September 22nd, 2007

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one of my online classes requires us to visit various websites and report back on our interaction. i've been keeping a log of the places i visit in my bookmarks, and thought some of you might enjoy the site i was playing with this evening.

we're looking at it because it relates to our current unit on symmetrical and asymmetrical balance in art. you should look at it cause it's something cool to pass the time at two a.m.


(this is posted in my personal journal as well; just thought i'd offer up some salve for you insomniacs trolling dp with nothing to do)

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Does anyone know off hand if there's a law in Oregon that says if a landlord charges their tenant for something or there's a late fee that will have other late fees added if not payed they have to tell the tenant within a certain amount of time and they can't wait 6 months to tell the tenant that they have been adding late fees onto late fees until it adds up to hundreds of dollars of debt?

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For anyone that was thinking about Scrabble at Sound Ground this afternoon.

I'll be there a little earlier than 1...actually I'll be there at 12 if you can make it earlier. Here is a little bit of TMI. I had to take my dog to get neutered this morning and I thought I'd be able to pick him up early evening but I have to get him between 1-2 so yeah...if you can make it earlier that would be choice...if not I'll leave my board there with you guys until I get back.

okaiart at hotmail dot com is the email...

Cheap flights to Chicago

If I showed up at the airport on a Friday night and said I wanted the next flight to Chicago, do they have some kind of reduced rate thing, like just to fill a seat?
Anyone know much about this?
A regular RT to Chicago is always around $400 I think, trying to find something cheaper.

Private hot tub rentals?

Does anyone out there know of any private hourly hot tub rentals in the Hillsboro/Aloha/Beaverton area? Or even within a half hour drive of that area? Looking for a nice evening for my husband and I and I'm having a difficult time. I've searched the net and the yellow pages and I have only come up with one very expensive place down on Stark Street.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

rental/moving questions

can anyone suggest a place to look for house/apartment rentals (inner portland area) outside of craigslist? while craigstlist is great, i'm wondering if there is another decent place to look that would have unique listings not also on craigslist?

also, any recommendations for movers would be great too!

thanks for your time!
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