October 1st, 2007


Need a tailor.

So because I am short(ish), and jeans are usually made for girls about 2-3 inches taller, a lot of my jeans are too long.  This works okay in the summer, but not so well when the rain starts and I start getting home with everything below my knees soaking wet.  I have several pairs of pants, mostly jeans, that need to be hemmed a bit, and one pair that I'd like to have a different kind of hem put on.  I've had this alteration done before and it never looks right, which is frustrating.  I'm looking for someone who's good at it, who charges a reasonable price for the service, and won't take forever, as I would prefer not to be without pants for days on end.  Nobody way out in Beaverton and beyond, please.  SE or NW are particularly helpful.  I did a search in this community and came up with Thu Fashion & Tailoring, which sounds interesting, but was wondering if there might be new/other ideas.  Thanks!

Charlezor's Riding Trimet Tip #1839.273 Section 4 Paragraph 2 1/2

If some crazy old lady is sitting on the bus saying weird things at random, it is not necessary to leave your seat and loom over her while trying to interact and encourage her. Trust me, she's funny enough without your help and it makes the rest of us feel uncomfortable about finding her dialogue amusing.

Doing it to try to be funny while wearing Chi-Mos makes you look like a dick as well.

Today's message brought to you by the number #12. Tri-Met, See where it takes you.
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quiet places to study

I have decided that i do not get any productive work done if i study at home, Therefore does anyone know of a quite place to study in the gresham/fairview/woodville/ Mt. Hood CC area? Coffee and Wifi ( online classes) would be awesome but not totally needed!

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Dry cleaning n00b

So I bought a new shirt on Saturday... only to grab it off the hanger with oily hands later that evening. So, I now have a satin shirt with slight oil (body oil lotion stuff) stains on it. I'd like to take it to a dry cleaner to see if they can save it, does anyone know of a good dry cleaner in the Portland area? I've never dry cleaned anything and thus have no idea what to look for in a dry cleaner.
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Super long shot, but hey, can't hurt, right?

My car was stolen on Thursday.  I've reported it, insurance knows, yadda.   It's a 1985 Honda Accord (super easy to steal, yes, I know) and the police expect the thieves to drive the car until it runs out of gas and then park it some place.  Even if they do, it could sit on the street in Gresham or Hillsboro or wherever for several days before the police decide it's abandoned and tow it.

This is where the many eyes of 

damnportlanders could possibly help.  If, by some random chance, you read this message and before immediately forgetting that you did, you see a 1985 Honda Accord in gold with a Busproject.org bumper sticker on the back, could you comment to this post with the address?   (license plate ZLM 852 - not 100% sure about the order of the numbers).  Or call the police.  Whatever.  

I'll just cross my fingers and keep calling police auto records in the meantime.



Best Cab Company / Car Service to PDX?

I do a lot of travelling for work and pleasure and would like to find the best value for getting to PDX from NW. Has anyone had good experiences with car services or particular taxi companies? I generally use Radio Cab and have been happy with them but they don't hang out at the airport for returns back into the city. I'd like to find one company to use for trips there and back. Ones that accept credit cards are preferred, but if they are highly recommended cash is fine.
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I wish I knew enough to know whether their kids are better off with him, or her. I think it's kind of sad that I can't tell.

If that Chris Crocker dude makes a vlog about this, his head might explode.

Not Portland-related, so ner.
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Can anyone recommend a set of headphones that drown out noise (noise canceling works, too) and have a really good bass response? It'd be nice if don't hurt your ears after prolonged use or make noise when walking, or let other people hear your music. Any kind is fine. It'd be nice if they were somewhat cheap, too. Oh, and while I'm at it... it'd be great if they helped achieve world peace.

Portland related because... the noise I'm trying to drown out is in Portland? I ride the bus for two hours a day. I can only take a few more 9am drunken guy/bus driver arguments. My sanity is in your hands!

This is the part where you roll your eyes and say "Duh..."

So I have not had any espresso from Starbuck's in months, and I just drank one out of utter desperation.

Uh, how in god's name can they sell espresso that is that bad?

It tastes like they took bad, cheap beans and roasted them almost into charcoal. After you get past the bitter, burnt taste, you get all these disgusting, vegetal flavors that have no place in a shot of espresso. Just awful.

Love you Stumptown! <3
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Tri-Met pass?

In months past, a few peeps would post near the beginning of the month with Tri-Met passes for sale. If anyone's got an adult 2-zone pass available, I'm in the market. Please let me know, thanks!
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Apple Time!

Does anyone know where to go apple picking around here? Is there anywhere to go other than Sauvie Island???

Preferably within an hour's drive of downtown / inner SE Portland with a good variety of different types of apples. Organic would be great too. (drink?)

- - - Also, does anyone want to get together this weekend to go apple picking or make apple related yumminess.... applesauce, apple pies, fresh apple cider / juice, apple butter, etc. ???


Sorry for not getting back to anyone about selling the longboard, the ex all of a sudden decided that he wanted it back RIGHT THIS GODDAMNED MINUTE and is threatening to call the cops on me if he doesn't get it back.

