September 26th, 2007

Fatty Goldfish

tis the season to ROCK.

me and another guitar musician are looking for other well-mannered musicians to play with, to hopefully put together a regular group!
this is a common theme nowadays, the 'lets start a band' wave and such, but, here goes.

bandname: still in the works

needed: DRUMMER, or just anyone else who likes music and plays guitar, or anything else. really, well take what we can get, its half the fun :)

influences: creed, hide (jrock), xjapan (jrock), coldplay, dethklok, van halen, googoo dolls, Beck (mongolian chop squad), gackt (jrock), sonata arctica, depeche mode, the cure, placebo, and many more. add to the list if youd like~

style: pft.. anything we can play. rock, sorta? but really, whatever we manage to put together.

i myself play guitar, piano, bass, electric, and i sing plenty.
i will say this much: if theres a song you want to learn how to play, have me try and teach you sometime. i have the ability to listen to something a few times, sometimes even only once, and be able to repeat it on the guitar, by ear.
both of us are located in cornelius, but have no problem planning around scheduals, and bussing to wherever you may be to jam, although locations near trimet/the max are preferable.

I really hope someone out there is interested, contact whenever, and however :)!
aim : Hachanri

(no subject)

I'm looking for a really tiny gold hoop for my nose piercing. What I've found in town is either a) very large and in charge--and I'm looking for delicate or b) is an actual earring, which means I need to buy two.

Anyone have a favorite store that has what I am looking for?

Thanks, all.

Some free stuff and other stuff

We've got a ton of boxes, bubble wrap and stuff like that if anyone's interested. Free, of course. Also free: wood entertainment center, with a couple of cabinets and shelves in it.

Other than free: dresser and matching nightstands, all blond wood and in decent shape. $100 takes all.

Dog sitting?

So I have to be out of town on business for a week. I have a beagle puppy who is 5 months old. I need to find something to do with him. I don't have any friends that I can ask to watch a dog for a week. I've looked into a kennel, but I know that he won't tolerate being locked up on a kennel all day with being let out 3x a day for a week straight.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there places I can take him? Someone I can hire to come into my house and watch him? Any ideas at all?
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Hello everybody! I am new here, and new to town. I hope this is appropriate to post this here!

Since I've just arrived, I'm looking for a job, specifically doing Linux sysadmin work. I've been watching Craigslist and also but nothing overly exciting has popped up. Is there any other, secret job board anywhere that might have a job for me? Any quirks of the job market here(I see lots of recruiters..)? Anybody know of a job?

Please help! I'm poor, highly skilled and need to pay rent!

Looking for song suggestions - Intros and Outtros

Hey Damned ones!

So, I'm working on a project which involved mixing together intros and outtros to songs.
I've got a broad music collection, but finding songs which have these musical prefixes and suffixes which are really distinct from the song itself is key.

For example.
Led Zeppelin's - Your Time is Gonna Come is a great choice, with the organ intro totally separate from the song.
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine is not so good, since the guitar leads directly into the song, with little distinction.

Any suggestions?

This Saturday: Five Portland Museums - FREE Admission!

Free Admission to:
The Portland Art Museum,
The Architectural Heritage Center,
The Oregon Historical Society,
The Pittock Mansion, 
and World Forestry Center Discovery Museum

This Saturday. Go to:

(1)   Fill out the info for the person you want (yourself or another). Note: that info will print out on the card.
(2)   Click the button, and the form will appear in a separate window which you then can print out .


Selling a skateboard

Well, actually it's a longboard.

I inherited it from an ex to learn how to skate, but because he is now my ex, I don't want it anymore.

It's in good condition, new trucks (though I don't know what kind) and pretty damn spiffy.

Never having sold a board before, I don't know what I should price it at. Considering I went into a shop to look at some for myself, and the cheapest one was 300, I'm certainly not going to let it go for less than fifty.

What do you suggest? Any buyers?
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new, stephen h

any readers/writers?

i'm looking at launching my new novel cleansing online soon as a subscription service...

if you're looking for some new reading material, click here to find out more about the project and download the first chapter as an exclusive sample preview. you can also find out about other projects i'm working on and other ideas i'm considering. note: subject matter not intended for children/not safe for work.

as always, any critique is welcome - i'm not just looking for people to tell me how good/awful they think it is, but any actual specific/detailed constructive criticism would be most appreciated.


-s h

x-posted to pdx_artists - by the way, if you're a local artist, or want to get to know more local artists, come on over and check out the community!

