September 20th, 2007

New Mixes

I've put up two new mixes. One with just some newish rock and roll and hip hop, Here. Then one more conceptual one based on an old mix that Michael put up about a year ago entitled palindromes where he matched covers with the originals. My mix is called Mirror.

I hope you enjoy them

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Internet Music Stations

Good morning to all of you fortunate enough to be up/awake/at work :-)

I'm somewhat well acquainted with - and I love the fact that there is streaming free music with a practically endless supply of music.


Pandora doesn't yet have classical music options, and while they do have a "search by artist" option, I'm not so up and up on artists that primarily create instrumental music, other than Yo Yo Ma and a scattering of classical musicians.

If you have any favorite pianists, cellists, or know of some musical artists that might provide some relaxing mood music for my little nook of the dental practice, post away!

Enjoy the beautiful day that is to be.
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Futon frame and pad for sale.

Craigslist won't let me post to classifieds and I'm pretty sure my roommate is sick of this stuff being strewn around already (20 minutes later), so I figured I'd put it up here in the hopes someone needs a futon frame and pad.

I figure for the set $40? It's a real good couch, but if you sleep on it for too long (or have too much weight unevenly distributed, apparently) the frame can shift a little. The pad part has been spilled on just a little, but it can be washed pretty easily- I, however, don't own a washer or drier so I'm not going to do it for you. This was the office/guest room couch/bed so used not as frequently and was bought in April of this year.

I just got a new mattress/bed from Ikea so this stuff has to go, the sooner the better. Please come get it! I will be checking this compulsively until I can get back onto Craigslist, so I can guarantee a first response :)

Jena 6 support rally tonight

I just got this action alert in my inbox and thought some of y'all would be interested. For information about the case, check out


There's a support demonstration in Portland today for the Jena 6, coinciding with a large rally happening in Louisiana.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 7 - 8:30pm.
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church - 5828 NE 8th Ave.

They are asking folks to dress in black and to bring a candle.
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The greatest MMORPG the world has ever known, finally reviewed!

"'Incredible NPC AI'? I find the notion that they have any AI at all questionable. Nevertheless, because of the massive fees involved in doing anything 'outside' you are likely to spend most of your time “inside” in order to accumulate the requisite funds. So, forgo the 'Inside' expansion and you’ll find yourself unable to participate in most of the game features."

Clicky for story. :)

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C'mon... help a girl out.

I need a computer guy/gal who can come out to my office RIGHT NOW. Anyone have any suggestsions?

The problem: E-mails to my boss are bouncing and I don't know why. I usually manage the e-mail servers and things, and 90% of the time I can figure it out, but this time I'm just stumped.

Can anyone recommend a computer/network repair person who will come out to our office TODAY and make it so that my boss stops yelling at me? I'd appreciate it.

More details: We're a small company, and cheap, we do our hosting through a crappy online host ( Our e-mail servers are through them, and ever since they implemented a bunch of new anti-spam software about a month ago, our e-mail has been wonky. Now, I have been able to access that anti-spam software through cPanel, and for the moment, I think that I have disabled all of the filters so that EVERYTHING is coming through (annoying, but still...).

I looked at my boss's computer to see if he has a firewall or antivirus software that may be blocking those things, but I looked through the control panel of his antivirus software (avast) and it said that e-mails should still be coming through, even if suspect, but placed in a quarantine folder.

My boss's computer is running Windows XP Pro and he checks his e-mail with Outlook 2003 Pro. But the problem may be more company-wide than just him. Most everyone else is also on XP or XP pro and most of us are also using Outlook 2003 Pro.
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Latin Film Festival

Is anyone going to the premier of the Latin Film Festival tonight? I'm thinking about going. They are showing a movie (I think at the Museum), then hosting an opening night party at Living Room Theaters.  (the festival will be going on until Sunday, with different movies and showtimes)

Let me know if I'll be bumping into you there. 
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(no subject)

Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in a ladies' bowling night? I'm thinking the Hollywood Bowl, which I've never been to but is conveniently located on the Max line. Other suggestions are welcome though. Also, would this sort of thing be better as a weekly or a biweekly or a monthly shindig?
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need a good gym!

I need a good functional gym. Functional meaning good for people who are working out for athletic performance over looks. I just moved here and I was so spoiled by my old HUGE gym that everywhere I go depresses me completely. I need a large, cold 25m pool with more than 3 lanes, good locker rooms that provide privacy, no co-ed saunas, and spin classes.

