September 13th, 2007


Exploding mp3 player

This is somewhat Portland-related, don't worry.

My husband's mp3 player exploded today. The player was plugged into the wall outlet and after a bunch of hours of recharging, just up and sort of... exploded. The jack in the player sparked and started pouring out thick, acrid smoke. He unplugged it and threw it in our fireplace and we've left it there ever since, too terrified to touch it.

First, does anyone know what might have happened? The mp3 player wasn't new, probably 4 years old, RCA brand. Is this due to the wall outlet? He had never plugged it into this particular outlet before, but we have used the outlet in the past. What kind of damage could this have caused the outlet?

Second, how should I dispose of this? I'm a bit cautious to open up the player and check the battery. Is there a facility around Portland that disposes of things like this, especially in SW or Beaverton-area?

Thanks for any help you might provide!

Dear DPers...

I need your help.

I am cranky this morning like WHOA. Normally I'm a pretty positive, upbeat and can find silver lining in most things...but today? I just can't get rid of my gloom. 

So, if you have a moment...cheer me up. Tell me a fantastic heart warming story, show me a cute picture, tell me a joke...whatever...just help me lift my storm cloud.

Lego Batman Rain

Evil twin in Portland.

Several years ago, when I lived up on SW. 18th and Columbia, often times I would walk over to the Culinary School for some two dollar breakfast deliciousness.  It was cheap, it was close and it gave pimply faced kids a chance to make eggs that are actually runny.

One day I am sitting inside eating my breakfast and reading a light fiction novel called "The Silent Strength of Stones".  As I am reading the book the author discusses the Portland Culinary School.  I blink my eyes a little bit.  Its a little weird to be randomly reading a book about place you're currently dining in.   I look up from the book kind of giving a puzzled look as synchronicity seems to be shining a spotlight on me.  Out of the corner of my eye I see across the room towards the kitchen a cook pointing at me with a spatula, talking to a waiter whose back is turned towards me.  The cook is animated and at first I thought he was pissed off at me for some reason, but what I took for anger in his eyes and mannerisms was something else entirely.  I could not hear what the cook was saying but slowly the waiter turns around with a puzzled look on his face.

And I am staring at myself.  Not just some guy who kindasorta looks like me.  But me.  The age, hair, height, body type, nose, eyes, cheeks the whole thing.  He was about 20 feet from me and we just stare at each other not saying anything.  My mouth got real dry and my hands went cold very quickly.  The waiter is slightly slack jawed, and I am probably mirroring him at the time.  We look away from each other, clearly both of us were weirded out by the experience.  I eat the rest of my eggs and left pretty quickly.  

I never did go back there to eat or to find out who the other me was.  

I was synchronicity's bitch that day.

I need halp.

OK, no more Comcast. So I am currently home internet-free. I am having horrific withdrawal symptoms. I sneak out to bars with WiFi at all hours of the day and night, just in case I may miss something.

My dastardly plan to set up a competing cool DP clique? dashed, and this after watching Mean Girls 39484 times for tips.

My ability to know about flash mob drinking parties? non-existent.

What Imma do? I may die. I don't even know how to work dial-up on the laptop.

How do I get over my internet addiction? There is real shit I could be doing, I'm sure. I mean, there is. . . . . . . . right??????????????
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No No

(no subject)

Does anybody know why I can not find a decent supply of E.S.B. in this town? (Other than Red Hook...) Was there some sort of hops embargo or something? I have looked at many different stores and there are maybe three that I see with any regularity.
Wha' happen?

EDIT: After posting this, I actually did some, you know, research and found out the things my good friend paradox23 said down there in the comments. But why Google a question when you can damnportlanders it? Yeah.
trust, books

All right....

So you guys have helped with my smoking/eating problem; inadvertently with my prescription refill problem; now I have a real test...

Ahem. Um.... So I am considering getting waxed, not like in a porn star way (well, maybe like a 70s porn afro bush way. that'd be hot), just in a well-manicured-lawn type of way, and I've never done it before so I have no idea where to go or what to expect. (I did have a consult appointment a long time ago with a friend, then an aunt died and even I can't justify making it to a waxing versus seeing family and I can be a pretty cold-hearted bitch. So I skipped that and now she doesn't work at that salon anymore). My mom hasn't shaved her legs in about 10 years, so I can't exactly ask her for guidance on this one....

Anyway, I was hoping someone could point me to a place that is 1) not too expensive, 2) comfortable and relaxed and not intimidatingly hip because I'm a schlub and I want a schlub salon, 3) either in SE or easy to get to on a bus line, say, the 9 or 14 or even 75. I realize now I probably need to get a consultation first, and I'm not sure how much those cost, then the actual appointment. I'd actually prefer a place staffed by middle-aged female German wax-specialists who will bare their muscley forearms, scowl, and rip. That's about all the real interaction I want because I find this strange but I still want to do it. Any reassuring stories and/or advice welcome.

