September 17th, 2007

Newburg Drive In

I just got back from the Drive in and it was so much fun!

$7 per person and you get to see TWO movies! Sitting in your car you can do whatever you want, talk, use your cell phone, smoke. It's so great!

Check it out!

yes I know it's alot of exclamations

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I don't think I'll have any luck, but did anyone happen to record Immaculate Machine's set for Musicfest a week and a half ago? I am specifically wanting a copy of the cover of "Ime of the season" they did. It just amazed me soooo much.
Me in southpark form

I have this fantasy about meeting someone through Livejournal.

Looking for new people, Maybe a date? Raves?

Hey portland,
I got out of a relationship a few months ago and find myself with some free time on my hands. I love livejournal and am looking for some new friends and hopefully a new girl thats makes my eyes sparkle when she walks by.
If your a guy who wants to hang out, Just see if you have any of the same interests as me. If your a girl, then read everything. Of course girls can be friends too. Everyone is welcome to come and meet my friends and have a campfire before fall sets in too bad:-)
Who i am looking for...
If you want to flame me don't bother looking behind the cut.
I can reply to everyone and defend myself. I apologize for being a little unique and apparently not fitting everyone standards as a typical portlander. If my interests don't fit you or you have no interest in coming out and hanging out around a campfire (in a your friends meet mine situation) then ... enjoy your selfs i guess.

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I am old. I'm looking for someone vegan, tattooed, young and limber. She has to fit into this size 4 Raiderettes outfit I have in the weirdly-scented trunk at the foot of my bed.

Oh, wait, no, just kidding. I am looking for an up-to-date pile of suggestions about free birthday stuff in the PDX area. All I know about is Todai, and there is a rumor that free ice cream can be had at Ben and Jerry's. There's a 2-year-old birthday entry in the memories section, but time moves FAST in Stumptown and I know there must be more cool shit out there.

Then, the community maintainers can put THIS in the memories section, including the "hey dumbass, everyone asks this on their birthday" comments, and I will save someone else the hideous, scorching pain of being snarked.

solteronita gets first crack at the snarking based on seniority.

And............................................................................................................................................... proceed.
Lego Batman Rain

Plan B! More like Plan Blech....a bar to avoid.

Yes I'm writing for Mad Magazine now.  Plan B is a prepostorous place that actually is the best bar in the world if you're a recovering alcoholic for it is impossible to get a drink in your hands.  

Portland's own Idependent Tuesday Night (IT) has been a mainstay for local film makers for sharing their short film works on the last Tuesday of every month.  Its inseption began with The Nocturnal, but after its closure found a new home at the much loved The Acme bar.  The Acme, alas, has come and gone and the new owners have christined the existing bar: Plan B. However, after two miserable experiences it looks as though IT night must find a better venue.  Perhaps a place where one can actually achieve the quest of getting a beverage.  The last IT night at the Plan B was an awful experience.

Was it busy you query?  Not particularly.  A person could go up to a half filled bar, lean against it and not even be given eye contact by the staff who seemed to dissappear behind the partition for  unknown reasons, often times leaving huge gaps of customer service, lost booze sales and no tips.  It was not unusual to hear people waiting for over 15 minutes for service.

If it was one complaint perhaps it could have been easily excused as just a lapse in service.  If it was their first month open perhaps even more so.  However when its person after person talking about how difficult it was to procure an adult beverage within a reasonable amount of time with little to no sass from the "bartenders" (one would think that actually tending to the bar would procure them this title), their eyes burning coal like embers at their forced sobriety from the new owners of the "ACME" spot.  

I envision employee meetings where a gruff looking has-been of a middle aged punker from "the day" talks excitedly about how much beer is in the back room...and how much beer they can drink for themselves!  Just don't give it to the customers or there might be less beer for staff and owner!  

Plan B got a pass from most of the customers at the very first IT night, mostly because it was a new business.  Things can't fly straight right away.  But when you see 4 different people tending bar, but never at the same time and constantly ignoring people who wish to give them money, who wish to give them a tip, then it seems...well...down right un-American.  Who opens a business and doesn't want to sell anything to anybody?  

Also I witnessed an exchange between a bartender who accidently gave away a patron's card to another customer.  The young female bartender became angry at the patron!  Giving a heated excuse that: If she gave the patron's card away to the wrong customer why would that person leave a tip? Accused the patron of being drunk, which would be an impossibility in this establishment, and stormed swearing to the backroom leaving the patron angry and confused when they just wanted to know where there card had ended up.

No.  There shall be no more money spent at this establishment.  There is an incrediblely high percentage of bars per capita here in beautiful Portland and this place should be ignored, forgotten, and destroyed.  Which it will be when winter hits and they have no outside seating, which to be honest can be the only draw to this location. 

Now "The Standard".  That place sounds promising.
bob ross

Alberta Street Fair

To the gentleman on bike by main stage who asked my friend and I if we were Californians b/c we were giving off a "Californian vibe".... what in the HELL is a "Californian vibe"?
Fake bewbs and bleach blonde hair; wearing pink Uggs while carrying an oversized designer purse? NEither of that fit into that description.