Anything like that around Portland and even better near Ladd's Addition? I'm desperate :( If nothing like that exists is there any place to swim in an olympic pool like a high school or something?
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Finding a good home for my used car--to a fellow damnportlander, no less. It is a good feeling that my 20 year-old vehicle is still a viable project car for someone out there, and that I didn't have to worry about towing costs, jump-start charges, or things like that!

2. Being treated to a delicious dinner at Toro Bravo from aforementioned damnportlanders friends. As posted here several days ago, the dining experience (the food, the atmosphere, and the service) was exquisite!

3. Discovering a discount bin at Cacao chocolate boutique. Yay for affordable yumminess!

4. Running into a fellow damnportlander during Bike to the Future riding event last Sunday. It was nice having company during the ride!

5. A fellow damnportlander who makes killer home-made grappa. Hot damn!

6. Imperial Teen show at The Fez this Saturday evening. If I can sneak away from a party, I may go see this....
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America's tire FTW

I would just like to give major Kudos to America's Tire I went to Les Schwab last week to get my air checked on my tires and they said one of my tires was flat but the wait was 45 mins-1 hour. I had stuff to do that day so I figured I'd have it checked out later. The next day I went to America's tire and they inspected my tires for me and found nothing wrong but told me to keep an eye on them. So today my rear driver side tire was looking low, so I went back to America's Tire and told them which tire it was. They inspected it, and found that there was nothing wrong with the tire, but it was the valve so they fixed that and sent me on my way. Both inspections and repair were all free. They were super friendly and even remembered me from two days ago when I went in. This was at the Beaverton location, but I am sure their other locations in Portland are just as good.
Two thumbs up, highly recommended.
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Where to get cat spayed? --- Vet Recommendation

Do any of you fine Damn Portlanders have any recommendations on where to take our cat to get her spayed?

There is a stray cat that adopted us recently and we have reason to believe that, although it looks like she has been around people before, that she may not be spayed. She looked like she was pregnant when she first arrived (enlarged nipples, nesting behavior). But, more than two months later there are no kittens. So, maybe she miscarried.

We took her into the vet that our neighbor recommended (Hawthorne Veteranary Clinic around SE 24th Ave or thereabouts) to have her checked out when she first showed up. But, I get the feeling that they might be a little on the pricey side. I'm not sure. So, does anyone have any recommendations for a good vet that doesn't overcharge for her/his services, in particular getting a cat spayed?

- - - - - -

NOTE : I'm not looking for someplace with "sliding scale" fees. We wouldn't qualify for anything like that. Mostly it's that I want to find someplace that others have had good experiences with and that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. I don't even know what the median price for this type of service is! What's a reasonable price for getting a cat spayed, anyhow????
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mail art adventure

i have finally acquired my p.o. box.

please feel free to send me anything nice and pretty and artsy and fun.

no hate mail.

things i would like to receive include the following, but are not limited to:
love letters
care packages
things you find in your junk drawer that i can make art with
anything shiny. [gold is my favorite color]

S. MacDee
P.O. Box 11613
Portland OR 97211
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I have bronchitis. I am not 100% sure because I have no health care to go to a doctor, but my co-worker got bronchitis a week back and bot myself and another coworker have identical symptoms.

I checked, web,md and my symptoms match. What i am asking you wise damnportlanders is, do you have any personal home remedy tips to make the pain feel a little better.

I am taking Tylenol for the fever, cough drops for the sore throat, and I am taking hot steam showers for the wheezing.




EDIT: Mucinex really works! Thanks!

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a site I used to have bookmarked has gone defunct, related to Fairview State Hospital, but its cached version is here:,+or&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=13&gl=us

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.. shredded :D

some pictures:

Dear Belmont Stumptown Coffee Shop:

I was unimpressed with your lack of scene kids, snotty elitist Portlanders & the shitty service that all 6 (six) reviews on raved about. There was only 1 (one) hipster couple in the whole place & the sneer the aqua-netted, be-flanneled chick gave me was sub par, at best. The only reason I went was because I wanted to immerse myself in the Portlander Elite culture. Good latte, but no dice on the attitude. Shit. I even got a smile from the lady at the counter when I ordered!!!

Would I have better luck with the Division location? I find myself out of touch with the Portlander culture. I want to be snubbed for my pleather sneakers made by small, impoverished children & my dated but not dated enough clothes. Also, I use no hairspray. I'm pretty sure you have a coffee shop full of people who can have a good snicker at that around here somewhere.

Thank you, I guess.


P.S. Please do not refer me to the Doug Fir. They couldn't drag me in there using one of those new fancy trucks that drag stuff up cliff sides that they've been showing on TV. That's just a bit too much for this particular lady.
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