October 2nd, 2007

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Okay. I'm bringing this to you all while I simultaneously hunt ads, but since my search efforts are not proving so fruitful... I thought someone might have some leads for me. Can't hurt, right?

Something has come up and I really needs me a job. I'm an experienced receptionist and I was in a semi-apprenticeship/junior web designer role for a company in L.A. before I moved up here. I have excellent references, too, from both that position and others of a similar set-up (just in Australia instead). The only downside is I don't have full-time access to a car so that seems to have hindered me a bit in terms of reception work (most places seem to ask for a car or at least a license and I don't have either one). I did wonder, too, if maybe listing myself as an Australian permanent resident was an issue for some workplaces? Completely legal and all, but... I wondered if I should remove that part from my resumé unless it was asked of me, or rather that I should disclose it only during an interview so no one gets confused or put off?

Anyway, my real point: if anyone has any openings in their offices or know/have seen something spring up around them, I would completely appreciate you letting me know about them!

Downtown PDX is what I'm aiming for, being that I live in SW Portland and about four miles from OHSU. NW/Pearl/etc. would also be fine, I'm sure I can figure out the transit to get there!

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, too. Even if it's just to tell me a resource to check out other than Craigslist/Monster/JobDango/The Oregonian. Thank you in advance!
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yes, it's a traffic rant

what happened to my simple commute?
yesterday – 2 accidents.
today – one big accident at the morrison bridge. i met a nice lady from chicago while sitting in traffic, as we pondered wtf the popo were doing, rather than direct traffic. she kindly let me into her lane, or i would still be sitting there. no problem, i’ll take the burnside. i thought it was down to one lane, but it is closed completely. i was so far west at that point that i missed the next bridge, and had to follow detour signs for the ross island, then the construction and the college had me driving in circles for a while. i never thought i would be so glad to arrive at work.
so, if somebody knows a lady from chicago who drives a white (subaru?), tell her thanks :)
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The library in contributing, plus stuff to do in October

IF you want to contribute, just hit the about...all down for it...here is some new stuff that has been written by myself and others if you are looking for some interesting things going down this month (and we'll be adding a lot more).

Come Play dominoes with us! We have prizes, and you don't know have to play--just good fun at a cool placeLinda wrote some really good things going on here and you can be involvedmany of you already know this, but the moose put this up and he always comes correct...check out his site for great music (Pampelmoose.com)YES! Multnomah County Library is contributing now...the best library in the US!Flexcar rocks!This is from Tripp (BooksAreMyOnlyFriends blog)--really cool stuff coming quickly

Have a good October...Julian

!@#$Gimme Gimme More

I've never had a normal sprint wireless bill. I'm thinking of switching to something else. I swear Sprint has been so shotty with their service, I now to take a shit on their CEO. Anyone else got any other wireless suggestions? Sprint stories? Do share Portland.

Local source for interesting, yet functional bags?

I'm in the market for a new bag - I have one that is great for taking books to class, but way too large and unwieldy for day-to-day use, and one that is well-designed but just too small. The thing is, I'm really, really specific in my tastes... I would like a bag that:

- Preferably is from a local designer/artist/a cool small company

- Is interesting without being overly busy or gaudy - something in a dark solid colour or red with interesting trim or a cute design or so on would be nice

- Is relatively affordable (under $50 preferred; I'll pay up to $80 or so if the bag is hella awesome)

- Is made of waterproof or decently thick, water-resistant material - I'm sure we've all experienced having our important resumes/homework/books/other paper items destroyed in rained-on bags. No floppy fabric bags that soak through like paper, please.

- Is messenger style only, or has a strap long enough to wear it across the body - no backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, or (ye Gods) clutches

- Most importantly: HAS ENOUGH POCKETS. This is the major problem I've been running into in trying to find something suitable - it seems like every time I find something otherwise perfect, it has maybe one pocket. A bare minimum of 3 pockets (wallet, random-smallish-things-like-keys-and-lip-balm, and an external pocket for my phone) is wanted, though the more the better.