But if you are reading this post kind sir, I'd like to let you know that both of us are from this place
new england
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computer repair & hair-snare requests...

Drink up, everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good computer-repair place, particularly one who might be good with a computer that now won't start up and there's a decent chance of stalker/hacker involvement.  I drive by a place called "Fix My Dead PC" regularly, so they're the ones that come to my mind - anyone know if they're any good?

Also, this is such a piddly little thing.  I'm looking for this hair-snare device for the shower, one that's flexible plastic and suction-cups to the floor.  Anyone know where I might find one?  I think I got one once at someplace like Target or Home Depot but can't seem to find one now.



Painting vs Staining

Hey guys,

So, thanks for the recommendations on local painters. I had a couple people come by and give me quotes on the job that I've got -- the painting of the wood-siding on the southern side of my house.
One of them suggested staining as a good alternative to painting, since the side is so exposed.
The only staining I'm familiar with is what happens when I have dinner in a white shirt.

I was hoping someone here might have some experience with staining a home with wood siding?
How does it hold up under Portland's nasty winter weather?
bruce lee
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Windshield repair?

There is a very large crack that runs across the width of my windshield. It started out as a small chip that I didn't even see, but it was mid-January, and it expanded to the full width of the windshield in less than a week, thanks to the cold weather. :p

I really should get it fixed, for safety reasons, now that I have money again. Also, my ma and pa are making a very rare visit up here early next month, and I really don't want to explain why there's a giant effing crack across my windshield. (Ma complains enough without my adding additional reasons for complaint) Time is of the essence.

SO! I'd like to get it fixed, without some auto repair place robbing me blind in the process. I do realize that I'll probably have to get the whole thing replaced, but if anyone in town can do this cheaply within the next couple of weeks, that'd rock. (and no, my insurance is not likely to cover it.)

Apologies if this is a repeat question, but I searched the DP archives and didn't find much of use. BOO-URNS.


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So, the nice family next door had a little, tiny baby on Saturday and since they have been nice enough not to call the cops on us at all in the last 3 years we want to get them a present for the little, tiny baby.

I need Saturday's news paper. Oregonian, NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today...whatever.

If you have it, I'll take it.

We're also giving her the top charting CDs of the week she was born.
Cool idea or lamer than a fallen horse?

**EDIT** I can get the paper directly FROM the Oregonian...which makes sense I suppose.
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[BST] Looking For A Perfect Date....

After several months of actively looking, I have not been able to find that elusive perfect date. I know that I'm picky but I know that there is a date out there for me. And I was unable to unearth any suitable dates via Google, Dogpile, Craigslist, or Stumptown Vegans (*drinks*). I now turn to the fellow damnportlanders for help.

I'm a 40-something, somewhat athletic, and into healthy things. I would love for a date to be compatible with my lifestyle.

I'm looking for a reliable date who is moist, dark-skinned, and healthy-looking. An ideal date would have the right amount of sweetness without being overbearing or bitter. The date must enjoy being consumed while out on the hiking trails, in the office, or at the workout gym. The date must be vegan (*drinks*).

So far, I've been disappointed by the prepackaged dates at the local Fred Meyer. The dates from bulk foods section at Whole Foods and New Seasons come close, but no cigar.

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I know this is probably a long shot...

This is for all you über-cool hipsters who were at the New Pornographers concert last night. I got there very early, and was one of the first ones in, and you know how before the opening act(s) come on, the Crystal will pump out music over the loudspeakers? There was this one song that I heard that I really liked. It was played immediately after the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," and for the life of me I can't remember any of the lyrics (I would have written them down but I didn't have a pen), but it had a very funky sort of sound to it and was very danceable. If anyone knows what the hell I'm talking about please tell me what that song was. I highly doubt I'll ever hear it again, unless I find it on the internets. The lead guy (it was a male singer) sounded familiar, also, but I can't think of who he sounded like.

Oh, and the concert was awesome. I dug the first opening act, Fancey, too. And TNP played "The Bleeding Heart Show," which I was silently willing them to do.

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Headache cures!

I woke up with a brain-splitting headache this morning and it is still lurking behind my right eye. I don't normally get headaches and I feel like I've tried everything. I've had plenty of water today...taken two doses of aleve (which only seemed to dull the pain), had my vitamins, ate a good breakfast and lunch, had a nice workout...I even tried to take a short nap!

So HELP DP! What is your magic headache cure?  

