October 4th, 2007



So I have been in Portland aboot 4 months now, and am just now getting around to joining any portland communities in the world that is LJ. I actually by chance made it out to the Lucky Lab tonight, and had a blast! yay, fun times. Beer and uno? What can be bad about that?????

Anyway, yes, I'm new to the area. Startin to learn my way around. Starting to make some friends. But yeah, more friends? always a GREAT thing!!! Anyway, comment, say hi, add me as a friend, if you want, add me on your fave messenger. I would love to meet some rockin new folks.


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A few questions...

I'm thinking about moving to Portland and instead of worrying about the important things like apartments and jobs, I'm more interested in the following:

1. I love music.  What's the music scene like?  Concerts, random bands playing in dive bars, festivals, etc.
2. I'm a big fan of costumes and dressing up like it's Halloween when it's not Halloween.  Is this an option?  Do you have fetish balls or themed nights at clubs?
3. Any gaming conventions?  I'm talking role-playing not Xbox or monopoly.
4. Am I going to feel like a minority? Not that I would notice the large amount of caucasians but I'm just curious.  Most things I've read imply that Portland is not very diversified, population wise.  Is this true?
5. I'm from Columbus, Ohio and public transportation is completely foreign to me.  I would not be able to survive here without a car.  Is the transportation system easy to learn and reliable?  Are there tips and tricks or is it just one of those things I should just experience?  


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Portland Marathon 2008

Anyone running the marathon on Sunday? I am!

It'd be nice to run into a fellow dp'er.

Remember to pace yourself and be aware of the hill of death at mile 17. It can be brutal if you're exhausted. There's no shame in walking it. :)
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Heads up - (shameless promotion, but hey, ZOMBIES)

I will post something more informative later, but for a short advance notice thingy (all of this is still in the works, not set in stone, etc):

The Portland Erotic Ball is doing a Zombie theme this year, and is going to be working with Drunken Rampage Events to get Zombies in free (normally $30 admission), give them some free swag (condoms and the like) and have prizes every hour (expensive sex toys and the like) for them. It's Saturday the 27th, which is one week after Zombiewalk (which is not run by, but is highly recommended by, Drunken Rampage).
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21+, and there is a bar there. Crystal Ballroom.

Advertising with WW / CL

My wife and I are in the process of starting a photography studio. We noticed that the Willy Week and CL are both opportunities for some free advertising, but we're hesitant because we don't want to cheapen our image.

Any budding business owners out there that have used WW or CL to advertise? What was your experience? Also, what resources have you used to advertise *your* business? What would you recommend?

Shout out to the OHS!

My husband and I adopted a kitty from the Oregon Humane Society last weekend and I have to say the service was AMAZING! I'm so pleased with our experience. Everybody was knowledgeable and helpful. The process was fast and we now have an awesome addition to our household!!

If you have been thinking about getting a new pet check out the OHS...they are absolutely awesome!!! 
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dead bird

(no subject)

Three men need a room at a hotel. They each chip in $10 and go to the room. The manager realizes the room is only $25 dollars so he sends the bellhop up to the room with $5. The Bellhop realizes that there are 3 men and he needs to divide $5, so he puts $2 in his pocket and gives each man a dollar.

We started with $30.

Each man paid $9.

The bellhop has $2.

3 * 9 + 2 = 29, where did the other dollar go?

Portland related because three men in a $30 hotel room.
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Taco Bell on 50th & Powell

kind of a weird question but:

has anyone else had problems at the 50th & Powell Taco Bell drive through after 9pm?
our order has been wrong every time we've gone through

1st time: 1/3 order, random item we didn't order, 1/3 missing
2nd time: 1/3 order, 3 items we didn't order, 1/3 missing
and so on...

are we just cursed?!
Nicco / Sewyrn Purple
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Coming to visit Oct. 15-18

Hey all.

Allow myself to introduce...myself. My name is Nicco. I used to be in the video game industry in San Diego / Los Angeles. For the last 2.5 years I've been living in Tokyo, Japan. I saved up some money, flew home last week and decided to open a tiny business in Portland. I'm in LA with my family right now.

