September 9th, 2007

animal control

So this is a strange question on a quiet Sunday morning, but does anyone know what happens when county animal control services comes out to look at a wild animal? I currently have a large coyote in my backyard, and while it's got me a little freaked out (for the safety of the little cats and dogs hanging around in the neighborhood) I would feel seriously bad if I called animal control and they came out and shot it/trapped it then killed it simply because he's wandered into civilization. The website for Washington Co. animal services doesn't really say anything about wild animals except a general "living with wildlife" section. Should I even bother calling, and just let the critter do it's thing?


If there is anybody in this community that is hooked on the walla walla onions at Burgerville, this is the last day you can get them (at least that is what the marquis are saying). I am aware they aren't good for you,but I know a few people that love them.

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I was wondering if any of you wonderful and smart people out there use one of those programs that fills in things for you. I believe the program I used to have had a gater or was robo fill or something. I need a new one and I'd like a recommendation so I don't get a virus on my shiney new computer.

It fills in names, location, you can have differnt profiles to fill for differnt people etc

Portland Related because you all should have this too

Here's what I know...

and it a'int much, but if you like rockabilly/country/alt-country and you're not coming to the Kenton club for the Sunday Gospel Brunch you are missing out.  True, its still in the early inception months, but the talent is there.  Food is ehhh, but the tunes are rockin'.   Booze is cheap and music is GOOOOD.  Go NOW before everyone does and it becomes impossible to get a seat.  You can thank me later.  Every Sunday at noon.  The World Famous Kenton Club  ....2025 N Kilpatrick St Portland, OR 97217.