I couldn't find it on the Powell's website locally.
I would like to also add that I couldn't find it at
Barnes and Noble
and quite a few other local stores.

Anyone need a sword?

Years ago I was drunk Internet surfing and realized my life was incomplete without this http://www.rittersteel.com/scottish-claymore-sword.htm
About ten hours of sleep later, I realized, I should never drink and shop.
I've been trying to sell it on Craigslist but I haven't got any calls. I just want $100 cash for it if anyone's interested. It's also tarnished up now with very light rust in a few areas, but I think it's light enough you could polish it out easily.

turning 21

hey guys. i'm turning 21 in a couple weeks and would like some suggestions about bars and restaurants.

first, i'd like any recommendations for bars in SE along powell, division, hawthorne, or belmont, or anywhere else where i could easily catch a bus (cabs are options too, but only if it's a pretty short distance -- i live on 50th between powell and division). i'm looking for a place that isn't insanely loud/busy, insanely smoky, or insanely sketchy. i'd like to be around younger people, and it'd be nice to get a bartender who won't laugh at me when i don't know what to order. i know that's a lot to ask, but i'm willing to compromise too.

also, i need recommendations for a place to go with my parents to celebrate my birthday. it could be anywhere in SE, NE, or even on the west side, but i would like a restaurant with good food that also serves alcohol and maybe has less of a family feel. are there any places that have a funny "birthday drink"? my mom says she remembers somewhere that had a fish bowl drink. it'd be cool to have dinner, a drink, and then maybe even spiked coffee for dessert. mexican food would be awesome but i'm open to anything.

thanks a ton. you guys are basically my only source and i trust you.
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Does anybody know of an interesting place to stay around the west suburbs that isn't a Motel 6?

My mother and sister are spending next weekend around McMinnville and are trying a find a decent room to stay in with two beds. (So bed and breakfasts don't really work because most of them only offer one queen size bed.) Google-fu has only yielded motels and the like.

Think something like the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, except not that because it's already full. Help? Anyone?


Anybody else going to She Wants Revenge tomorrow night at the Roseland Theater?

I'm going with a couple of friends of mine. Wearing a blue leather bodice/vest and a floor length black velvet skirt. Say hi.
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Best thank you gift ever?

Ok, so let's say you are very lucky and your family gave you a gift so amazing that you can never hope to return the favor, but you'd like to send them a fantastic thank you gift in exchange. What would you send?

They do the fancy restaurant and weekend escape thing all the time, so I think a gift cert. for such a thing would fall flat. Right now the best I can come up with is a giant gift basket from Made in Oregon. I actually almost bought an antique bird cage today, when I realized that I was grasping at straws and needed help. Any ideas, DP? My price range is about $300 or less.

(ie say they're giving you an entire house down payment. That big. Yeah, not really just thank you card worthy!)

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