ETA: WOW! You guys are amazing (I already knew that...but I'm reminded of it almost constantly!) THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the wonderful advice, laughs and sympathy. I love you guys!!!
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my roommate is moving out very soon, and i am going to be very screwed if i don't have a roommate.
rent is $275.00 + 1/3 of the utilities, which sort of varies each month. this is cheap.
shoot me a myspace message ( see subject) , or an email ( ) if you want to come look at the apartment. it's at 80th & duke, right off of 82nd. i'll give you directions and some information and such, and elaborate on the situation a bit more.
serious inquiries only, please.
Garfield Monday

Need a date

Since every other post seems to be about someone needing a date, hey I'll try my luck too.
so, here goes:
I need a [platonic] date. I just feel like meeting more people.
You must like Pilot Precise V5 *extra fine* rolling ball pens.

Any takers?

I suppose I should let you know a little bit about myself.
I like gin and tonics, vodka and good wine, as well as green tea. Hazelnut and banana flavored gelatos are my poison. I have a BA in underwater basket weaving. And despite the rumors, I CAN be really nice.
I'm not Californian but I don't discriminate against those who are -- unless you look like this]

Looking for a date...

I'm looking for a date.

But I've looked everywhere, on lots of different calendars, and I can't find it. Google calendar doesn't have it,
And my google-fu isn't working either!

Does anyone know where I can find February 30th?
& Daggers!
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Bubble effectively burst.

I am in the midst of an annoyingly neverending quest to purchase a used car with a budget of $5000 or less.

Is it really that bad to buy a car that has previously been listed as a rental (via Carfax report)?

I've gone blind viewing Honda and Toyota ads on Craiglist. I found a really decent '99 Ford Taurus within my budget, clean Carfax report, low mileage, and I've owned a Ford before (you know, before I uh...totaled it) and it was a great little efficient get-around car that never gave me trouble. However, I was just discouraged from purchasing it because it was listed as a rental for four years. I JUST WANT MY OWN FRIGGING CAR AGAIN. How could a former rental be such a bad purchase? :/

Well, hay

I'll jump on this bandwagon.

I am looking for a date; preferably a man with one testicle.

After we break up, I will call you the Uninut. On the plus side, we will have had awesome sex.

PS. No pics of ROKKSTAR cans, please. Immediate disqualification.
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I need a date.

Must be relatively fresh, not too stringy, nice and sweet, and without so many seeds that I can't enjoy it. Prefer organic, local if possible.

Sorry to be a jerk, but NO DATE LOGS.
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looking for date

or live-in secretary, to blackmail me for endless fulfillment of her whims, and picnics. must be clever and squishy. no 12-year-old-boy skeletor lookin girls. creative/aesthetic compatibility a plus. vegan a plus, but if not must be willing to force me to eat whipped cream off her ass.

serious replies only.

Need a courier?

Got something heading anywhere between Portland and Blaine, WA tomorrow? How about going the other way Wednesday? Another run is taking me that way anyway, but I still have room left! I'll beat any competitor's rates. Email me or reply so we can work it out. (I usually serve Oregon and Washington, mostly the metro region if you have a need later this week).


1) Free pool nights? I know Tuesdays at the E Room, but are there any others?

2) Bus pass? Does anyone have one they can sell me for $20 or less, or trade for? (I have access to shit tons of books now, and I have a Rocky Horror DVD...I dunno...somethin)

Thank you, Portlanders!
little blue dog

all this dating talk ...

... has got me curious.

All the single* people in the house, raise yo hands!

* - "single" includes mono peeps who are looking, and poly peeps wanting to include another one into the fold.

ETA: Um and hey, anyone who hooks up as a result of this post owes me cookies.
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someday b/w

Speaking of dates...

It's that time where I remind all those singles who like to play board games and meet other cool single people.

The next PDXERS mingler is on Wednesday, September 19th. We'll beat the Lucky Lab in NW from 7 to 9pm for another evening of brews and board games. Just look for the PDXERS signs on our tables... you can't miss us.

The Lab is at 1945 NW Quimby. There's plenty of parking both at the Lab and on the street, or you can do what I do - take the streetcar. If you do that, get off at either the 18th or 21st Ave stops and it's a short walk. Stumbling distance, if you will.

see blog postings at

it's a lot of fun, relaxed, not pick-upy and the people are great.

it's 21+ since it's at a bar, so bar the group seems to be 25-36ish
but it's more fun playing games than anything.

I'm Brining Fluxx Most fun ever had playing a card game!

Feel free to ask me questions. See you there!
run away

Ok..Ok the bandwagon calls!

Single Gay Man....24 years old....

Yeah...this is going great already!?

Not looking for dates....well not really trying either.

Unless your a straight acting, preferrably punk guy or skater, likes cars, beers, good shows, and having fun, and pretty much can put up with just hanging out....


I probably would be fun to be around...cause I usually hate most other gay men....not probably. I do...just loathe the company of a queeny, pretentious, dog in a purse having ness of a gentleman.


SO yeah there is my bitter schpeel!
Sound good to you then hooray!!
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Proceed to page 27 and find out what happens next

Namby Pampy
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ISO dates, prefer Turkish. Like 'em sacked and dried. And in my pants. If this sounds pretty good to you, get in my belly. 
Lickity lickity,
Celibot (no mo)
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