Any suggestions of local companies, stores, people you know who could custom-make such a bag, etc.? I could also order online, but would prefer to get something in person if possible. Thanks!

Apartment hunting...

 So, I moved here from Phoenix several months back [I was born here but raised in AZ], and I'm looking for an apartment. I had been staying with family for the time being until I got my bearing but now it's time to move closer to work...the 30 mile commute into downtown Portland is killing me!

The apartments here are so much more different than in Phoenix; I'm used to brand new apartments with 1200 - 1350 sqft of space for $770.oo and up per month with a garage. What I seem to be finding here is much smaller for more rent $$$ and NO A/C which really isn't needed here in my opinion since the summers I'm used to reach and break 115 degrees!


Does anyone know where I can find a good, decently large apartment [cat friendly] in a decent part of Portland [I don't know the good vs. bad areas yet] that would sit in my budget? I'm not wanting to go over $800/month. I prefer a 2 bedroom because of weekend work [photography].

Thanks for the input!

Pied Cow Coffeehouse

Ok, two Fridays ago I went to the Pied Cow Coffeehouse for the first time. It was a blast, one cool places. If your have not been there I suggest going there at some time. So, I come asking about other places like this.
What other places around Portland have funky decor, unique food, and wonderful atmosphere?

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Boston Sports Bars?

Hey guys,

I've been lurking on this community for a few weeks, ever since I accepted a new job up in Portland. I'm impressed by how active DP is, and definitely looking forward to the next LJ meetup once I get settled. I'm moving in a week and a half and can't wait to explore a brand new city! =o)

Anyhow, I grew up in downtown Boston, and would love to have a place to watch the Sox and Pats this month. Are there any good bars in Portland to watch Boston sports? (along the lines of The Riviera in NYC, Sonny McLean's in LA, and Connecticut Yankee in SF)

Thanks in advance for your help!
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(no subject)

what should i do tonight, considering the following factors?

i'm not 21.
i have class tomorrow at 9.

that's it. go!

edit: i suppose this needs to be said:

it's my birthday, and so i don't just want to sit at home. now go!
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Spider Man! Actor Needed

Are you interested in becoming a Marvel Super Hero? We are looking for talent to portray Spider-Man for upcoming live appearances which include store openings, in store promotions, mini shows, trade shows, etc. You must be at least 5'10" to 6'2" tall, be physically fit and in shape to wear the spandex costume (spandex is not forgiving). You also must possess a thorough knowledge of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (Spider-Man is a speaking character). We are looking for responsible, creative, funny and smart individuals to portray our characters. If you are interested, please email your interest along with all of your contact information/phone number/body dimensions/photos including full body shots to general@marvelappearance.com. If you would like to learn more about us, please check us out at www.marvelappearance.com

Someone please take this job ... and post pictures of you in costume! I can't apply for it, because I think Spider Man with boobs would scar some fanboys.



Here is my situation. I need advice that goes beyond Craigslist, as I've been crawling it all day.

I'm splitting with my boyfriend. Its painful. Super painful. And, we share(d) a lovely house on belmont. We're both on the lease. Now here's the problem. It's a $1200/month rent payment. Plus cable/gas/electric/internet (ya know, the basics). I work full time and go to school, and bring home around $1800 a month, so either i need a roommate or a new place to live.

And I need this person asap.

Any ideas? Anyone wanna move in? You'd have to bring some furniture.. but yeah. Anyone wanna take a chance on a responsible girl with no savings?

this is hard enough, without having to have the financial freak-out...

edit: i also don't have a very stable rental history, or good credit history. finding a place on my own is impossible, at least one that doesn't require a huge deposit. which i don't have, so i'd rather stay in my house. and the landlord has said that if there's more than 2 people, she'll raise the rent by $600, because "that's the going rate for a room". also, i have no car, so i must stay within an easy trimet commute to downtown.
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