September 19th, 2007

Exposing personal data to meth-heads

(while going through my email this popped up and since this is a very NW thing and portland thing.... i am curious on your thoughts on the following mail i recieved!)

I had a humbling experience this weekend that got me thinking about
data security; I purchased a box of Sudafed at a Seattle pharmacy. Of
course, given its connection to methamphetamine abuse, this
"dangerous drug" is no longer available to casual shoppers. Instead,
I selected from the pharmacy shelf, a card that resembled the box I
wanted to purchase. I presented this card to the pharmacist.

She asked to see my state driver's license and reached for a thick
logbook sitting on the counter. The logbook contained roughly 100
pages of identical tables. Each page had close to 20 rows. The
pharmacist proceeded to copy my name, address, driver's license
number and license expiration date into a fresh row on the partially
populated page. She then asked me to sign to record. Examining the
log, I found a cautionary message detailing the penalties I could
expect upon entering false data, but not a word about how my data
would be handled and protected, or to whom they will be disclosed.

What struck me as particularly dangerous about this process is recent
media attention of a correlation between methamphetamine abuse and
identity theft. Here is a logbook full of juicy personal data, and
the authorities insist that people, whom they suspect are drug
abusers, view a dozen or so identity records when purchasing the raw
materials for their next batch. How hard would it be for an
individual to memorize the record above, or simply run out the door
with the entire logbook? Whom does this process serve?

*EDIT* if I were a id thief tweaker i would just fake a phone call and take a cell pic of the whole thing! but lets all be happy i am not id theft tweaker!
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Make the hurty stop DP

So while at my office bitch job on Monday I attempted to open the shrink wrap on a pallet of copy paper with a pair of scissors. It did not end well. (Unless you count bleeding like crazy under your favorite things to do.) Anyways, I was taken over to a occupational health clinic a couple buildings down from mine.

(I'm getting to the point, I swears.)

They made me soak my finger in something that FEELS like it should have sterilized it and administered a tetanus shot. It wasn't bad at all, the shot that is. Compared to the throbbing finger, anyways. But since Monday, my arm has hurt more and more to the point that I can barely lift it. The nurse was kind enough to give me the shot in the opposite arm from my hurt hand so I feel like a bird with 2 broken wings. Aside from making showering like an act of Congress, my arm hurts!

So the relevant conundrum, dear DP: Is this normal for a tetanus shot? I haven't had one in like 10 years and don't really remember it specifically.

Also, are there any tips out there on how to make the arm hurt less?

Thanks DP!

PS- Yarr and all that...

Wed morning commute rant

Dear Sir on the bike,

Next time you decide to knock on my car window [while I'm sitting at a red light and reading a text message that my friend just sent me -- mind you, just reading it..not driving 60mph and texting back frantically] and start lecturing me about cell phone use, once that light turns green I'm going to ram into you so hard and shove that cell phone so far up your ass that it's gonna knock out your tonsils...
And same goes for any other self-righteous asswipe who think it's their duty to lecture car/SUV drivers, cellphone users, cigarette smokers, pot smokers, tattooed people, gay people...etc...
When I'm God I'm gonna make it legal to shoot and kill such individuals at the spot [I'm talking about the self-righteous asswipe types].
And I realize that some of you are now thinking that when you're god you're gonna make it legal to shoot and kill people like me...but you're never gonna be god so I don't have anything to fear >:-P

the bitch from hell
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Xmas Socks

Body Worlds 3

So since everyone I know that had any interest in going to this exhibit has already gone or is neglecting to call me back; I've decided to go anyway without 'em! I'll be hitting up OMSI around 2 or 230 today since I've got the day off. Anyone else want to meet up and go? Let me know!


As promised, I made an LJ community for the new DamnPortlanders Running Club. Check it out. We're going to have a blast!


PS I'm still working out a few kinks and all that. Help would be GREATLY appreciated. Membership is even more appreciated (so I don't feel like a total dork for starting a community)

PPS Yo-ho me hearties! (and all that) 
Lego Batman Rain

Portlanders...remove that bumper sticker. Its over. Way over. Yar.


This isn't a political blog.  I cannot express that enough.  I want to clarify something right here and now before I continue:  I do not like President Bush, but that's not because of his politics, its more because he's a retard who is corrupt.  Unlike say Corky from "Life Goes On" who is a retard but a shining individual of humanity.  Pretty original for a Portland guy from a blue state eh?  I consider myself fiercely independent and I won't be told by a party whom I should vote for.  I believe each candidate should be sized up by their character, beliefs as well as their intelligence and ability to lead.  That's about the beginning and the end of what I want to talk about politically.

