September 18th, 2007

Lego Castle Making
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Thanks dear DPers, for the amusing barrage of dating related posts. It made a super long day at work (8 a.m. to 9 p.m.!) not so bad after I had a chance to sit down and read livejournal.

But forget looking for a date, just order one!
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DamnRunning Club!

Hey all you DamnPortlanders...I want to start a running club. I started running last January and fell in love with the sport. I'm still veerrrrrryyyy slow but enthusiastic.
So...are you a runner? have you been thinking about becoming a runner? Lets start a club! We can go for weekly runs around town and train for races together!
If you've been thinking about running but feel a little bit intimidated  by it, may I suggest the couch to 5k running program? DP's own swingangelthestepbeneathand myself have all had great success with it!
Who wants to join me?

ETA: I'm SO EXCITED to see all this positive feedback. Hooray! I'm going to start a community specifically for the DP running club. Keep your eyes opened for it!
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Ipod Help

Hello all! Hope you're having an outstanding morning. So here's my problem. I have an Ipod Nano. It hangs out in my purse, and since I haven't gotten a fancy case for it, it just kinda sits there. I have this huge purse with all sorts of 'crap' in there. Now this morning I tried to plug my headphones into my ipod and the penis wasn't fitting in the vagina (for lack of technical terms). Upon futher inspection I realized something is stuck up in the hole. Is there a way I can get that stuff outta there with out damaging it? I want my ipod back!!!!!

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Best place to have a birthday dinner?

I'm planning to have a birthday dinner in Portland around Oct. 19 or 20th...wondering if you guys can give me ideas of restaurants to contact that is good with groups of up to 20. No private dinners- that stuff is too expensive! I prefer restaurants that are not super expensive, or too casual (Applebees). I'm open to restaurants that have a variety of food, rather than just sushi or just Indian food. Let me know!

mancannons + mongooses = halo.

So, Halo 3 comes out in a week from today, and if you're as cool as I am, you're kind of freakishly excited.

I'd like to get together with some folks for a LAN party, maybe a week or two after the release. Ya know -- play some multiplayer, score some headshots, ride some mongooses, jump on some mancannons (no, not that mancannon, perv).

If you're interested, respond here and/or email me at omg.kittens[at]gmail[dot]com. If you'd be able to host, let me know that, too. Also, feel free to join along even if you don't have an Xbox 360, or even if you don't plan on buying Halo 3. We can share. =]

To get yourself worked up into a feverishly nerdy tizzy of hype, check out 1up's excellent Halo 3 preview page and's BELIEVE site.

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Monster Sad Dog

Reaching Out to People in the SE Who Have Dogs...

I've got a cute sheprador puppy ("Monster") who, adorable as he is, is a handful at around 95 pounds. He's only a year old, so that still qualifies for puppy-hood, and makes him still young enough to learn new tricks.

He's a good dog, and minds his manners 90% of the time, but there is one thing I really, positively need to teach him. When he sees another dog he wants to play with, he really pays me no mind and just lunges. I can usually keep him calm down to the six-foot radius or so, but he lunges, gets the nose touch, and that's his reward, so he keeps doing it.

Here's where you other dog owners come in. It's hard to train Monster on this without the help of the other dog's owner. Even if Monster is doing the right thing, the other dog is a variable, so I can't be sure of what contexts I'm training him to be calm in. And I'm hesitant to ask people I run into on walks to help me out on the fly.

What I'm hoping to find with this post is someone who has a dog--old and calm, young and exuberant, it does not matter--who would be interested in finding a puppy-play-mate for their dog, and who would be willing to work with me to help get my dog to understand the right way to greet oncoming dogs. If you've got a young puppy who needs the same lesson, I'd be happy to switch off roles (we approach, you approach, etc.) I'm thinking 15 minutes, a couple of times per week (with 30 minutes of playing afterwards) would be great, if we could do it over the next couple of weeks.

If anyone has dog-friendly cats or small children whom they would like to volunteer for training purposes, that'd be great too. He's already very good with children, but more practice is always good practice. I've had him lie down and let a cat approach him a couple of times, but there, he could use even more practice to ensure he doesn't become a chaser.