And... dehair me!

Late Night Sushi Fix.

So if I wanted to consume sushi late at night, either in Portland or (ahahahahaha) Vancouver, where might I go?

I'm thinking sometime past 11pm or so. Does such a late night sushi place exist?
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Thankful Thursday Portland Style

I think I may have done the impossible today!

Got a full time job super close to home! It's not fast food or a call center!

With a sketchtastic resume. With not alot of secondary education.

Finally my epic dreams of going to PCC will be fulfilled!

I just hope all my truth stretching worked in the interview!

Sisters Area

I was going to go the coast camping this weekend, but it is going to rain.

The weather near Sisters looks pleasant. Where would you suggest I stay?

I have been looking all through the websites, but I want someone to tell  me it was great.

10-15$ a night and on a river, would be nice. Hikes would be neat.

Right now I am liking Allen Springs on the Metolius based solely on the website.


PSU Tango Club Benefit 2-Day Garage Sale!

Please help our student group out by stopping by this HUGE garage sale located in the lovely Irvington neighborhood! Mark your calendars for :
Saturday September 22nd 9am-5pm
Sunday September 23rd 10am-4pm
(No early birds please)

Some items include:
-small play structure
-lawn mower
-crib (easy to assemble)
-baby swing (like new, hardly used)
-rocking chair (hardly used)

Categories include (but are not limited to):
-baby stuff
-home décor
-small electronics
And oh yeah, lemonade or juice will be available for cheap while you browse, and free ice water.

2804 NE 18th Ave. Portland, OR (Near intersection of 18th and Knott St.)
Three blocks from the Trimet #8 Bus Line (the stop is on NE 15th and Knott St.)

**All proceeds from the sale go to the Portland State Argentine Tango Club**
Please support us, as our purpose is to bring joy to people while through this beautiful dance.

The Portland State Argentine Tango Club
What we do...
We are super lucky to go to school in Portland, Oregon, tango destination of the Pacific Northwest. Best place in the world. And a great place to dance tango. The tango club at PSU runs a weekly practica and has plans to begin a drop-in lesson right before it. We want to be a venue to get students dancing, give them a comfortable place to practice, and get them out in the dance community we so serendipitously live in the midst of it.

X-Posted to pdx_edu

If you care about your state...

Oregon Needs Your Help

We’ve got conservative Republican U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith on the ropes here in Oregon, but we need your help to keep him there. 

Find an issue on that appeals to your family and friends. Copy and paste the web link, email it to them and encourage them to join our campaign to Stop Gordon Smith. 

-Anti-Choice: Smith has earned a 15% score from pro-choice advocates.

-Voting 90% with President Bush: Yes, Smith agrees with 9 out of 10 decisions this president makes! 

-Anti-Environment: Smith has earned a 14% score from environmental advocates.

-Veterans Record: Smith earned a failing, 40% score from Disabled American Veterans.

Thank you for your help!

Scarlet looking up

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. damnportlanders friends who organize regular, mid-week, after-work social gatherings at rotating watering holes. Thank goodness for a well-timed blowing-off-steam gathering after an extremely stressful day at work!

2. The aforementioned gathering at a recently-opened beer/wine/chocolate/cheese bar, Bailey's Taproom, on SW Broadway. The space reminds me a lot of Cacao, with spacious interior and minimalist industrial-chic decor. And I really enjoyed the relaxing floor seating with cushy pillows!

3. Bike To The Future ride event this Sunday, which benefits Coalition for a Livable Future. The ride does cost $40, but that includes support vehicles, a delicious food from Laughing Planet, refreshments at rest stops, and a chance to explore new areas of the city.

4. The joys of traveling on side streets less-traveled and discovering new sights: I had no idea that a quaint Thai restaurant housed in an old Victorian (Lemongrass Thai Restaurant--Yelp review here) existed in inner NE Portland. It's strange how much treasure and gems can be found on obscure and side streets! The restaurant, by the way, was extremely gorgeous on the inside, and the food was spicily delectable!

5. "Speed Hump" signs on various streets in Beaverton. The Beavis-and-Butt-Head in me starts giggling at the mere sight of those signs.
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buffy is sleepy
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how to do a housing swap?