But Portlanders seem to have a problem.  They can't let go.  And everyday on my drive to work I see at least three SUVs with this still slapped to the back of their bumper:

People.  Its time to let go. John Kerry was defeated.   Yes he was much smarter than Bush.  But he was unable to over come a terrible incumbent and reach out to voters outside of the realm of the blue states.  He's not the President, and odds are very good that he will never be the President.  

I know its a difficult thing, but maybe its time to peel that off of your car, or take down that lawn sign from the election that you have pressed up against your living room window.  I am sure by now, that all of your neighbors know your feelings regarding the election...and I am sure a vast majority of them agree with you.  But its time to stop. There is no precious Genesis Device that can whipe out time and  change the outcome of the election.  Its time to heal and think about the next step. 

Perhaps this will make you feel a lot easier:

Why whine about a lost election from a lame politician when there is actually hope that Obama might actually win?
Think proactively, not retroactively and get over it.


and a BEER in a tree

This may be a long shot, but does anyone have any idea how I could get Yuengling beer from PA here? I've researched their website as well as Belmont but no luck.

Or, if you've had Yuengling, do you know of a close enough substitute?

ok, thanks!

Pet friendly apartments

Are there any apartments that are within 15-20min driving distance from downtown Portland that allows pets? Below $630/month? I'm looking to move into a new neighborhood with my pup. I already check Craigslist on a daily basis and saw some links from the Oregon Humane Society (a bit outdated). Thanks!

Need to find software...

Someone built me a cheap computer with the new Windows Vista on it...
but it doesn't have office. Does anyone know where I could get a copy of Office for free?
Also, does anyone know sites that I can download Photoshop Pro from?

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How much drinking will be involved?

I would like to expand my horizons and try my hand at baking vegan cookies. *drinks*

I am already quite skilled at baking non vegan delights, so I would like to be more versatile with my baking prowress and practice baking using only vegan ingredients.
I know that margarine can be used instead of butter (as long as I read the label)
Chocolate chips can be used as long as there is no milk/egg in them.
I can use agave nectar in place of honey...etc etc.

Do any of you out there have a completely vegan cookie recipe that tastes SUPER YUMMY?

I guess I would like to start with trying the old standby cookie recipes like
peanut butter cookies
vegan chocolate chip cookies
oatmeal cookies

If any of you have tried and true tested and tasted vegan cookie recipes that will blow peoples minds...please share with me =)

Thank you and enjoy this GORGEOUS day!!!
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Hey Portland,0,2821623.story?coll=la-tot-callocal&track=ntothtml

We all love the earth. And we love saving energy. We also love Portland. How do we create a "Lights Out Portland" so we can shut off the lights for an hour? I think it would be really awesome to see the stars at night and it would send a message on the west coast. I bet we could do it and make it a yearly thing. What do you think?
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phone cards

Hi everyone,
I'm going to spend two months in Guam starting next week. I've heard from multiple people that the best way to go is to buy calling cards here in the states, since they work very cheaply there as well (but it's a better deal to buy them here). Can someone recommend a place for me to buy them? I've heard Costco's the best but I'm pressed for time and can't make it out there. Is there someplace like Freddy's that sells cards? I'm at E 28th & Burnside.

Laser Scar Removal

So, I used to be kind of trashy (yeah, I know, not much has changed). I used to get in bar fights all the time, with bikers, with frat fraternity boys, with chicks (sometimes the fighting with the chicks would turn into making out and other stuff, you know how it is).

Well, I've turned a page, (well, as my ex-roommate would say, different paragraph, same page) and in my quest to be slightly less trashy (don't worry, I'm not giving up the making out with girls NEVER YOU FEAR), I am somewhat interested in getting one of my multitude of scars removed, depending on cost. Unfortunately Kaiser (shakes fist) consults cost $100 which is applicable to the balance of the full treatment. $10 co-pay to check out my scar removal possibilities? No prob, Bob. $100 just to see how much it's going to be? No, sir, thanks for playing. At least you told me before I took off all my clothes.

My question to you is: Have you had any laser scar removal? How much did it cost? Did you think it was worth it?

Thanks, damnpeople.
red triforce
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casting call for extras and stand-ins!

For the new Steve Zahn/Jennifer Aniston movie "Management."

Shoot dates are between Oct 9-Nov 21
No one under 18

we are looking for a variety of people but most specifically:
  • bald/semi bald 30-50 year old men
  • 10 hot ladies with porn star looks/bodies for a bikini scene

    If you are interested please come by tomorrow (thurs) and friday 10-5 to fill out a card and get a head shot at:

    Rutabaga Background Casting
    2580 NW Upshur
    (corner of upshur and 25th)

    pay is minimum wage and the cool experience of working on a movie!


    Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston lookalikes.