I'm going to be flying up on October 15th (after visiting my best friend in San Francisco) to get the lay of the land. I want to ride the Max, kick the bridges and view some commercial property to see if this place is right for me.

I was planning to stay in a cheap motel, but I see some people are looking for emergency roomies. If someone wants to put me up at their place for three nights (15, 16, 17) I can contribute $20/night. I'll even put on an apron and cook some japanese food if this works out. Just two requirements:

1) no animals - I'm allergic.
2) close to MAX - I plan to live w/o a car here and need to test that theory out.

Anyways, thanks for listening. Hopefully the terror LARP won't throw a monkey-wrench in my plans.

UPDATE - OK, I'm set! Thanks to everyone who replied, particularlly phrassie and ennazusmiranda for suggesting funky local places that are cheaper and much cooler than anything at hotels.com.
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WTS - Computer Parts (Reposted)

I have the following for sale:

Motherboard/Processor/RAM - $150 OBO

Gigabyte 7NNXP
AMD XP 2500+ (I believe it's a Barton) 1.83GHz
1GB (2x512MB) PC3200 DDR

Video Card - $125 OBO

ATI Radeon x800xt 256MB AIW

Whole Package - $250 OBO

Motherboard/Processor/RAM & Video Card

The motherboard/processor will be sold as one unit (I don't want to have to remove the heat sink/fan). The RAM and video card are available separately, though the ram is currently installed on the motherboard, so I'd prefer to sell that as one unit. All parts verified working when I uninstalled them this past weekend. The system is perfect for almost anything you want to do, and will run most games at reasonable frame rates with options turned way up. (I don't have benchmarks, sorry, but I do know I didn't experience any dramatic slow downs in Call of Duty 1/2, World of Warcraft, Doom 3, & Halflife 2.) The video card is an "All in Wonder" which means it also has media inputs (cable tv on your PC, radio, etc). All this system needs is a case/power supply, CD/DVD drive and a hard drive and you've got a great computer. It does NOT come with an operating system.

Reply here if interested. I live in the Beaverton area near Cornell Rd & 26, but I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet you.
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Any drag queens in here?

Ok DP, Halloween is fast approaching... I have a friend* who wants to dress in drag and neither him nor myself knows quite where to start with buying of clothes, etc. We hit Buffalo Exchange and Red Light on Hawthorne and he found a suitable wig, but shoes is going to be our biggest problem. He is a size 12 mens, 14 womens... which doesn't make it easy. Does anyone have any recommendations on where we should go in search of good, but reasonably priced heels in large sizes? Recommendations for clothing stores would be cool too. Thanx in advance for making my friend's drag queen dreams come true.

*said friend is still a little nervous about coming out and asking, so I offered to ask for him

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Fun Saturday morning activity: The Wedge cheese festival event at Portland Farmers Market (at PSU). I look forward to waking up early for some fromage goodness!

2. Fun Saturday afternoon activity: The 56th Annual Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church on SE 33rd and Glisan. The festival actually runs from Friday through Sunday, rain or shine.

3. Being rewarded for not making stereotypical assumptions. Instead of instead dismissing my recently moved-in apartment neighbors as "chain-smoking, twenty-something hippies," taking time to get to know them meant many awesome conversations in passing during the past month. They are cool people indeed. Perhaps I can apply these lessons learned to online communities.

4. Noticing the new Outdoors listings section in Willamette Week. Maybe it's been there all this time, but it's good to see a listing of outdoor events.

5. Friendly bus mall construction workers who gently reminded me not to cut through a closed sidewalk (the construction areas and sidewalk closures in front of my office changes almost daily). Instead of a stern lecture about illegally cutting across a work area, she just gave me a friendly reminder. Yes, I was guilty of committing a pedestrian faux pas cheese this morning, but she was very nice while warning me.

6. Cool, calm, and collected bartenders at Bailey's Taproom who calmly and deftly 86'd a rude patron earlier this week, without making the other patrons uncomfortable.

