September 16th, 2007

Getting puzzled!

Hey all. Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

For some reason, I cannot think of a good place to find a large selection of puzzles. The multi-piece interlocking kind. I'm looking for large (dimensionally speaking) 1000+ piece puzzles. Nature, landscape, scenery that sort of thing--something that will look great framed.

Also, does anyone know of a company where I could submit digital photos to be turned into a puzzle?

PO Box

Hi, I'm looking for a PO Box rental that isn't through USPS. Any suggestions? I know there's Mailboxes Etc but, unless their site wasn't working properly, it said there wasn't a store within my zip code. THANX! :D
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S'up Portland....

OK I'm trying to find online somewhere the EXACT definitions of dog-walking laws in Portland. I tried googling and can only find a list of off-leash parks. What I want is to see the laws in writing.
This morning my dog (a lab mix) and I were out for a stroll in our neighborhood. Sometimes I take her off the leash so she can take time to sniff and not keep my pace. My dog is playful and friendly and known and loved by everyone, she's been a part of this hood for four years. She saw another dog, she wanted to sniff some butt and say hi. The owner of the other dog (I'm guessing new to my neighborhood since I know all the dogs here) CHARGED my dog, then me, screaming with arms flailing that it's illegal to have a dog off leash, that he could sue me, that my dog was trying to ATTACK both his dog and his wife, and the whole time he is physically approaching us and yelling. My dog was back on the leash and trembling by this point, and frankly I wasn't feeling too safe either. I told him that the dogs were doing exactly what dogs do, and that no-one in my neighborhood has ever acted like this - basically getting the dogs all riled up. My room mate went out for a walk trying to find the guy after we got home all upset, but they'd disappeared.

My point is, if I'm wrong and I'm breaking the law by letting my dog off the leash once in a while, I will totally stop immediately. I don't mind being wrong, but I do mind being yelled at on my own street for something that has been going on three times daily for four years, stress and complaint free. OK actually I just hate getting yelled at by big guys who need to prove something. He was scary.

Any links etc, would be appreciated.
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Hey kids,

I just wanted to give a HUGE recommendation for the most tastiest food I have had yet here in Portland.
I would like to introduce you to Toro Bravo ( A Spanish Tapas Bar.

This place has the most outstanding tasting food EVAR and it is also quite reasonably priced.
They only serve dinner and they change the menu daily, but OMG, if you are hankering for some SERIOUSLY mouth watering, over the top mouth gasm you have ever experienced from food, then get your hungry butt down to Toro Bravo.

The decor is very clean and tastefully done. The service was super friendly and there are not enough adjectives to even BEGIN to describe the food.

They deliver your order in a staggering fashion (very european) as it IS a tapas restaurant and if you have never been, even you picky eaters will delight at the delectable offerings.

I went with synthcat and my bf defektiv. Tim (bf) is quite a picky eater and he was seriously very impressed and happy.
There are plenty of vegan type offerings from what I can tell (unless they cook the veggie items in animal product) and I really cannot say enough great things about this place.
Mo had the olive oil cake with berries which was surprisingly much more exciting in flavor than it sounds.

Get there early as the place fills up fast and they do not take reservations.
I am sure Mo will write a much better review than I will as I do not normally give many food reviews, but I seriously can hardly wait to dine at Toro Bravo again.

Bon Appétit !!!!
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Free Music and good info on: girl talk, beck, boy eats drum machine, menomena, etc


We are gaining contributors all the time now (would you like to?) .

The Moose was the first to contribute directly into this site.

Since then, he's definitely stepped up music coverage here as anyone who's seen the Pampelmoose website would have expected.

A little info about Dave Allen (Moose), from his site:
Dave Allen, bass player for Gang of Four, posts daily on this music blog about well, music. Beyond that the scope embraces popular culture, online distribution, blogs, podcasts, the decline of the music industry and a large dose of what's going on in the vibrant Portland, Oregon music scene. Pampelmoose also offers free and legal music downloads for your enjoyment.

Gang of Four

Besides, dishing out his behind-the-scenes and in-depth (4 hyphen points) music knowledge here, he "also (often) offers free and legal music downloads for your enjoyment" here.

Here are the last 10 or so posts of his on the pipeline:

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(no subject)

Hello hello DamnPortlanders! I have an urgent need for fish sauce, and I need it today. I know about FuBonn out on 82nd, but it's quite far from me so I'm keeping it as a last resort for now.

