September 24th, 2007

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Job Opening

For any damnportlander looking for some part-time work, I just thought I'd point out that Roloff Farms (a.k.a. Little People, Big World family) is hiring seasonal work. I wonder if they are doing that big pumpkin catapult this year?

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'Hot Hot Heat' tickets

*edit* sold, no more inquires needed!

I bought 2 hot hot heat tickets for a friend of mine for their show at the wonder ballroom tonight, but unfortunately some things came up and she wont be in town....

anyhow I am not familiar with the band and but i figured with the diversity of DP someone on here would probably like to see this show and might not have bought tickets in time....

I bought them for 15 each.... but would be happy to get 20 bucks for the 2.... i can bring them to where you are (in reasonable range of NE) .... if you are interested in this please drop a reply here or message me at segwaysales @ , first come first serve!
Oh and the show is ALL AGES in case that is deciding factor!



Did anyone else go see Guster last night. It was a good show....I even got to touch adam before when I was in line - he gave me a tshirt ! yay! Well, it was weird seeing a bunch of little tons of teenagers. And, to the teenagers making out - sick. I wanted to kick them.
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Looking for a job?

Looking for a IT Job?

The company I work for is looking to hire my replacement. Windows XP, Server 2003, Exchange, AD, SQL, Crystal? Leave a comment and I'll be in touch.
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Flow it, show it, long as god can grow it, my hair!

Best place in town for hair extensions that won't break the bank? (yes, I know they can be spendy...)

After several years of short hair, I'm growing it back out, and I've never gotten extensions before. I don't want super-long ones, just enough to add a couple of inches, and disguise the in-betweenish quasi-mullet phase I'm stuck in right now.

My hair is in really good condition, too, so something that's less damaging to it would be ideal.


I have two questions:

First, what would you consider the most cost-effective way to learn a foreign language? I'm not talking about some 'learn french in 15 minutes!' book, I want to learn it well enough to communicate. How good are community college programs? Are they worth considering? Are there better private organization programs that are affordable?

Second, how would one go about finding some sort of painting group? Either a) are there community groups that get together to paint, and how would I go about learning about them? or b) some classes through some community learning organization that are pretty cheap.
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Just a reminder: tomorrow is the Pirate Singles Mixer Meetup! It's being held at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon. Minors, non-pirates, and non-single-types are also welcome and the meetup faq is here.

So! Raise your right hand if you're coming and dressing as a pirate!

...Raise your LEFT hand if you're coming and you're single!

Aaaand stick out your tongue if you are NOT dressing up, are NOT single, but are showing up anyway!

Finally, if you're not coming at all, kiss my ass wiggle your toes! Or something.

*drinks* *raises both hands*

TIVO request?

Hello, DP! Would someone out there with TIVO be willing to download and send me tonight's 6.30 cast of the CBS Evening News? The non-profit I work for part-time, the Berry Botanic Garden, will be on tonight, and we'd love to keep it for posterity!

In exchange for??

Thank you!!

PS: I still have two Entertainment books, good until November 1. Anyone? Anyone?

Healthy Pets NW customers, beware!

So: Healthy Pets Northwest on Alberta had some kind of issue with their credit card machine that caused them to lose some information. In response, they recharged everyone who came in during the time in question.

So: If you went into this pet store during the week of August 10th, you may want to check your bank statement, as a "mystery charge" may have suddenly appeared.

In spite of their claim that the charges for this week "didn't go through" my bank statement tells another story. Now I have to go into their store with my bank statements to prove that I've already paid. Nice.

While I've had a good experience with this pet store up until this point, their customer service has been shit for this issue. The asshole I spoke with said that there had been "a number of calls" about this issue all day, the response I got was one as if it were a customer failure - not the failure of the business. If I were unable to physically come to the store, my only other option for resolving the issue would be "mailing in your bank statements". Yikes.

Consider yourselves warned.

Places to Make Pottery / Ceramics!

I am an aspiring potter looking for a place to make stuff, is there a place like this in the SE area? I am in Westmoreland and would love to have someplace close to practice my hobby. I have heard of PCC and will look there soon but wanted to see if anyone else knew of any place offering classes with fees or space just to work and fire your completed pots.

I love thee Damportlandia!

Mushroom Class!

Chasing the Rain: A Mushroom Treasure Hunt

This fun(gal) travelogue features stories from expeditions across the globe, including Tibet, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and North America. Fast-paced and informative, it’s a dazzling sampling of mycological riches. Mushroom enthusiast Taylor Lockwood has traveled the globe hunting for new and beautiful species to photograph, meeting other fungophiles, and raising the awareness of an often overlooked kingdom. Taylor's work as an "aesthetic mycologist" has inspired nature lovers everywhere.

Monday, 10/8/07
11505 SW Summerville, Pdx
$10 ($8 Members)

xposted, local-style. Feel free to pass it on!! And tell them you saw it on LJ!


Does anyone else have a dried out nasally itchy feeling? My nose has been acting up and kind of running and my throat is scratchy. Is it allergies? Tell me Portlanders...
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Lame, I know

Does anyone have a Mac OS X cd that I could buy/borrow from you? It would be greatly appreciated! It's for a PowerMac G4, btw. Thanks a ton if you can help!
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Dressed to fit

I'm looking for a dress, a particular style of dress, much like this. 50sish, Marliyn Monroe type.

I was told that Anthropologie carries them, but was wondering if anyone else had some insight on where to find these beautiful gowns?
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Tobacco Measure full court press

I imagine this is on TV and the radio, but since I don't have those, I've noticed it in mailings.
There is a measure coming up for a tobacco tax, and normally, I might actually be against it.
(My reasons for being against it are that A) Cigarette taxes do tend to fall more on the poor than others, B) it is a tax on a specific item, being written into the state constitution, C) it probably will end up feeding various bureaucracies)
But, I think that I have to vote for it, just because, honestly, the slick, smarmy manipulative tobacco company campaign raises my hackles so much that I am voting against them, almost out of spite.

omsi - is it worth it?


i'll be in your fair city in a couple weeks and i'm thinking of going to omsi. i'm a bit of science-y dope, but i'm not hard core. is 'the human worlds' worth the $40 for my man and me? should i even consider omsi? i've heard mixed opinions.

thanks, dp