But the big key is other dogs. Anyone interested? I'm near Reed, but willing to go to any number of parks in the area; Oaks park by the river is fine, Laurelhurst to the north or Woodstock park at 45th and Steele to the east of me is another favorite.


802.11b Airport Router

Hi All,

I've got an old skool (circa 2001) Apple Airport system which does 802.11b wifi in a reasonable range. I've upgraded to G (nobody told me N was coming), so my old B router is sitting around unused.

I tried to trade it off once before on DB, but the person who offered me a $25.00 gift certificate to the restaurant he works at suddenly stopped writing, so here I am again.

Last I tried it, it worked fine, and it should work with Windows as well as Macs--I think there's a Windows config utility you can download from Apple. It's not the newest technology, but as long as you have fewer than 11 computers connecting to it, and as long as you're not hoping to go over 10 Mbps (i.e. all DSL and most cable activity is under this speed), it should be fine. You'll need to supply your own wifi cards or dongles on your computer.

I'm interested in either being able to buy some food and a pitcher of beer with my take from this, or having some interesting souvenir or experience (nothing I couldn't tell my grandparents about, please!!) as trade. But the main thing is that I don't want it crowding my desk any longer, nor do I want it to go into the landfill. First good idea gets it.

Barbarian seeks date.

Girl must like loin cloths.  Must like removing heads from the shoulders of her enemies.  Must have enemies.  Must enjoy long romantic walks on roads made of skulls of dragons.  Also must like copious amounts of mead.  Have extra sword for mutual slaying of ogres.

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Meetup: The Pirate Singles Mixer!

So normally I like to declare the September meetup to be pirate-themed in honor of Talk like a Pirate Day, but given the recent slew of dating-related posts (and a fantastic suggestion from littlebluedog), the official theme of the September 2007 Portland LiveJournal Meetup iiiiis: a Pirate Singles Mixer!

But I'm easy, so you don't actually have to dress like a pirate OR be single if you don't want to. But you get bonus cool points. I'm sure they're redeemable for something.

Anyway, the meetup is one week from today. That would be September 25th, 2007, starting at 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon. If you want to see the meetup faq (now up-to-date!), it's here.

So come on and pick out a date in person! See y'all there! Arrr!

(no subject)

Does anyone have experience with the 16 bus up to Rivergate? How about commuting by bike? Or hey, even carpooling? I'm interviewing for a job up there and would appreciate any first-hand (or hell, second- or third-hand) knowledge. All I know for sure is, I ain't gettin' there in my own car. Thanks. :)

Portland Bridge List

Talking about bridges ... over the river ... am I forgetting any? Is the Sellwood Bridge the same as the Ross Island bridge?

Fremont Bridge
Steel Bridge
St. John's Bridge
Morrison Bridge
Broadway Bridge
Marquam Bridge
Ross Island Bridge
Sellwood Bridge
Burnside Bridge
Hawthorne Bridge

I feel ridiculous ... I only remember the ones that I love (Fremont & Burnside)!

Edited to add: Thank you for all your help! This was for a blog entry and I had to make sure I got the information from a reputable source. Who's more reputable than DamnPortlanders?
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driven to consume

Sorry to ask such a pedestrian question, but where do people go here to get a large variety of cheap computer & electronic stuff? Bonus if it's in a warehouse setting, with no labeling and a surly staff. Some of my best paydays ever were spent at Fry's, but I noticed you we don't have one of those in-city.
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A spot to do work

I have a lot of research/meta-analysis (boring stuff, trust me) that I need to do for this anthropology professor I help out from time to time. I'm not getting anything done at home, I need to take my laptop and the journal articles somewhere where I can have my own table and do my data entry stuff. However, I've been out of town on a road trip for the last few weeks and I dearly missed Portland, so I'd like to get "out there" somewhere where other people are (it doesn't need to be quiet to do the work I need to do, I actually want to be around people... haha). So not really a library type of environment...which seems like the obvious solution at first.

