September 14th, 2007

The Manic Music of MarchFourth

One drippy  weekend a couple years back, I loaded up the minivan, stopped at McDonald’s, and took the kids to the Portland, Oregon Earth Day celebrations  (I parked a few blocks away and made the kids leave their food in the car, understanding that not everyone would appreciate the irony).   We were recent Portland transplants, still adapting to the local culture and scene, getting used to the green and gray.  So, I was a bit surprised to lead my troops around the corner and come face-to-face with a tricked-out fire truck and two tail-coated stilt walkers, one in a black top hat.  Women in short skirts and striped stockings, men in ruffle shirts and military band coats carrying horns and drums, an attractively faux-hawked trombone player, and more…wherever they were going, we gladly followed.

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(no subject)

So I had to restore all of my laptops settings and start from scratch... and when I went to find my beloved Super Mario theme for Firefox, it was gone. Anybody here randomly know where I might still be able to find it?

And would anyone have any recommendations for a nice bridal shower gift for a conservative girl and where to find it?
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Azumanga Daioh - WAKEY
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Dear City of Portland;

Can't we change something about how the garbage trucks operate? I think it's a little ridiculous to be thrust forth from the delicious buttery sweetness of slumber to some jackhole shouting about his girlfriend while chucking the dumpster up into a truck-- from over a block away.
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(no subject)

To the people who were so helpful earlier this week. It is Friday the 14th, my PSU account says:

"Refund Record Received - Funds Transfer from University in Process"

So should be today it appears. Yays.

Update: I have my money. So you all should have yours. Woot.

(no subject)

I know that there is a post from earlier about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure but I thought that y'all should know about another option if  running or walking 5k is out of the question, if you spaced registering for the race, or if you admire BMW's but have never driven one. Now is your chance to make a difference.

Susan G. Komen is teaming with BMW again this year to bring the Susan G. Komen DRIVE for the Cure. On Sept. 23rd you can visit Rasmussen BMW and drive a number of selected BMW's to help raise money. BMW is giving $1.00 for every mile that is test driven in one of their cars, here's your chance to drive new BMW's that you might not get a chance to while helping out the cause. They are also having the event on Tuesday Sept. 25th and Kuni BMW. 

This year BMW hopes to donate $10 Million dollars to Komen, setting a new record. In order to participate you need to pre-register. You can register online or via phone. Visit for more information.
Corpse Bride


Why can I not find a bakery (in Portland) that makes a giant chocolate chip cookie cake?

What the hell? It's really not that hard.

Anyone know of a bakery that does this or is it just a southern thing?

ETA: I just ordered one from Mrs. Fields, who has hidden from me in Lloyd Center for all this time. Thanks a million! And thanks from my soon-to-be 12-year-old, too!
The Bowler
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(no subject)

I got overzealous in my gadget fun yesterday and picked up an iPod Touch at an apple store after checking my online order had not shipped yet. Little to my knowledge it went to ready to ship status while I was at the apple store and could no longer cancel it.

Now, Where all of you wonderful Damnportlanders come in. Before I just return it to Apple, Does anyone want to purchase it when it arrives monday or tuesday? It's the 16gb model, $399.


I have a question and thought I'd ask for advice here...Because maybe some of you have been in a similar situation.

I'm a female working in an all male office. (I'm a receptionist) Things have recently gotten out of hand with my coworkers making jokes at my expense. I know how to take a joke but I know when to recognize when lines have been crossed. Most recently they have began to "jokingly" attack my intellect (I'm well-read and well-traveled, I have a BA, going to grad school next year...I don't consider myself an intellectually inept person really).

And it's not like I can take this all to the boss -- he's in on it too. He often makes it a point to nitpick something arbitrary about me (for example -- my education or my background, hair color, etc) in front of the other guys. These are men who are in their forties and older. I'm in my mid 20s.

Honestly, I don't know what to do. I have never been in this situation. How should I handle this?
I want to walk away but I'm terrified that I won't find another decent job. It took my forever to find this one....

If you feel so compelled to snark me *looks at some of you*, then I really don't give a rat's ass. Have at it. I just need legitimate advice.

Need a thrift shop recommendation

I'm looking to buy an internal frame backpack for cheap (the kind you'd use for a hiking/camping/backpacking trip). Can anyone recommend a thrift shop (anywhere public-transit-accessible) that might have them on occasion? Or, less preferably, an outlet store that would have new ones for cheap.

