October 5th, 2007

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hi! I was wondering if anyone here could suggest an open mic/writer's circle/poetry reading in portland that has at least a few young people or is open to younger (a bunch of my friends want to go to something like this, most of us are late teens, early 20's but my sister is also interested in coming and she is a freshman in highschool) people and also open to more explicit poetry. I would love any suggestions! thank you
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Takin' the parents out

My parents will be up here on their wedding anniversary, and I'd like to take them somewhere nice for dinner, since they almost never visit the Northwest!

Basically, what I need is a place that:
--is not wildly expensive, but it doesn't have to be super-cheap
--serves good, quality food.
--serves "nothing weird," which is pretty much Dad's way of saying non-ethnic stuff. Steak or seafood? Good. Sushi or Thai? Not-so-good.
--is clean and *very* smoke-free. Mom is highly allergic to cigarette smoke.
--is relatively quiet, i.e. we should be able to have a normal conversation without yelling across the table.

I'm a food nut, but as an almost-vegan who looooves ethnic food, most of the places I've eaten at don't really fit these criteria. So, I look to you wise folks for some personal recommendations!

Places in Portland proper, or out in Beaverton, are fair game. Muchas gracias!

*EDIT: I'm not actually vegan (yet), so having vegan or vegetarian options isn't a requirement. I'd appreciate healthy options that don't taste like cardboard, though. :)
Nikon D200

Camera decisions...

 I fancy myself a bit of a photographer.

My weapon of coice is a Nikon F4s 35mm Film Camera...
I process my own BW film when I can get into the lab...

I've been thinking of transfering over to Digi with a higher-end Nikon DSLR...mainly as an investment and ease of printing for showings...


Pro's? Cons? Etc...?


Well, here goes

Hello all, sorry about this rather odd boring post.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello to everybody. I was born in Portland and raised most of my life in Oregon, but because of circumstances, I am currently in New Hampshire (though trying to figure out how to get money to get home).

I miss it terribly. Portlanders, if you've lived other places, is Portland/Oregon your favorite city/state, if so why? Does anybody know a job a girl trying to get her GED could get to save up to go back home? Seriously, how's the weather been there?? (I miss Portland's wonderful warm and nice smelling rain...)

~From a homesick Portlander (no matter where I live my heart is in Portland)
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Anyone here in town know where I can find this version of the Bjork song? The video version? Thank you for your help. You guys helped me with the Roisin Murphy files. Portland related because I live here.

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dear woman that yelled at me to slow down on n Williams,

I find it very amusing that you did it while flying past me at 40. the speed limit is 30 after all. perhaps if you weren't so busy turning into the street without looking, causing both myself and the car behind me to swerve into the right lane to avoid hitting you, you would have known that. i suppose that since you stopped in the middle of the road after almost causing 2 accidents, you wouldn't have had to drive so dangerously fast to carch up with me. yes, that was my middle finger.

the little green car

ps. i was only going 32, that's why i was able to swerve and avoid hitting you
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Things ggoing down this weekend with the Holy Trinity, Hot Sweaty Mess, Apples and books

Rain Forest

20th Annual Apple Tasting Event

Also in regards to pdx_username's post on stuff to do around town, The Portland Nursery has an awesome Apple Tasting Festival every year that's great to go to. It starts next weekend. It's super kid friendly too... (plus there's music and cider and other fun stuff to do - like taste every different apple under the sun for FREE!)

Edit: To fix the dates on the post... oops. Thanks nostitchtowear. I'm just excited for it to start! =)

it's time.

i have been living in portland for five years, but i still do not own anything that's waterproof. i recently moved close enough to my place of employ to be able to commute by bike [sniff...i'm pouring out some soy latte for my former neighborhood, st. johns], so i'm in the market for some biker's accoutrements. i'm a recent college graduate, so cost is a moderate factor, but aesthetics is an even bigger one. can any all-weather cyclists recommend some reasonably affordable, good-looking gear? also, waterproof bike skirts: do they exist? if not, how do ladies who bike in skirts and dresses during the winter deal with the dampness? thanks, y'all.

~Thank you DP's~

I'd just like to thank all of you who post about what's going on around town - apple tasting festival - music events - art openings - etc. This group is full of information -

I even like the random "fuck you" posts regarding asshole drivers - and people in Forest Park that bother/annoy some girl's boyfriend!!

Oh, and I do have a question - what's the weather like today?

mini meetup

omg_kittens, supresmooth, and I all had a mini meetup today at Black Cat coffee on Alberta!

Here is photographic evidence

omg_kittens you can slay me for not asking permission to use your image on the netz!

it was short and sweet and fun!

I'd like to do more little group activity in the Alberta area :)
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I Believe...

1. In using your turn signals
2. In both giving and receiving compliments well
3. That the glass is ALWAYS half full
4. It's important to spend time with those who are important to you
5. That one of the best things ever is a nap in the middle of the day

What are five things YOU believe in?

Any Tribsters out there?

Am I the only one? It's been down for just about 24 hours - am I obsessively checking it? NO, but I do miss reading my friends blogs - and whatnots.

Not really sure how they can get away with that kind of lack of service with their advertisers.
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Craft Bazaar

I am looking for portland artists to participate in a bazaar. I am also looking for gourmet food vendors as well. The bazaar in a small church bazaar, but it gets bigger and better every year! A 2.5x6foot table booth is $20 for Nov 10 and 11. Let me know if you are interested by replying here.