Hey Portlanders, has anyone done a successful vacation housing swap? I'm looking to do some more traveling on weekends in the near future, and I think it would be groovy (and frugal!) to take advantage of the gift economy and swap apartments with people in various cities. If you have done such a thing, how did you do it? What sort of questions should you ask beforehand? How well did you get to know the person(s) involved before you swapped? Where did you find them? Was it OK insurance-wise? Did it end up being an equitable trade? Would you do it again?
little blue dog

goin to beach, brb

Got a weddin' to attend in Manzanita this weekend. I've never been, and thought I'd ask here for favorite hangouts and restaurants (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, whatev). What do you recommend?

Oh - and the gas leak downtown today? In my building. But I promise I didn't do it.
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cider mill?

where i grew up it was a big thing in late summer and fall to go to the cider mill and buy fresh apple cider and fresh donuts (and some of them sold things like smoked cheeses and different kinds of sausages and mustard and stuff but the cider and donuts was the big thing).  does anyone know of any place like that around portland or surrounding area (accessible by trimet would be best but if its not accessible by trimet i'd love to know about it as well)--do people do that around here?

it feels like a cider and donuts day but i couldn't make that happen because i didn't know where i could get it so i thought i'd prepare for the next day that felt like this

plus size shopping?

Hey folks.... I know i'm not the only larger girl in the city...but most of the larger sizes i find are awful elastic waistbands and flower patterns and big baggy....crap. I'm 23 and I'd like to be able to find clothes that are age appropriate for me..... I was wondering--other than the places in the mall (Deb, Torrid, etc.) what are some of the other places you shop? I'm into thrift shops too of course

Dumb question about printing and faxing

So I have this e-mail form that I need to print out, sign, and fax to a non-local number. I have neither a printer or a fax machine.

Where can I do this, preferably in Beaverton? Is Kinko's my best option for this sort of thing? Or is there some much awesomer and/or cheaper alternative that I totally missed learning about since I last had to do this sort of thing years ago?

Stevenson, or, the best vacation you can have for a dollar

Keeping up with my trend in recent times, where I have gone to Forest Grove, Battle Ground, and Canby, today I went to Carson, Washington (right beyond Stevenson). I chose it as my destination because, along with Tillamook, it is about as far as you can from Portland on "city" busses. It was a fairly simple procedure: Max to Parkrose TC, C-Tran to Fisher's landing, and then one dollar for the Skamania shuttle to take me the 30 or so miles to Carson.
From Carson, I walked four miles to Stevenson (at 1200 people, the biggest city in Skamania county) and then got on the bus back to home.

It did take a long time, seven hours from start to finish, quite a bit of which was riding on busses.

But it was very worth it.

Besides saying Stevenson is a beautiful place to visit, there is two major points I would like to make:
First, I think those of us living in the Pacific Northwest forget how unique our region is. Across most of the midwest and south and middle atlantic, terrain and vegetation is pretty standard. You have to drive from one side of Missouri to the other to notice a big difference. But here in Portland, an hour drive can bring you into a really unique area.

Second, going to little towns that are REALLY rural, almost wilderness, puts the difference between Portland and its suburbs in perspective. If you go to a place like Carson, where there isn't a grocery store, or even Stevenson, where the one grocery store closes at 9 PM, it makes places like Canby or Washougal look like they are right next to downtown Portland. The suburbs might have a little bit of amenity value on one hand, and might be boring on the other, but the bottom line is they are also places where you pretty much have services around the clock.

But really, I just have to say...everyone should go and take that bus ride. Its cheap, and it is pretty easy.

Medical question

My Dad has fallen ill(he suffered a heart attack earlier this year). He's had the runs for about 4 days now and he thinks something is wrong in his intestinal/stomach area. He just called me and asked about any low cost/uninsured places to go to in Portland for an x-ray or lookup at his insides. I know someone in here has had this kind of scenario come up(uninsured medical care), so is there any ideas on where he could go? Central City Concern, Old Town, and Outside In aren't viable options because they are overcrowded and don't take newly uninsured. If we were in Canada I wouldn't even need to ask this. That sucks. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you


He's coming...He's Here

Okay PDers.
   I will arrive in Portland to stake my claim , work and see my wife through PSU. I have leanred from afar that PDX lacks a true Chitown Pizza. I will survive, but the key ingredient is an Irish Pub upon which I have heard there are many. Yet, I require inider info. What is a good irish pub?

Here is what according to me a good irish pub needs:
1. Guiness on tap.
2. Numerous Irish whiskeys and scotch
3. Shepherds Pie (please not seasonal like Claddagh's here in MI)
4. Fish n Chips (so far I hear that shouldn't be a problem)
5. Dark wood tables
6. Irish music
7. Minimal lighting
8. Not a place to bring the kids

Any opinions or recommendations fire away.
Also shamless plug for my comic (of which I am one of many contributers)

See you all on Tuesday.Muahahahaha
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