September 11th, 2007


I couldn't help myself

This is completely unrelated to Portland but I couldn't resist sharing this. This is apparently in response to people criticizing the Britney Spears performance at the VMA's last night, which was pretty pitiful and I actually felt sad watching it. Anyway, late nighters, enjoy this little dose of hilarity.

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Three places I have been recently:

Three places I have been recently:

1. On Labor Day, I took the Max to Beaverton, and then took the 57 to Forest Grove, because I had never really been to Forest Grove. I walked around Forest Grove for five hours, eventually getting to Kansas City.

2. Two days after that, my sister was in town, and we drove up to Battle Ground, where we lived from 82-88. We walked around Battle Ground Lake, and also saw that while many things had changed in Battle Ground, some things were exactly the same.

3. Today, I took the 35 bus that goes right by my home, to Oregon City, where I then walked to Canby. I was going to take the Canby ferry, then walk north on the other side of the river to West Linn. However, I wasn't sure if the ferry was in operation, so I took the free CAT bus back to Oregon City, and thence to home.

I used to do a lot more of this exploring the Portland metro when I was younger. I think I will be getting back into it.
The two things I have learned is,
First, the area changes very soon outside of Portland. The terrain seems much drier, and there are different plants. If you know what an Oak Savannah is, you will find it about three-five miles away from Portland in any direction, but not in the city itself. I don't know why that is.
Second, the whole area is big, especially when you are on foot. I didn't walk all of these distances, but enough to realize how different the area must have once seemed. Before motor cars, going from say, Canby to Forest Grove on foot or horse would have taken about as much time as driving to San Francisco or flying to London! So its easy to imagine how all of these little towns that are now just generic suburbs once would have had community life of their sadly lost.
Also, everyone should take up walking. It is the new biking!


What kind are the fighter jets that were doing runs over southeast PDX this morning at 6?

I would really like to know so that I can scream out "G'damn [whatever plane] wrecked my sleep this morning!"

Yes, I'm whiny, but the last thing I want to wake up to on 9/11 is the sound of fighter jets. Three of them.

DIY - Self Publishing - Letterpress - Gocco - Book Arts at the IPRC

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know about what going on at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC)*. We decided this summer that we wanted to offer more cool workshops, free events, field trips, and art shows for the community. A new catalog of all the events and workshops are online at www. Just click on the the Fall 2007 catalog link. We no longer want to hide our little zinester-selves up in our 2nd Floor DIY Self Publishing Center. Visit us please!

Perhaps you are no longer a student, but want to learn a few more skills, not at college prices. Or maybe you just like to learn new things. We've got tons of inexpensive 1 and 2 day workshops in topics of Self Publishing, Zines, Comics, Writing, Print Arts (Including Letterpress, Print Gocco, Mimeo, Lino-cut, Transfer Printing...), Bookarts and Bookbinding and graphic design. Our Theme for Fall 2007 is Letterpress!

*The IPRC has been around since 1998 and is non-profit member-based community center located in Downtown Portland at 917 SW Oak St. Suite 218. Memberships are $45 - $100 for  year. Our zine library is open to the public for not cost, and open houses and free events are also open to the public. To learn more visit

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Most money you've ever spent on an article of clothing.....
I'm talking about t-shirts, tank tops, underwear, pants.
[No need to mention ski/snowboard/motorcycle jackets and wool coats b/c we all know those can be pretty spendy].

aaaaand go

and I might as well answer this one too: $70 on a tank top. :-X I'm a bargain shopper so that was pretty significant to me.
me truncated

This Friday at the Bamboo Grove Salon!!

Tucked away on the corner of SE Taylor Street & 2nd Avenue (134 SE Taylor, to be precise), Gabriel Weiss has created a charming gallery for art, acupuncture, massage, yoga & meditation, and now...

Poetry! Bamboo Grove Salon presents: Poetry is Beginning. This Friday, September 14 at 7pm, six local writers and artists (and one very special guest) will join forces for a night of spoken word, paintings, photography, and social consciousness. Come support them as they bare their souls for the greater good.

Sage Cohen, host of Lloyd Center Barnes & Noble readings
Kristen Rehfeldt, fiction writer
Melissa Sillitoe, Poet Laureate of Everett Street
Patrick Bocarde, Monster Poet of Portland
James Honzik, poet and photographer
Ric Vrana, poet
and special guest, Diana Serquina, poet, columnist, activist, mother, and UU minister!

Wine and refreshments will be provided.

**Please bring a pillow to sit on!!**

Map Quest

Good cosmetic dentists?

So I broke my front tooth off pretty good a few weeks ago....went over the handlebars on my bike, broke my jaw, as well as the tooth.

The jaw is in repair, but now I really need to fix my tooth, and possibly look into some orthodontic work where my jaw broke.

Do any of you know any good cosmetic dentists for broken teeth? Anybody you'd recommend for orthodontics, especially stuff like Invisalign?

I'm a member of Willamette Dental, which is great for all the cavities I tend to acquire, but I don't really trust them for my front tooth...

Thanks so much for your recommendations!

I live in SE, too, so close by there is preferable. Even Beaverton's ok since I work there.
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to preface, i really love authentic Chinese food. i do. i've eaten my way through hong kong and beijing and know most of the good authentic places to go in town.

but sometimes, i just really, really want BAD FAKE "chinese-american" food. and by bad, i mean good. good in that bad, bad greasy fake way. i'm looking for a place that does "kung pao chicken", "mongolian beef" and other whitey-fied dishes along those lines well. and i really want some of this stuff today, and i have no idea where to go, within portland city limits, to find it. any suggestions? i will love you forever! i need this! it's been the worst day ever! i need some chinese-honky comfort food!

thank you, in advance.

is there a website..

that has all events for portland, all things to do, all upcoming things etc? boyfriend says he saw something on tv about it but the only thing i can think of is is there something else??

Happy Propaganda Day!

Dear Sir on the bike at the Lloyd Center Max Stop,

Thank you for being a horrible human being on this very day.

A sad day indeed, when we have to remember bad things that happened to our country. However, it was years ago. I would like you to keep this in mind when you tell my little sister she should be ashamed of herself for being happy that her 15th birthday is in four days, just because of what today is.

Thank you for setting off one of her panic attacks in downtown fucking Portland. When she started crying and hyperventilating and I yelled at you, and you LAUGHED? I couldn't even think of anything mean or witty to say back to you, I was so shocked.

I hope you have a very interesting year ahead of you. Don't you know bad things happen to men who make little girls cry?

Mistress of Indulgent Snuggles
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I have the first Sims game that I'm not playing anymore, with all of the expansion packs. Anyone interested in them? For freeeeeee. I even have a CD full of downloaded objects (mostly sets) that I'll give you, too.

I live in NoPo, you can pick it up from me.

I also have a VHS copy of Run Lola Run that someone tried to claim months ago but never picked it up. Interested in that?

Comcast problems

My Comcast internet has being going on and off all night. This has been happening frequently the last few weeks. Anyone else?

EDIT: Thank you for the responses. I was afraid my modem was going bad.

Wildwood trail

Can someone link a map (google or otherwise) of where Forest Park's Wildwood trail ends I know it is near St Johns somewhere, but cannot find the exactish location on any websites... how far of a walk/jog would it be to The St Johns Bridge or at least St Helens Ave