Thanks in advance.
Salim's Special

Dear DP

Are there any pool hall pool halls left in Portland? What I'm looking for is a pool hall with no bar, no trendies or hipsters, no bar room sized tables, no bands, no renting the tables by the hour, no kids or "family fun centers", and no loud assed music. All I want is a pool hall with regulation sized tables, a jukebox, a couple video games, where smoking is permitted inside, and nothing else.

Does anything like this still exist?

Start drinking...XD

Need a house painter

Greetings Damned ones!

The south side of my Mississippi District house takes a real beating. Harsh sun during the summers, and unprotected rain and winds during the winter. The siding needs some real work, and the previous owner did a piss-poor job of priming before painting.
But I'm a bartender, and don't have a lot of loose change to spend on painting.

I'm looking for a personal recommendation for someone who can come by and put my siding in order, scrape, sand, and put down a couple solid coats to protect my wood.

Anyone here have anyone who they love, or know, and who could come out and give me an estimate?

bratz feet/barbri/haruki murakami

  1. i have a pair of bratz boyz feet i can send you if you want them. dress up feet from saturday night out or something like that. you can email me your address and i will put them in a padded mailer. or i will meet up with you if your kid needs these feet. whatever. tired of the feet, no use for the feet. you get the picture.
  2. class action deadline is coming up for barbri. did you take it between 8/1/97 and 7/31/2006? get your claim form in the mail before the 17th of this month.
  3. does anyone want to read hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world? i enjoyed it. would like to pass it on.

Where Oh Where Does Styrofoam Go?

Does anyone out there know where in the Portland area I can go to recycle all of the styrofoam I've collected from various packages?  It just seems weird that styrofoam is always included in the stuff you buy and yet you can't find a way to safely get rid of it unless you want to just chuck it into the trash.  I've checked the Metro Recycling website under the list of what they'll take at their recycling centers and styrofoam isn't included for some odd reason.  Any help is appreciated because I really want to unload this stuff.

Dirty Dancing

So I'm sure that some of you fine folks have probably walked into the wonderful dark depths of Jiggles and since my Google-fu sucks I was wondering if anyone happens to know how much it cost to get in tonight since my friends have yet to experience the "joy" of watching women take off there cloths for money.

So all wise DamnPortlanders, How much does it cost to get into Jiggles tonight? 
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PDX Fight Club ??

Dear, DP

Ok, so it may be the change in weather or just one hell of a work week.
Now I find my self needing to relieve some stress.
So I come to you people, any one know of a place that will be open to night(after 7:30 ish), where I can beat the crap out of something (a punching bag, person, etc...)?
Maybe a boxing club or something ??

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Let me know

The best coffee house in Portland is Random Order on Alberta

So Portland what's your favorite coffee shop and why?

I like it especially because the baristas are cute, the sandwiches are DELICIOUS, they have homebaked pies, and the coffee is well balanced. The art on the walls changes all the time and it's art I'd actually buy(which I have) and put on my walls. I also love the decor and how mellow it is. The addition of beer makes it a good coffee shop all around for any lunch goer or a person needing a pick me up...or a beer :)

(no subject)

Alright DP I need your help. My sister-in-law has a family history of heart problems and was just recently in the hospital for some diagnostic testing. They were supposed to do an angiogram but her current cardiologist is more of a pump her full of meds and see what happens kind of doc. Now, if any of you could help me in finding a cardiologist that would better listen to the patient and possibly do this angiogram I would be ever so grateful. Oh and my sister-in-law is in Gladstone, has insurance and would probably go anywhere in the Portland metro area. Thanks in advance!

*no drinking 'cause it's bad for your heart*

Latin Mass in Portland

Per Pope Benedict's recent moto proprio in his apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum reinstating the Tridentine/Latin Mass, I'm wondering if anyone knows of parishes in the Portland area doing this form of mass. I heard Holy Rosary Church does it, but I'm failing to find it on their website.

If anyone's interested on how this mass works, a tutorial on the form can be found here.

Bonus points if it's in SW or in the Beaverton area. Super extra awesome bonus if they use William Byrd's Mass for Four Voices; I would drive hours to hear that performed as a mass.

Also, thanks to everyone for keeping jennifer_jamesn's post on the Catholic Church ordaining women amazingly respectful and intelligent. Not that I thought you were completely full of asshats, DP, but I really didn't think you would be that awesome. Seriously, you guys gave me warm fuzzies.