Now, I'm wondering. Can he really call the cops on me for something like that? I mean, come on, I didn't steal it. He left it at my house and after the breakup, didn't bother getting in contact with me for weeks, and now that I want to get rid of it, he makes a fuss? Is it an idle threat or something I really should be worrying about?
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Fall leaves/parks

I'm looking for somewhere in/near/around/sort of close to downtown Portland for a wedding reception next fall (mid-September). Public parks, places that can be rented, whatever. We're looking at about 100 people, afternoon/early evening that has really pretty fall leaves. Bathrooms are fairly necessary, as well.

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clothing donation

I have some clothing I'd like to donate. Boys, teen girls, older teen guys. I also have some barely used backpacks. The clothing is nice and "cool" enough for me to go to Red Light or Buffalo Exchange, but I'd rather donate to kids who are could really use this stuff. Where can I donate good condition used clothing? I don't know if there's maybe a foster care donation place that takes used clothing or something along those lines.
Any recommendations?
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Anyone had any problems with Public Storage?

We are moving from our tiny apartment into a slightly less tiny condo at the end of the month and rented a storage unit from Public Storage because they have a decent promotional deal. Making a long story short, it turns out that the unit that we were shown and agreed to rent was not the unit number that was on some of the paperwork (the correct number is on parts of it, however), and they asked us to move our stuff so that it would save paperwork, and when we said no, they gave us a song and dance about them having to call the district manager and how somebody was going to get fired over this. If we didn't happen to have an extremely heavy sofa bed in there and if they weren't so effing huffily passive aggressive and weird, I might have considered it, but now, NO WAY, not after this blatant douchebaggery. It's not like we got a bigger unit or anything. Anyone else had an issue with them?

Everybody dance!!!

Portland related because... who doesn't need a little picker-upper with this weather?

I know I do. I've decided one thing I can do to improve my gloomy moods is to start each day listening to DANCE MUSIC while I'm getting ready. Oh yeah!

The trouble is, I have no idea what dance music to buy. And yes, I would be buying cds, as I'm not down with this whole mp3-swappin' bidness. But I don't have a whole lot of money to burn on random music without strong personal recommendations. So my question to you, fellow Portlanders, is what cds do you think are guaranteed to start my day off with some movin' and shakin' and most importantly, smiling?

Here's a hint to get you "aaand"-going: I do know that I like Junior Senior. And everything they played at Babylon on Queer as Folk.

Thanks guys!

Oh and P.S.
To everyone who was interested in the all-girls' bowling night, I will soon be contacting you all with more info. Now that I know you're out there I am totally going to make this happen!

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Found! Orange striped kitty.
Very friendly!
near 39th and Belmont.

is he yours or someone you know?
he's been hanging around our house for a week or two.
at first I thought he was just visiting, but now he's getting skinny.
I can't take him in because i have a dog, but I am getting some cat food tonight....
Kitty Knife

Ditching the Cat?

I think it might be time to get rid of the cat. I'm really tired of her attacking our 18 month old. Any suggestions on where we could take her? It pains me to get rid of my cat, but my daughter is my first priority.

ETA: No, she's not an orange and white tabby that someone would have found in SE.

ETA2: Clipping her claws doesn't seem to help. She has still gotten close to seriously damaging The Pea's eyes on more than one occasion. She also bites, and I can't exactly file down her teeth.
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I'm offering $10 for a DVD with tonight's episode of HEROES on it. I assured a friend I could record it, but I'm older than I thought I was and can't program my %&*%^$!! DVR. Starts in 10 minutes.

Laugh if you like, I deserve it. But you get money, so hey.

(PS: I know the episodes are available via streaming vid on NBC.)

Thanks peeps.
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I have never, for shame, been to a Sissyboy boy show and there's only one chance left. What kind of crowd can I expect? Teh Straights out to see the freakshow, Teh gays out to see the freakshow, Teh freaks out to see the freakshow, or the usual Holoscene crowd going "There's a show? With Freaks?"?
Beauty - HUH?

Weird mystery heating devices from the Sixties, anyone?

Okay, guys, so here's a mystery for you: I currently live in one of Eugene's many crappy apartment complexes from the 1950s or (more likely) the 60s. I know that our heating is electric and that it does work -- my roommmate turned hers (as we apparently have individual thermostats in each room) on for the first time last night and said the room pretty much became sweltering overnight.

However... we have absolutely no clue where the heat is coming from. None. There are no wall, ceiling, or floor vents, no funny metal boxes anywhere, nothing out-of-the-ordinary hiding in any corners in our tiny apartment. We just can't figure it out, and it's driving us (or more specifically, me) crazy.

I know I could call my landlord tomorrow and be like, "WTF?", and I probably will, but curious minds need to know -- how the heck is my second-story apartment being heated?

All right, you all win -- the heat is definitely coming from the ceiling. How terribly efficient! Yay for living on the second floor though and mooching our neighbor's heat. :) Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!
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