October 3rd, 2007

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hello hello

Hey damn people,

1) OMGRAIN!1 Stoopid Cali drivers!!!

2) Where can I score a cricket bat? A used one would be just fine.

3) What are some decent pub/burger places on the East side? Think McMenamin's, but without the McMenamin's part.

Peas and spanks.


Why is "I'm sure you can tell a man did it" an acceptable excuse for a shitty job?

Example: I work in an office and the men do not seem to know how to load, operate or empty a dishwasher. I walk into the kitchen and everything is a mess and the first co-worker I asked used the above line as a cop out. (He had started to unload the dishwasher then gave up mid-unload and just left everything there)

I guess I'm just feeling bitchy but this happens all the time at my house as well. I know some guys out there are awesome and don't need to be asked to take part in housework, but come fucking on - you can't get away with doing a half assed job because you are a guy. And I shouldn't have to thank you for doing something that you should be helping with in the first place.

Please feel free to respond - I don't care how. I've just got all this excess negative energy that needs to come out. Sorry Portlanders - you're like my personal therapist that I don't have to pay. Ha.

another type of help

because of my current crisis (see below, like 5 posts or so), in addition to just plain life, i'm thinking i should start to see a psychiatrist or therapist of some sort. any suggestions?

I don't want to pay $100 a week. i want someone who can help me organize my life and thoughts so that i quit making stupid life mistakes over and over again. and maybe tell me why. and if they can prescribe some sort of antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug, that would be fantastic. i'm having trouble coping with my life lately, and i need the help. i also do not want anyone preachy about religion or spirituality, or any of that. i don't want to be "saved". i just want someone to help me work out my life.

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So, there used to be a bar in NE called the Paragon. The bar was an absolute dive, complete with a metal cage that you had to be buzzed through to get in the door. The Paragon closed a couple of months ago without warning.

However, as shitty as the bar was, they had a kickass KJ several nights a week. Her name is Betty, she's gorgeous and funny and wears rollerskates while doing her karaoke thing. She's gone to a new bar, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the new bar. Anyone know? There's a few people I could probably call to find out, but I'm at work and I wanted to tell you all to go to Betty's bar anyway, so I'm just posting here instead.

commute question

I know I see a lot of these types of questions. but I really don't know where else to ask...
I got a job, after looking all summer (hurray!) and I live in Oregon City, while it is downtown by Pioneer Square. I was assuming I would just do the Park and Ride from the Gateway Transit Center, but I was wondering, if I have to be at work by 8:30, about how long does MAX take from there, on a busy M-F morning? And how is the parking situation at Gateway, I know they built a new garage and all, but is it hard to find a place to park? I remember it having  problems in the past of not being that secure, has it gotten better?

Or is there a better place I should park and ride from? I heard CCC has one. I am just trying to get a general idea of how long it will take me with that commute so I know when to leave :) I would try it out on my own as a trial run, but they want me to start immediately. Thanks!
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isn't it somehow related to feces? I mean with the hair and all? you just dehydrate it and then you've got a "bud". I'm just wondering if it's vegan. thanks.
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Just wondering...

Sputnik launched fifty years ago today and ignited the Space Age. The Right Stuff astronauts started shooting into the stratosphere not long after, and a little kid in southern Oregon stared in rapt fascination in July 1969 as man walked on the moon for the first time.

And, it seems like nobody other than the occasional sentimental old man gives a damn.

Man, I was big into the space program. I built lunar lander models and collected National Geographic magazines with space stories. I stockpiled books about astronauts. A friend and I made a replica of the Apollo 11 capsule in my back yard.

I once read that the entire Apollo 11 mission could easily be run from a used laptop these days. All I know is that when I was a kid, I was in awe of NASA wizardry and astronaut bravery, and dead solid sure that the Russkies were going to put a bunch of giant electronic space robots up in the sky and burn us to cinders whenever the fuck they felt like it. Sputnik scared the living crap out of anyone with pulse, back then in 1957.

I was conceived a few months after Sputnik blew the collective minds of the American scientific establishment, a little fetus destined to build Apollo models and watch grainy black and white moon footage. I still think the space program is pretty cool, and pretty necessary, even though they have tried to just turn it into something that looks even less exciting than an accounting convention.

Maybe they should just try running the whole thing off a used laptop. That would put some juice back into it.

So... who here remembers the space program before The Shuttle?
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hawk key

I realize it's not the most popular sport in this area, but I happen to like hockey (watching and playing). Since the season has stared, and I don't have cable, does anyone know of any bars (sportsbars or otherwise) that are especially friendly to hockey fans? Out of desperation I'll probably hit that sports bar monstrosity in the Pearl because of the shear number of televisions, so some surly football or basketball fan doesn't throw food at me for changing the channel on a TV they were watching. But anyone have any other suggestions?

Also, while I'm at it, anyone else out there like hockey? It's not as much fun to watch a game in a bar by yourself...

kay, thanks.