September 12th, 2007

wanted: room for rent

i'm looking for a cheap room to rent in portland. i will be staying here part time when i am not working out of town, won't be around more often than 2 weeks a month, usually a lot less. size isn't a major issue, it just needs to hold my bed and give me some privacy. when i am in town, i'll be mostly off doing the things i cant do when i'm working.

me:i won't throw any parties, don't have any pets, and won't smoke up your house. I don't mind at all if you do the above, i just won't be doing them myself.

i'd really like to be near a max line, but i do have a car so that's not strictly necessary. it's just more fun to bike around when you live off a max line. area of town not that important, hopefully near some good bars. looking to pay 200-300 + utils.

thanks deepeers

Spider Science

Dr. Rob Hendrickson, an OHSU associate professor of emergency medicine, wants you to send him a hobo spider IF you see it bite you or someone else.

From today's Oregonian:

The Oregon Poison Center wants your spiders. Dead or alive.

The center, based at Oregon Health & Science University, is investigating spider bites in the Northwest by learning more about which spiders bite and which bites cause infections.

Researchers are particularly interested in hobo spiders and whether they bite humans.

Hobo spiders typically are blamed for bites that lead to red marks on the body. The Oregon Poison Center takes about 1,200 calls a year from Oregonians concerned about possible spider bites.

If you see a spider bite, researchers want you to call 800-222-1222 and talk with poison center staff. And if you catch the spider, they'd like that, too.
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Dress Shopping????

I need to find a nice dress to wear to my brother's wedding and I have no idea where to look. Other than randomly wandering through the local malls (Lloyd Center, etc.) where should I go?

It's going to be an afternoon garden ceremony in mid-October in Southern California. I'd imagine that the weather will be reasonably warm, though you never know at that time of year. It could be cool and breezey or it could be kind-of hot. October is kind-of funny that way.

I'm not sure how much I want to dress up. But, it's probably safe to say that it's going to be somewhere between prom dress formal and a casual little sun dress. I want to look nice for those family pictures that will likely live on for generations to come. ;-)

Also, my daughter is going to be the flower girl, so I will probably choose something that coordinates reasonably well with whatever she's going to wear. But, I'm not quite sure what that's going to be just yet. All I know is that their wedding colors are sapphire blue and silver and that there's going to be a maid of honor and no other formal wedding party. Perhaps you guys can point me in the right direction to find something of the sort without breaking the bank since it sounds like the bride and groom are already super-busy.

Help me out, DPers! And thanks in advance for any and all suggestions that you guys pass along!!! =)
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Fine Italian Food

My girlfriend is coming to town in the first week of October. Yesterday, she expressed the desire to take me out somewhere nice for dinner while she's here. After a lot of talking, we decided that Italian would be really nice, but she's looking for somewhere kinda swanky (and, preferably, where she won't get too many odd looks for wearing her corset). However, I don't know anywhere swanky!! We're looking at no more than about $30 each for dinner and a glass of wine. Help!

Thanks! ^-^

Damn You White Stripes!

Hurray.  The White Stripes have canceled their tour due to Meg's "acute anxiety".  I'm glad they did but for entirely selfish reasons.  They weren't even going to play in Portland.  C'mon now.  They were going to play 2 nights in Seattle and leave us fans high and dry.  They were even going to play in Anchorage, Alaska and yet they couldn't make the drive to our fine city.   Now no one gets to see them play this time around.  I just hope that if the White Stripes reschedule their tour, they think of us and add Portland to their schedule.
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This is excellent!

Compared with the rest of the country, Portlanders are downright miserly when it comes to conserving water. The average household here goes through just 153 gallons a day—200 fewer than the national average.

But not everyone is doing their part, as WW reveals in our annual Hydro Hogs issue. For the sixth time since 2001, we're naming names of the biggest residential water users in the Portland area.

How wet are they? This year's Hogs on average splashed 16 times more water than the typical Portland household. City officials say if everyone used that much, the system couldn't keep up.

For more, including a SLIDESHOW of the Hog Houses:

I love you PDX!

Animal Cruelty, Debarking your dog?

I am the proud mother of a very mouthy min pin. It has gotten almost unbearable to take him anywhere because he is a barker. He barks when I leave in the morning, when I get home (just me, not my room mates.) He barks at anything walking by, any outside noise, any inside noise. And I almost am getting to the point where I can't take him in the car because he BARKS THE WHOLE WAY! It's distracting and dangerous. Soooo, I have been thinking about getting him debarked. Has anyone out there done this? My cousin was an assistant to a vet and she said it is a pretty minor procedure.

Lay it on my portlanders. What do you think?

1950's Kitchen Table


I am looking to buy one of those kitschy 1950ish Formica and chrome kitchen tables. I have been hunting on craigslist like a fiend, but have not come across too many options. Does anyone know of any stores, thrift or otherwise where I could pick one up? I would like to spend around $100ish, so nothing too hip or fancy.


Here is an example of what I am looking for:


So, Debarking is out, FOR NOW

But to ease that inner twang from lack of animal cruelty for the day, I talked a co-worker into having her dogs leg amputated instead of undergoing a corrective surgery. See what you do, you Damn Portlanders! Some poor animal is going to be made fun of by all the barking, happy, 4 legged pooches because you wouldn't give me the validation I need to sleep at night. So, as of 6:00pm her dog is under the knife and Batman is spared for now.

(DON'T FREAK OUT ON ME. Her dog was probably going to need to have his leg amputated eventually anyways. And I didn't convince her, I just let her know that she isn't a bad dog mommy for doing it. Gave her a little reassurance at the end of a stressfull day, and she looked relieved)

AND, Batman has bark twice, yes, only two times since I got home from work. He is plotting my demise like baby stewie. But I am on to him.

Mini Golf! You know you want to.

So, who wants to play mini golf on Friday night? Glowing Greens opened recently just down the street from my office, and I want to play! Cost is $8.50 per person for the first game, $4.00 for the second game if we want to play again. The course is at SW 5th & Taylor. We can meet up at Glowing Greens at 5:30, or at my office (10th & Taylor) at 5:00. Who's in?
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We Are Him!

picked up the new angels of light from the local business Music Millenium and joked with the attendant cashier about the "Keep (Your City) Weird" bumper stickers (feel shame and laughter, if you have one of these) good album, check it out :D

In the Sun!
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(no subject)

If anyone happened to have found an ID/license [of a fabulous young lady named Stojanka] somewhere on the streets of Hawthorne tonight -- that be me yo. *shrugs* Just thought I'd try my luck here..

And since this is ID related, has anyone here been issues an interim ID card?
IF yes, have you had problems with using it at a bar or another establishment?

meds for the uninsured

I just found out I can't get COBRA after my PSU summer coverage ran out (long story short, I graduated, no more coverage, COBRA doesn't work for uni coverage). I'm currently uninsured. Because I am insane my medication is very expensive.

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