September 10th, 2007

Eviction/Removal of Awful Roomate Questions

So, I have been living in a house with 3 other people (my boyfriend, my violinist, and a "friend"). I signed the lease with my boyfriend and my violinist, but left the "friend" off the lease. After nearly 3 months living in the house I am ripping my hair out because this friend is the worst roomate in the world (leaves the oven on when no one is home, has let my indoor cat escape nearly 10 times in the 3 month span and left me crying in the streets all times, a heathen to the point that we now have an ant problem, a live-in boyfriend who is incredibly deceiptful and invasive {lOUD sex at 6 AM}, leaves doors wide open and unlocked when no one is home, stiffed me $80 on rent this past month, lying about all of the above, and well, you get the drift)! So I finally broke it to her verbally that she needed to vacate the premises within 2 weeks. She took it pretty bad and became so insanely confrontational, refusing to leave..saying that she "lived here!" and I could do nothing. When she began threatening and screaming at me inches from my face with balled fists in the "breaking the news" situation, I felt so threatened I called the police.

My question is, is there anything I can do legally to force her to leave the premises (it has been several days and she refuses to move any of her stuff out unless I give her back this month's rent in full...funny because she has yet to give me all of rent. I am more than willing to give her back a pro-rated amount for the week she will no longer be living here, but it was not my decision to have her stay somwhere else this past week and a half. Are there any official eviction notices I can obtain in which I would not have to BE the landlord? I have also considered obtaining a stalking order (restraining order). My last resort has been to get the landlord involved. Have you ever experienced a situation such as this? And if so, what would be the most effective/best mode of action?
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movie lists, book lists


I use Shelfari for books I've read. (My site, if anyone is interested.) Its fun to keep track, and I feel accomplished when I get to add a book!

Is there anything like this for movies or tv shows? Shelfari uses amazon for their lists, so they have everything. I would like something similar that displays the movie covers on a "shelf".
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(no subject)

My google mail account was recently broken in to, and I'm searching for suggestions to resolve this situation.

-There is no response from google, not even automated.
-Thank you LiveJournal for getting my account back
-MySpace is ridiculous, their automated "abuse" responses don't even contain anything.

The person who's broken into my account is essentially stalking me, claiming to be in a loving partnership with me, claiming to be me, and claiming some very unsavory and unmentionable things.

This began last Wednesday and it's taken up all of my time to try and fix it. They have access to all sorts of weird personal contact information and they're harassing my friends and family as well. They've used online contacts with my school to remove my registration for fall classes at PCC, which I'm going to try and fix today.

I was able to secure most of the forums and sites I'm on, as well as my bank account. I even had to change my phone number.

Apparently, the Portland Police don't consider that any crime is being committed against me. They state that harassment is only dictated by physical contact, identity theft is indeed not a crime unless there is financial loss, and that there is nothing they can or will do even if I find out who it is.

This doesn't seem right!
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Xmas Socks

Free Movies - Cans Film Festival

Thursday, September 27th is the annual Cans Film Festival at most (if not all) Regal Cinemas in the Portland area. 3 cans of food gets you a free movie and a free small popcorn. This is valid allll day! So if you've got the day off, that's a lot of movies that you can see for cheap. And I guess a lot of popcorn to eat too. I always tend to find out about this short notice, so I thought I'd post here for everyone else!
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Caution: Boring "Recommendation" Post

I'm looking for a good place for a men's haircut in N/NE. I usually go to Bishop's on Alberta but they're just too unpredictable.

I don't want to spend buttloads of money, but at the same time I'm a little scared of "7 Bucks a Whack" in Kenton.

any ideas?

Garfield Monday

(no subject)

I know that all of you [or at least most of you...] are well-read people...
Well, suggest some good books for me to read. Non fiction works are my preferred choice, but I'm open to anything really.

I'm on the last few chapters of "Men Who Stare at Goats" and have "Omnivore's Dilemma" and "The Paradox of Choice" in the queue.

