September 21st, 2007



DamnPortlanders...many of you are already a part of Portland's newest and coolest running club...but if you're not I thought I'd let you know:

damnrunners are meeting for their very first weekly run on Sunday September 30th at 10:00am...we'll meet at OMSI to run the Esplanade.  
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Self-Published Comics

Greetings PDers,

    Still compiling the list of advice you all posted to me the last time, I come to you again seeking your information regarding the city dwellers. As mentioned in my previous posts, I am a writer on the staff of a self-published comic book called Comics Obscura based out of Lansing, MI. I am looking to make contacts here in Portland with other self-published comic book writers or artists ,and also, to get information on comic shops/book shops that may be willing to put our issue on their shelves.

  Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again!
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dun dun... dun dun....

Question for the ages...

I've been stopped at the bar quite a few times over the past three months to be asked about my hanky hanging out of my back pocket. Where did I get it? How much was it? Was I aware that it brings out my eyes?

Aside from that last one, I felt no reason to question the interests of strangers, and so I left it alone. Now, of course, I've been made aware of a certain subcultural code... and I'm just happy to know that my colors of choice are in line with my preferences. (ironic?)

What I want to know is this: Which of you (if any) knew about this, and is it IYHO making a comeback up hereabouts in Portland? Also, if my intuition serves me, said comeback would seem to have all the earmarks for transcending gender basis and/or preference.



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In keeping with my post earlier this week I think it was, Tomorrow Saturday, September 21st at 1pm, Depending on response, I want to get some people together to play Scrabble at Sound Grounds on SE 36th and Belmont. Respond here and lets try to arrange something...I think it could be a blast.

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Studio Sale

A friend of ours used to have a home decor business. They've transitioned into children's clothing and so they're clearing out their stock...

Studio Clearance Sale
Handcrafted Home Décor &
Personal Accessory Items

Featuring: Many one of a kind

*Pillows and Footstools
*Christmas Stockings and Tree Skirts
*Table Runners and Sachets
*Embossed Velvet Scarves and Handbags
*Silkscreened Kids T-shirts

40-60% discounts & closeout specials
Also: A huge selection of unique fabrics and trim at great prices!

Saturday, 9/22 from 10 am- 6 pm
Sunday, 9/23 from 11 am – 4 pm

1833 N. Sumner Street (2 blocks northwest of Alberta and Interstate)
Portland, Or 97217

request for assistance

is there anyone near lloyd center who could give me a short much-needed ride?

I can repay you in cupcakes and appreciation. also, I just remembered, I can give you a little gas money by paypal.

I know this might sound weird and a little snarkable, but this is my first time coming to the mall by regular transit and I don't have enough get up and go to make it to the bus place. if I can just get there, I can make it the rest of the way. i'm putting my number in a comment. thanks.
  made it. thanks.
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Camping in Mt. Hood

Hey gang,

We're still technically Oregon newbies and have yet to go camping in the Mt. Hood area. Searching through books and online options, there are apparently about a bazillion campgrounds in the area. So I want to know: what are your favorite campgrounds for a Fall weekend? We have a tent, but would be interested in shelter cabins/yurts as well, since it's getting chilly...

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Stupid, but lots of people will like it

I like looking at random pictures. I have a big picture folder on my computer, full of various odd pictures I've picked up over the years. (BTW, I know how that last sentence could be snarked).

So, anyone who wants to, post a picture with something could be a picture of you, a place you visited, or it could be some piece of net photoshop silliness.

My only request is that none of the images be (too) sexual or disturbing.

ETA: Oh yeah, and dollars will get you donuts that the comments on this thread will take a loooooong time to load. Part of the fun!