7. The friendly bartender at Maiden In The Mist who did not let an extremely busy and overwhelming evening diminish her enthusiasm and friendliness. There is a lesson learned there somewhere.
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Talkin' 'bout my generation

Are there any other mebers of Generation X out there who are kind of embarrassed about growing up in the 90s? That decade seems kind of silly to me, kind of like how the 70s seem silly. I mean, if you grew up in the 70s, that means you missed the 60s, which is my personal favorite decade, even though I wasn't alive yet.

What did you like / hate about your generation?
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October/Halloween Meetup Poll

So! This month's meetup should, per tradition, be on October 23rd (the fourth Tuesday of this month). However, since the meetup is going to be Halloween/costume-themed, I was wondering if people might not prefer the FIFTH Tuesday, October 30th, a.k.a. the day before Halloween (Halloween Eve?).

I can see arguments for either date, so I figured I'd just poll you guys and go with the results. Without further ado...

When would you rather have meetup?

I prefer Tuesday, October 23rd.
I prefer Tuesday, October 30th.
Either's fine.
Those dates both suck!

As always, feel free to offer other unhelpful suggestions, flames, angst, costume ideas, and whatever else in the comments.

Also, for those concerned: I've discussed things with the wait staff at the restaurant and we will be seated INDOORS starting next meetup and see how things go. We'll just kinda take over that back room, I think (as opposed to the back patio or the Buffalo Room we were in last time).
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looking for housing/job

despite online weirdness I'm a nice guy who just got pretty unfairly fired from a job he really loved, taking care of a disabled guy he cared for deeply. my immense frustration at the shitty care he was receiving from the company turned into "outburst" which beaurocratically triggered "violence in the workplace", the workplace also being my home. so their hands were tied in a way. looking for a vegan friendly place, cats are awesome, I smoke but only outside and would rather just quit. could do a deposit in increments. I've got references.

could also go on tour I guess in noise/experimental/can learn other things setting if you're looking for a non-drummer to drum or a (bad) accordionist or fx worker or guitarist (doom, can only noodle in the way that basically untrained musicians can).

could also use any advice on unemployment, though I'm bad at those kind of things (still need to do my taxes) so I probably just won't bother.

"sugar mamas" encouraged to reply. :D

aim/yahoo: awhilewhileaway


On Renting

I'm kind of sick of being homeless, so here's a question: if a rental management company says they check your income to make sure you make 3x the cost of rent per month, in the experience of damnportlanders, how often do they really care as long as you can cover rent and utilities? I want this place BAD.

Also, where oh where are the apartments? I might be willing to do shared housing if it was with just one other person or something, but I'd really like a place to myself, at least for the winter. I need something close-in. I've checked Craigslist and Oregonlive and the paper. Is no one renting??

thank you dp'ers, for your advice!


Holy crap.

If PPV porn is $13.99, how am I supposed to get drunk and watch it? I've already spent my $13.99 on liquor. I'm tapped out.

What do you guys do in this situation?
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Portland history

Hi there,
Just curious to know if anyone here knows a way to find out/look up what existed on your property before your house was built. I just keep thinking about our lil' townhouse here in SE, it's not that old and many houses around us are. I'm so curious to know what used to be here! If anyone knows of a place that might have some good info that could help me figure this out I'd really appreciate your help :-)

Thank you!
Yo Gabb Gabba

Bus Question

Why do people feel the need to yell "thank you" at the bus driver from the back door? Every single person. Five people getting off at a stop and they all yell. Does it make me a bad person to not yell at the bus driver from the back door? I say hi when I get on the bus. I say "have a nice day" when I get off the bus in the front and I can make eye contact.

Places to camp/sleep in vehicle close to town?

Hey there Portland,

I'm going to be moving in to my vehicle/a tent very soon and I'm looking for places in the area that I can sleep and not have worries about who is going to come along and bother me.

I have heard of lots of places like this around here but I have never actually seen them... can someone point me in the right direction?


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