Hoping for a little help!

Hi! I am relocating to Portland at te beginning of next year and am looking for a new hairdresser. I've been really stressing out about having to trust a new person with my head!! Thanks for any help in advance.

also posted to portland


(no subject)

What's with traffic today? Way worse than usual. Worse than Seattle traffic today.

That being said, there's three things that will make things go a lot more smoothly for everyone:

  • If you're on an onramp or your lane is ending, state law requires you to yield to through traffic. Merge as early as possible, not as late as possible. Stay out of intersections (even on green) unless there's room for you on the other side of the intersection or you have room to turn left without stopping in the intersection. See page 38 in the Oregon driver's manual for details.

  • Solid lane lines means no lane changes (unless there's a restricted (diamond) lane on the other side and you meet the restriction requirements, like HOV or bicycle lanes). Tunnels always mean no lane changes, whether or not it's marked as such. Wait it out.

  • You can turn left on red if you're turning onto a one way street or freeway onramp, even if you're turning from a two way street in Oregon and Washington. If you have the opportunity to make a permitted left, quit holding everyone up and just hang the damn thing already! See page 36 of the Oregon driver's manual for details.

  • Anyone who fails to pull over for emergency vehicles deserves to have their 911 call go unanswered and unhelped in a time of need. Pull as far to the right as possible, don't be afraid to crowd someone. STOPPING WHERE YOU ARE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. See page 87 in the Oregon driver's manual for details.

Thanks for keeping Oregon moving by understanding and following instructions you should have learned prior to getting your license.

Seeking: Freelance writer for keyword articles

I'm in the process of bidding on freelance work for keyword articles. The length is about 500 words. Keyword density should be about 3%. I'd like to have one or two other people with whom to share the work. My ideal writing partners would have impeccable grammar.  You should be able to keep your word with regard to deadlines. You should also write with some style and flair.  

Also, I need to continue negotiating ASAP, so your speed of reply will be appreciated.

Email me if you would like to talk about this. A sample would help me know you're serious.


tisoto at gmail dot com
Beauty - HUH?

Massages for moms?

Hey DP,

So where can I send my mom for some lovely, moderately-priced, last-minute birthday pampering this coming Saturday? I'm thinking somewhere that does massages and facials and that isn't run by scary hipsters. Shiny bonus points for the 'Burbs -- specifically, the Hillsboro/Beaverton area.

And... go! :)
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Willy Week revamp

The Willamette Week did a major revamp with the new issue. Good? Bad? Indifferent?

It's smaller, lots of typography changes, new logo.

I disliked just about every change. The type seems smaller, tiny in some cases. Not good. And I'm not all *that* old, I can still see OK, but...microscopic type so you can save printing charges?

And the new logo looks like a row of smokestacks. Not very "Portlandish" IMHO.

(no subject)

Ok here's my problem of the night/week/life I don't now how to like just fnd new music I like. I don't want to listen to the radio and I don't want to have to go to a CD store or something equally as social.

So I just need to know if there are any groups/artists whatever who sound like

Sneaker Pimps
Julie Londen
Gwen Stefani
Kottonmouth Kings

I like Jewel, Dido, Old nelly furtado.. shit like that

I hate how I am wathing TV right now and I heard a amazing song and I have no idea how to even find it. I have no idea what kind of Genre I even like. I am musically lost. At least I will always have Gwen STefani

Portland Related because the music scene here impresses and frightens me


I found my answer to that first question!!! Thanks DRJEFF

now I also want to know if anyone can suggest some real good gagster style music, southern cali are incluences Dr Dre stuff like that anyhing I may not have heard of I want it long beach and compton... sorry not portlanded related
sleepy ethereal

Zenana Spa for Mothers & Pregnant Women

An earlier post here reminded me of Zenana spa. I figure that someone here might be interested to know that there is a spa / salon in town that caters to the needs of parents of young children and pregnant women.

They offer services that are designed for pregnant women, post-partum, and any time. They have classes and workshops (lactation, parenting, etc.) and best of all they have childcare from 10am - 2pm (M-F).

A good friend of mine did their childcare recently, which is how I heard about them in the first place. My impression is that they are very selective about who they choose and that they try to make sure that it's someone who is very gentle and in tune with the needs of babies and children, not to mention AP-friendly, which may be important to many of you.

I have yet to try it out. But, I have heard many good things about them. They are located in the Clinton neighborhood at 2024 SE Clinton St and here is a link to Zenana's web-site.