    Zahn lookalike must be w/in 1 inch of 5'9"
    Aniston lookalike must be w/in 1 inch of 5'4", 105-115lbs, and similar hair color

    If interested email with photo.

    pay is $125 a day.
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    Still a complete n00b to your town. :P

    Where can I find some deviled eggs? I went to Fred Meyer and Safeway and all of the people I asked looked at me like I was crazy, as if they never heard of deviled eggs before.

    Also, since I am still new here (and don't get out much other than to walk across the street to the porn shop or the bar), I am a bit unfamiliar with all of the grocery stores there are out here. I still think I should be looking for a Ralph's or a Fry's or a Kroger or some other grocery store chain from one of the previous states I have lived in over the past 4 years (no, I am not running from the law).

    Please, someone, help me satisfy my random deviled egg craving.


    (If anyone knows a place near 50th Ave & Powell that has them, that is good, too!)
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    Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

    It's kind of cool; you enter your age and find out what other people accomplished when they were your age. (Self-explanatory?) At any rate, maybe I shouldn't have done it when I'm bummed out, but some of the stuff is inspiring. 

    For example: At 35, Based on a nightmarish dream, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Other stuff isn't that great, like, Mozart stopped composing and started, well, you know. 

    The other thing: A Million Little Pictures --A camera (sale?) contest and exhibition. Do you think we could get a Portland group going?
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    another round...drycleaner?

     Yes, I have another where-do-I-find-it request: a drycleaner.  But not any old drycleaner.  A drycleaner willing to try a dress that was handmade, I'm pretty sure in the 70s - thus no care label or even a tag indicating what the fabric is.  It seems to me that someone slightly more fabric-knowledgeable than myself might be able to, uh, finger the fabric or something and know what it is and therefore what to treat it with.  I think it's slightly age-yellowed, and it has a few faintish stains of unknown origin I would like to get removed if possible.

    Thanks all, and cheers again!
    "What do you want from me?"

    a Where Can I Find for the sciencey-types

    The same questions and pattern, new item: 

    Where can I find lab notebooks?  Specifically, the composition notebooks you'd have to buy for your chemistry lab classes.  The kind I'm after used to have rounded corners, stiff blue textured cardboard covers, blue cloth binding, and green-lined yellow pages, though a couple years ago they started switching the covers to a purple-ish color, smooth paper binding, and pointy corners.  I'm well out of my chemistry courses and research, but I want to be geeky and use them for other notebooky purposes.  I can't even find the right kind online to use as a reference, nor do I have any of my old ones on hand, and I'd rather buy in real life than on the interweb.

    I suspect Powell's Technical or the PSU bookstore, though I haven't actually ventured out to look since I'm too busy blowing things up.  (That's all any chemist does, really.  It's all paths to blowing things up.)

    PS--OMSI has just announced that they will be open 24 hours for the final days of the Body Worlds 3 exhibit, so it will be open from 9am Friday, Oct 5 to midnight Sunday, Oct 7.  That means that you can go see plastinates at 4am!  Since I'll probably be there working, bonus points if you come in costume.

    Parker Vector pen

    About a decade ago, I had a Parker Vector. Smoothest pen I have ever used, sharp-looking pen to boot. Anyone know if/where they are sold in PDX? I have called around with no luck, done the internet search as well, so I am looking for an eyewitness account - have you seen the Parker Vector?

    (no subject)

    question for the people with Macs

    How do you clean the dust out from the inside. I am trying to figure this out for a Imac G5

    Secondly, can macs get viruses?

    Thirdly, any mac doctor recommendations?

    Art Show Benefit! This Friday!

    Hello Gorgeous Damnportlanders!

    Do you love local art from up and coming Portland artists?
    Do you love working against oppression and violence?
    Do you totally dig the amazing people at the Portland Women's Crisis Line?
    Do you like being able to check out all the Portland hotties at benefit art shows?

    If you answered "HECK YEAH!" to any of these questions, then you are totally destined to come to the very first ever PWCL Art Show Benefit! The whole sexy ordeal is going down this Friday night, 9/21/07 from 7pm to 11pm at the Green Dragon Firefighter's Collective - 3968 SE Mall St.

    Art! Cute Portlanders! Cheap Red Wine! How could it not be the best possible way to spend your Friday night? Be there or be someplace else not half as rad!


    Katie and Dave

    x-posted to my journal and pdx_edu
    little blue dog

    hey buddy, got a light?

    Peeps, where in Portland* can I find a decent selection of post lanterns?

    What's a post lantern, you ask? Why, it's an outdoor light fixture that looks something like this:

    * - besides Home Despot, Lowe's, and so forth ... really, I'm looking for specialty outdoor and/or lighting stores.

    Your whole family is made out of meat -

    (no subject)

    Does anyone ride the west bound max between Goose Hollow and Sunset TC around 6:30-7:00am on the weekdays? I'd like to start riding to work but I'm afraid MAX will be too busy to accommodate me and my bicycle.

    So, what is the rider level like during those times?

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