So where's your favorite coffee shop or not-too-rowdy bar where I can just get my own table, get my coffee or beer, and work? I really like Palios, for example, but I tried to go there before and it was extremely crowded. I live in Oregon City, so pretty much everywhere is a decent jaunt for me (unless you know somewhere in Oregon City?? enlightenment me.. I was thinking Wichita Pub but I am not sure if it's more of a restaurant...). I have this thing about going places alone, everyone will point and laugh and wonder why I have no friends, right? ;)

Cameras at the Roseland?

Hey everybody.  Are cameras allowed at the Roseland?  I'm going there later this week and want to take some pics.  In the past, they've had that intimidating metal detector but I'm wondering if they just use that to weed out weapons or do they confiscate cameras as well? 
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... and the Monogamous hands are?? We are the Minority!! ;D (What's your philosophy?)

Since there's been every other type of post in the singles/taken/married/gay/poly/dating/casual seks/uninut/platonic/food & Calendar category, I figured I'd continue the list with the monogamous post. With this being Portland, I'm sure this is the one more to get the raised eye brow or 'up turned nose' LOLLOL

EDIT: Being conFusing is my special-ity, I'm finding!

Raise your hand if your monogamous!
Raise your feet if you're confused! HAHA (can I blame this on my head injury, or am I just naturally confusing?? =D
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Holy lotion!


A friend and I did a little urban hike today from the Marquam Shelter to Council Crest, and at the very beginning of the trail there are tables set up off to one side. Along with the table pictured, there was also a fresh loaf of bread, a chair, lots of Rubbermaid containers, and some blankets. We assume someone's living there, but there wasn't anyone around either of the times we passed. The bottles? Lubriderm. At the end of the table are pencil stubs arranged rather deliberately. The papers are religious pamphlets. We couldn't decide: a homeless person with a severe case of OCD or something more? What's your theory?
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Possible Stolen Bike Recovery

Quicker than perusing Portlandonline is asking the DPers!  Specifically the bicycling subset.

Overnight, a brand new bike, with tire stubble and all, appeared locked to a light pole cable in front of my house in a relatively quiet Nopo neighborhood.  I may be wrong, and it has only been there for almost 24 hrs, BUT, I fear it might be stolen.  Stolen, ditched and locked up to be picked up later.

Question is this:  Is there a place, online preferably, to report these details and more to PDX police, in the hopes of getting it back to its rightful owner?  Again, I'm not sure if it's stolen, but don't see the harm in posting info somewhere just in case, yeah know, before it's gone forever.

Thanks from myself and the possible wronged owner.
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$20.00 a day and the City of Roses at your feet

Okay Ladies and Gents,
   Last week I hit you all for Irish pub recommendations and you came out swinging, and I'll be checking those out. So, now I've stepped off the Amtrak Empire Builder at 1 pm PST and have the whole city at my feet, but a limited budget since I'm paying to move all my crap 2300.00 miles. So here's my fun question of the week, you have $20.00 and the City of Portland , what do you do? Where do you hit? Why? My wife would be tagging along for these adventures.

Have fun with this, don't wrack your brains too badly.
Also, another plug for the comic book I work on : self published in Lansing, MI.
If you have questions on the comic book, feel free to reply to that here.

Enjoy and Good Luck DPers..


This Message will self destruct in 10 hours.
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Race for the Cure 2007
Portland Race
Malissa A. Heinen


Komen Race for the Cure®


Portland, OR


Sunday, September 23, 2007


Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate

How to Participate:

For more information or to register, please contact:
Hotline: 800-404-8241
Web site:
Race for the Cure!


Collapse )

Mods, if you don't want this here then delete it. I want to encourage donations and awareness.

chinese liniment or ointment for aches and pains!!

Just gotta say that you guys on the damn Portlanders rock!  

So I was wondering if any of you know where to find chinese liniment (tiger balm but stronger) in Portland? Do you have your favorite Chinese herbal store? We're so addicted to this stuff and we got this stuff we are currently using in NYC's Chinatown. Would love your recommendations!


I don't know if this has been asked before, it probably has. I'm going to be moving just a few minutes away from my current location to an apartment and I'm looking for some movers. I have about a two bedroom house/apt worth of junk. I've never gone through an agency or anything and I'm wondering if anyone has any good recommendations? Anything would be helpful! Thanks!