September 28th, 2007


What a wacky commute this morning!

1.) What the hell is a Elmonica/SW 170th Ave train?! I've been riding the MAX for years and I have never seen one. I've even seen the elusive Merlo Road/158th train! But never an Elmonica/SW 170th Ave one!

2.) Some people got on the train this morning and instead of asking me for change, they were handing out frozen [edit] panini pizzas to everyone. What a great breakfast!
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(no subject)

 I really REALLY love pumpkin beer and am a huge fan of seasonal brews. So, What are your favorite seasonals and from where? Ok, proceed please....

and go!

If it is great I might even take you out for drinks sometime...really!
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Embroidery, Bowling Shirts, and a mega-bitch.....

So here's the story. My company started up a few bowling teams in a non-company related league. We all got bowling shirts and one of the ladies who kinda works here volunteered to embroider 'bowling names' on the shirts. We all picked names like: Broadsword, Jesus, Meat, Bud, Trixie, etc. I picked XXX. Perfectly bowling related in my opinion, and everyone else liked it. Well the lady who did the embroidering decided that my name was "tacky" and put "3X's" on my shirt without talking to me about it and told the girl who went to pick up the shirts to give it to me in front of everyone so I would get mad. That was a pretty bitch move in my opinion. So now I have this cool shirt with a lame name on it. I'm thinking of taking it somewhere and having them remove the 3X's and put XXX on it instead. Now, where do I go to get this done? How much am I going to have to pay? Do any of you find DPers do such a thing? I'd like to have it fixed by next Thursday so I can wear it to our next bowling night. I also plan on taking a picture of it and e-mailing it to the prude bitch!!!
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theft in Hawthorne

Hey everyone, I live on 37th between Hawthorne and Belmont. On Wednesday we left our back door unlocked for a gas repairman, though, we'd been leaving it unlocked pretty often.

I came home from work and my laptop was missing. The gas company looked into it for me and the timing is such that the dude was outta there before it went missing, he's got a long track record of service with the company and they have assured me that they're satisfied that it's not in his possession.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is totally fucked up, but I thought I should let people know in case other people leave their homes unsecured :(
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(no subject)

I would just like to announce to all of y'all, that I'm now making Pumpkin Fudge at the Oregon Zoo.

It costs $2.50 a square and it is amazing. Seriously. I don't ever buy the fudge that I make (the sugar gets to me) but I just bought two pieces.

Do yourself a favor and try some, it's sooo freaking good. :)

Art Show Closing for Jeremy Okai Davis!

So I'm having a closing for my art show tonight at Sugar Gallery downtown at the Everett Street Lofts.

Starts around 7 and goes til 10 or so. My friends The Subcons will be playing around 8 o'clock. Should be a decent time...maybe you should show up.

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Greetings, I was wondering if anyone knew of any soccer field with pickup games or rec leagues in Portland (outdoors soccer is preferred). I live close in on belmont st so something nearby would be best but really I'm just looking for a place to play fairly regularly. Any ideas or leads is greatly appreciated.
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QUICK: Give me a restaurant recommendation!!!

DPers I know you can help!

I want to go out tonight and be around people and have yummy foods without spending a ton of money. Say under $30 for a dinner for two-ish (two adults & a 5 yr old who is a light eater).

Somewhere outside the Hawthorne / Division / Clinton neighborhoods.

Vegetarian & fishies okay... not so much for meat though. (He eats it sometimes, I don't.)

My Thai, Appethaizing and Pok Pok all sound good tonight. But, I want to venture further afield. I don't need thai tonight, but if it is thai it HAS to be GOOOOOD!!!! :)
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Pickle Relish

Hey, does anyone know where I can get sweet pickle relish without high fructose corn syrup?

We've now tried New Seasons (they only sell one type in very small jars), Trader Joe's & Fred Meyers (39th & Hawthorne).

Any ideas????
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Saturday Night

I have another question for all of you lovely Portlanders out there!

I need date-night suggestions on where to go tomorrow (Saturday) night in town between say 6 pm - 11 pm. Something beyond dinner and a movie. *yawn* Maybe somewhere with music, dancing, a band playing, an art event, or .... ??? We need to find something fun to do!!!! =)

Good restaurant suggestions would be nice too because well, we have to eat. So, what are your favorite date-night restaurants??? Preferably something other than Portland City Grill. Again somewhere with good vegetarian or fishy options would be appreciated since I am not of the meat-eating kind.

Or give me some creative suggestions on where to go have a picnic when it's wet and cold out. Or any other creative & fun alternatives to going to a restaurant to eat!!! ;-)
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Yo, bargain hunters!

The Irvington Neighborhood Garage Sale is going on tomorrow! sistermaryeris and I are going to be selling various invaluable items, including lots of childrens books, kid and adult clothing, toys, games, a lovely cherrywood humidor, a groovy 5-gallon glass carboy for you beermakers, and more.

We're at 2607 NE 30th, just south of NE Knott. Super special secret discounts for DPers, MAYBE. heh. We'll be around from about 9-2. Stop by and say hi!
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what movie am I thinking of?

I'm watching "double indemnity" and there's a supermarket scene where this guy and this lady have to pretend not to know eachother. and it reminds me of this other movie, where there's a scene where they (a couple, maybe married, I think they're both spies, maybe in south america, maybe both seeing other people for their careers and so have to disguise the fact that they know eachother) meet in a supermarket.

thank you, you're always so helpful