(no subject)

I am soon to be heading off to college.

What is the coolest, neatest, most awesome, easy maintenance desk plant to have in a dorm?

EDIT: live plants, plzkthnx. I'm an environmentalist and fake plants usually are in need of some kind of petroleum to make. Bad, bad fake plants!
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Body and Brain Yoga???

Has anyone ever tried out this place called "Body & Brain Yoga"? It's on SW 6th Ave & Clay St in downtown. I keep seeing their fliers around town. It sounds interesting enough and I've been meaning to check out some local yoga places and get back into a regular practice. So, I figured that I'd give it a try.

The thing that I find weird is that the class times listed on the brochure differ from those that I found on their web-site (which I found through a yahoo! search and was not listed on their brochure). And both are somewhat different than what I was told when I called the place up.

There's also this "private introductory session" for $25 that the guy on the phone recommended before trying out a class. So, I have an appt for Wednesday evening.

It definitely sounds like this is not yoga in the proper sense, but rather an eastern (Korean?) martial art that has some similarities to yoga or maybe it's a blend of different things like yoga & tai chi (which are both mentioned in the brochure). I think the proper name is Dahn Mu Do. Has anyone ever checked this place out or anyplace similar? I could only find one review on Citysearch for a different location. Is this intro session going to be weird or like one big sales-pitch??? And by weird I mean weirder than the usual yoga, new agey kind-of way? ;-)
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Washman Broke my Car Seat!

Last month while I was out of town my boi took my car in to get a car wash. Seemed like a nice thing to do since both of our cars were due for a good interior cleaning. However, when he picked up my car the driver's seat was stuck in the forward most position and wouldn't budge. Being six foot tall I hardly need to tell you that he had a difficult time driving it home.

Collapse )

Bottom line is, I'd recommend staying away from the Washman on NE MLK, (a couple of blocks south of Broadway).
& Daggers!
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Somtimes I'm goody-goody.

I was pontificating upon thereto withfore uponeth myself today. I kiiind of stepped out of my "Good Girl" boundaries this weekend and made out with two guys in the same night (seriously, we're talking Fraulein Maria–Lindsey Lohan in three hours flat). I then was wondering the last time I did something "naughty" and came up with "I snuck into an R-rated movie when I was in middle school."


Surely others have done far a naughtier thing than I, right? I WANT TO KNOW THE NAUGHTY THINGS YOU'VE DONE. Post anon or not. Let me live vicariously. :(



i am new to the concept of oil heating and recently moved into a home that uses such.

i called the first company i looked up on the internet, and had them come out to fill our tank.  apparently, the tank was "huge", and so we were charged over $2,000 (payable monthly for one year) to fill the tank.

...does this sound correct?
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Current and former PSU students: Educate me.

How does your bookstore work? I have this PSU One card mastercard that's supposedly tied to my "account" there.

At PCC, you'd use your "account" to buy books and when your dispersement came in, they'd take out tuition, fees, whatever you spent at the bookstore, and refund you the remainder.

How does PSU work? Do I use this ID/Debit card at the bookstore and it pays off when my FA comes in? Or do I open up a bookstore account linked to my FA? Or do I just have to throw it on my AmEx and pay it off when I get my dispersement?

Thanks in advance, folks.
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Special Effects haircolour

The website I usually order haircolour from is out of stock and has an incredible waiting time. Has anyone seen the Special Effects hair dye brand in the Portland area recently? Or know some places I could possibly call to check to see if they carry.. If nothing comes, I'll call Special Effects to order some directly, but I'd like to see if anyone in Portland carries the brand.
Already checked Hot Topic by the way, no luck.


Ok, So I am back in portland...after a 4 year hiatus I have returned.

Question to be proposed...

When it comes to alcoholic church, or as I prefer to call it "Sunday Brunch".

Where it the best spot for free flowing champagne at a good price on Sunday Mornings??