September 23rd, 2007

Timbuk2, Chrome, or ???? for Laptop/Textbook Commuting

Hey all, do any of you have personal thoughts about Timbuk2, Chrome, or another bag vendor? I need to stow a 17" widescreen Dell Inspiron 1720 along with a textbook or two.

I plan on biking with my gear. Style is great, but functionality is essential. Any local vendors for these or your favorite bags?

Best of luck to everyone Racing for the Cure!!
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Looking for a house to rent.

My room mate and I have been looking for a home to rent in the NE/N/NW/Downtown Portland areas, but I'm not sure where to look. I know Craigslist is sometimes good, but I don't really have any other resources. We're hoping to find a 2 or 3 bedroom house for the two of us for hopefully no more than $850 on rent, not factoring in utilities, we would factor those in seperately..

Any ideas where would be a good place to look? I'm sure it's right under my nose, but unfortunately we both work a lot so finding time other than while I'm at work is hard..

Thank yoooou for any advice. :D
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PSU Tango Club Garage Sale

Dudes, we are having a garage sale for our club. Right this very moment!! And you should come, say hi, look at our stuff, support rec clubs at PSU, all that good stuff. Yay! We've got dishes, housewares, some great old vintage dresses, tons of stuff.

2804 NE 18th (right on the 8 bus), until 5pm today
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Sandy River Delta Park

Okay, where is Sandy River Delta Park (AKA 1,000 Acre Park)? It was written up in City Dog magazine and it was my intent to go and do a recon-trip out while cruising over to Edgefield for their equinox celebration this afternoon. It sounds like a great place to take the doggers and I out but I can't find it in the usual ways (Google, wandering around a virtual map, playing with my local hard copy maps).

NE Portlanders

Bye and Bye? Anyone go on Saturday? What's it like? Comparatively? Drink prices?

I hate that I missed the opening, but I got sucked in elsewhere. My neighbor went to the soft opening and loved it but it may have been the free liquor talking.
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Donation pickup

I've got several bags of clothing to donate as I get ready to sell my house, and I'd prefer to have them picked up. I'm blanking on who I've used in the past -- every few months, I get a "We'll be in your neighborhood this week" postcard. I want to say it's a Veterans' support organization, but I'm not finding anything on google other than Amvets, which doesn't seem to operate in this region.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Free shit. - GONE


I know there's Craigslist and freecycle, but I prefer giving stuff away to you Damnportlanders. Though if no one speaks up, I'll post it on CL anyway.

So I've got these chrome-like media shelves that I can't use anymore. The shelves are adjustable, as are the feet to make it level. I live near N. Mississippi and N. Skidmore, you can pick them up or give me $5 to deliver in the general area ;)

Oh and there are two of them!

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Restaurant recommendation - Paitong Thai at NE 80th and Glisan

Since buying a house in the area I've been scouting out local eateries and was excited when I discovered a new Thai place opening up. I've eaten there twice and it's really a wonderful restaurant! It unassuming on the outside but the interior is very tastefully done. The owners are from northern Thailand and are very nice. They make very fresh, bright and flavorful food and are very aware of the sourcing of all of their ingredients. The prices are quite reasonable. They have a very wide selection of dishes, too, with many soups and many salads. Great place, go check it out!

Disclaimer: I don't know the owners or any of the employees. I just love the place :)
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Sept 26: oh em gee RAHZEL!!! (Hawthorne Theater/Theatre)

My friend becca/"babylawnmower" is a rather interesting, I haven't found a resource as good as what she wrote on the pipeline for this style of music and this show (if you know of one, please direct. So, I've reproduced her piece here from the Pipeline.

From Julian:

More on Portland music (155), SE/Southeast Portland (105) , Hawthorne Theater (3), and Hawthorne Street (10).

From babylawnmower:

I love Yuri Lane. I love Fogatron. And I was especially delighted when Reggie Watts threw a little beatboxing action into his TBA multimedia performance at the Someday Lounge a couple weeks ago.

But the granddaddy of them all is Rahzel, the self-styled "godfather of noise." My quibble with his chosen moniker is that, contrary to the negative connotations of the word "noise," his (stuff) is in fact the dopest of the dope.

If you have never experienced his maxillojugular symphony "If Your Mother Only Knew," then you have not witnessed some of the greatest sounds the human body is capable of emitting. As long as I am able to enjoy their beauty, there are some phenomena I just don't need to understand: flight, faxing, and beatboxing.

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trust, books

A very odd question I know...

However, I can't seem to find much of real great use so far (perhaps not going through menopause I don't know what to look for). I wanted to make my mum a giftbox full of delightful and helpful treats for the going-through of menopause, and realized I have no idea where to start. I don't think I can get my paws on a few years' worth of Valium, which was my father's only suggestion. And that was for him.

So, ladies, or perhaps men with wives of a certain age, or any of you who may know: What are the most helpful tools for menopause (preferably as natural as possible)? I heard a vague rumor that there are special nightgowns for sweating, but that's as far as I've gotten. Are there any... I don't know... herbs or potions or lotions that help with it? Or if nothing else, any helpful books full of hints and tips?

Thanks much :)
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Discreet Sunday shout out!

I have it on good authority that the manager of the Castle Superstore is a damnportlander, and I promised I'd give a public thank you for some serious discounts on "party favors" that made for very cool pinata stuffing materials.

/cryptic endorsement.

Oh, and hey, how 'bout that weather, huh?

p.s. Anyone need a couple dozen chocolate flavored condoms?
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Dr. Damnportlanders...

So my right pupil has been twitching on and off (not every day, but at least once a week for about an hour) for about 2 months now.

I wear contacts, but I take really good care of them/my eyes.

Anyone gone through this? Ideas? The intertron tells me that I'm stressed, but that's if my eyelids are twitching, right?

Please don't prescribe cowbell. I's allergic.


I want to start going back to church, and I'm not sure where I should go since I've moved quite far away from the last one I went to.
There's one really nice one close to me, and I liked the people, but it's mostly older married people. I'm in my 30's and unmarried, so I really need to be around other single people too just to have friends that can hang out and do things, and potentially meet someone special someday. Do any of you go to a great church with much of a singles population?

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Okay, folks. Input would be appreciated. :)

I've just started music appreciation/piano lessons for my nieces. Sadly, I was exposed to the fanatical horrors of Hannah Montana, and was told that hearing a recording was better than seeing someone play it in front of you. Egads. My nieces are 8 and 11, come from a house of TV-sitting and loose discipline, and I want - nay, need - to expose these rambunctions girls to some live, halfway diverse music before they're complete drones. We're mostly on the west side. And I'm probably paying for whatever out-of-pocket. These are the circumstances I have to work with. So, are there any appropriate shows, festivals, events, whatever, coming up soon? Help me show these culturally starved children that there's a lot of fascinating and non-whorish musical talent out there. Much obliged!


I ushered at a preview performance tonight of the Portland Center Stage production of Cabaret, with Wade McCollum as the MC and Storm Large as Sally Bowles.

It's a tight, well-done show, and Storm's Sally Bowles is incredible. I highly recommend it.