I work in the NW 23rd area until 6:30 this evening, then I take Trimet to the NE Glisan & 60th area. I tried Fred Meyer last night with no luck, and I just called both of the Trader Joe's that are anywhere near my route, and they don't carry it.

I know there's a little Asian market further out on NE Glisan, maybe around 70th, but I don't know the name so I can't look them up and call to find out whether they'd even be open on a Sunday night by the time I could get there.

Can anyone help me, either with the name of that store, or their Sunday hours, or somewhere else I could try that's not too hard to get to on tri-met?

Thanks eversomuch!

stolen bicycle

my cute-as-hell nishiki singlespeed was swiped this morning from NE Sumner and 9th. it's a light-blue "custom sport" with blue drop handlebars, bubblegum pink brake cable housing and a magenta bottom bracket. 47cm frame, 700c wheels. please please please keep your eyes peeled, and email or call me if you see it around or for sale anywhere. cookies/cash reward.

503 488 5586


I am going to Denver in a couple weeks for a conference.

Last time the conference was in LA, and I got krunk with other youngerish members of my field. Somehow the drinking inspired me to jump in the pool with my clothes on. I don't really know if this got me points with my colleagues or not (I believe it did), but irregardless I'd like to avoid supreme drunkenness this time, thus I am looking for recommendations of cool nightlife stuff. Also, recs for cool clothing shops will be much appreciated. Or delicious places to eat.

Thanks for your suggestions, DP.

Looking for Portlanders to Feature

We were talking about good Portland blogs the other day and I mentioned that I was going to be the new writer for About Portland, OR. I've put up two entries so far (the third will go up tomorrow) and eventually (within the next month) want to feature some Portland artists, musicians, photographers, students, business owners, Portlanders with cool hobbies, jobs and whatnot. I want to point people to your site, to your blog, to you ... because you're from Portland love the city as much as I do.

If you're interested in talking with me more, drop me an email through my LJ name and I'll get a hold of you soon!

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Monday Movies are Back at a New Location, The Tonic Lounge

Monday, September 17, 2007 Monday Movies begin again at our new location The Tonic Lounge. We've got an indoor venue, and plenty of new 16mm films to show you.

Monday the 17th is Rock n' Roll Night. We are showing The Girl Can't Help It (1956, black & white, 99 minutes) the quintessential rock & roll movie, starring Jayne Mansfield. Performances by Little Richard, Fats Domino, Gene Vincent, Julie London, Fats Domino, Eddie Cochran, and The Platters. We wanted to take advantage of the great sound system we now have access to, and this film does just that!

Upcoming schedule:

September 24, Deadly Driving Night
Last Date (1950 B&W, 15 min.) Reckless teen driving, starring a young and unknown Dick York, before he was gay or Darin Stevens.
None For The Road (1957 B&W, 15 min.) Her lucky charm bracelet was no match for a liquored up escort home.
Red Light Return (1965 Eastman color, 15 min.) Crash test dummies and crumpled steel show you just how much General Motors cares.

October 1, Military Disasters
Disaster Control Nuclear Fallout (US Air Force, 1956, B&W, 30 min.) Hey! I can see the bones in my hand right through the skin!
Battle of Russia (US Army, 1943, B&W, 30 min.) Academy Award winner for best documentary by Frank Capra. No Santa, no Jimmy Stewart, just hardcore war and a smattering of Nazis to boot!
Military Blooper Reel (US Army, 10 min.) The fun never ends when the military makes training films. Spliced together outtakes and mistakes that remind us war is funny!

October 8, Ghetto Life
Marked For Failure (NET, 1964, B&W, 60 min.) Before PBS, there was National Educational Television. After a series of films tearing into the government and the powerful white majority such as this one, NET was shut down so that it could no longer embarrass Whitey with his own money.

Monday Movies at The Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd.,
Portland, OR 97212
Mere blocks from I-84 33rd Ave. Exit, (Exit 1). Right on the Sandy 12 Tri-Met line.
Big free parking lot. Cool free movies. Full bar. Full menu until 10pm. Juke box full of Portland punk rock. Shit, you can't go wrong.

If you'd like to be emailed a calendar of our upcoming schedule once it is available, please send your request to mondaymovies at aol dot com. (We hate spam too. We don't sell or abuse your information, just send you crap like this.

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to