September 8th, 2007

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G'day to you!

I have this crappy little cheap television (that's about 5 years old) that my Dad got for a penny in one of those--buy-a-VCR-get-a-TV-deals.

It's a "Syntech" television, and the remote that it came with is dying and sucks. I've replaced the batteries a few times, and even tried the "push-every-button" trick that's supposed to fix terrible remotes, with no luck. I've been googling "Syntech tv remote reprogram codes" and the like for a few months now, trying to figure out what the code is so I can program my NEW remote to work with the TV, with no luck.

Anyone have a Syntech television? Can anyone find the reprogram code, or have remote advice for me?


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Hey, how do you get to Walton beach on Sauvie Island from NW Portland? Or really, any of the beaches. We're running out of this good weather and I want a tan. Ha.

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pirate design contest (for Plunderathon, ye scallywags)

Yarrrrr, and other such utterences, there be a contest fer a new logo fer Plunderathon (the annual drunken Pirate raid on Portland that has been going since 1843). The pic below is the current, rather boring, logo. If ye come up with the new one, ye get:

1) A few coins crudely stamped with the logo as payment (bronze, most likely, but we are working on some other metals).
2) The immortality of being the scallywag behind the symbol of Plunderathon
3) Time travel, as the logo you design will have been the logo the Pirates have always used since 1843 without fail.
4) Some free drinks at the next Plunderathon.
(we would pay ya cash, but a) we are cheap bastards, and b) we don't actually make any money with Plunderathon

The guidelines:

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To learn more about Plunderathon, or for a good-to-mediocre laugh, check There is even an article on poop-flinging monkeys.

Anyone need a 2-3 zone bus pass?

This keeps getting "funnier".... my daughter lost hers, gave up on finding it so she bought another, then the original was found and returned to her yesterday. She doesn't need two... it's a deal for someone- first $30 gets it. Ask for Karina and mention DP to get it for this price and have preference in buying it in case she gets replies from posters she put up
971-275-0158 ask for Karina

Smoking alternative

Because I've seen a few posts lately about quitting. I smoked nearly twenty years. Recently switched to using nasal snuff. If you don't know what it is, it's inhaling finely ground tobacco into your nose. It was the preferred way of using tobacco in the Western world for many centuries.
Anyways, I absolutely love the stuff, I feel healthier and I'm saving a lot of money. Just wanted to throw this out there.

Very positive experience with an auto mechanic!

I just had a very positive experience with an auto mechanic. I called on Thursday about a quote for a tune-up. I was quoted a reasonable figure including parts and about 2 hours worth of labor ($160). That same evening, I replaced my fuel filter. Car started running rough and underpowered. I let it be, saving it for the professionals.

This morning I took my car to the mechanic, mentioned my troubles. Also asked if they could bolt up a sagging front fascia. They spent 3+ hours tuning it up and and also fixed the fuel filter problem. Fascia got bolted too. They noticed and replaced 3 compromised vacuum hoses. They also took the liberty to adjust my driver's-side door that was sagging.

Final invoice: $160!

They're awesome and I'd definitely recommend them to everyone:

Premier Auto Wholesale; Larry Jakobson
10425 SE 42nd.
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Office: 503-653-6612
Cell: 503-984-3200

They're a small little outfit that makes their bread and butter by rehabbing and selling auction cars. You might mention Jonathan with the white Nissan referred you.
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I am the tensest person on the planet. No, really. I don't know why, it's just been in the nature of my muscles to be in a constant state of tense. In retaliation, I have been considering taking up yoga. I figure someone here at DP has been to Yoga Bhoga and has an opinion on it. (Opinions are what DPers are good at!) It's only a couple of blocks from where I'm living, and the convenience is startling. So, any thoughts on the place? Good teachers? Bad? I've taken a few classes in the past, but all things considered I'm still a big ol' beginner.

Hell, if it comes to it I may just get a mat and a stupid tape. You know, Sweatin' to the Oldies for yoga or something. Has anyone ever done that and had any success?
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I've scoured the community, but I'm just not finding what I'm looking for.

Can anyone recommend from first-hand experience a tailor to adjust the hem of my suit pants? I am looking for someone moderately-priced(does not need to be super cheap, but the suit is not worth enough to warrant superior quality workmanship either) and either works on Sundays or has really fast turnaround time. As in, I'd like to take my pants in ASAP and have them back before Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: Yes, I always wait until the last minute for everything. It's just how I do.
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cheap(er) airfare to thailand?

my girlfriend and i need to travel to thailand (bangkok) this winter (december 7th/or8th-Jan 5th/6th). we realize that the flying during the "holiday season" is more expensive, but the timing isn't up to us unfortunatly. we're looking for places to get the cheapest possible airfare. We've tried the usual suspects like orbitz and expedia with really wide ranges of results.
we're both students, so student discounts seem like one possible option, but which companies offer them? we've been doing a lot of online research already and have found prices ranging from about $1,600 per person to almost $3,000. we're both well traveled in north america, but usually by land or boat and we could really use some advice on transcontinental airfare etc.
would it be a lot cheaper to fly out of seattle? what are your favorite things to do on insanely long flights?

portland related because we're flying out of pdx and currently stressed out in the city limits. plus, if you have a really good idea we'll bring you home a souvenir!
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Found: Religious Medal at PDX.

So, while picking up an incoming guest at the airport this evening I ran across someone's lost religious medal. Judging from some of the smoothness of the surface, it's been around for a while and therefore probably means something to someone.

So, if you or someone you know lost something like this recently, feel free to respond here or drop me an e-mail at with a description of the medal (I'd be looking for what it says, the image it carries, type of metal, etc.) and I can see to reuniting it with them.

I'll be out of town for a couple of days starting tomorrow morning, so don't sweat any lack of response on my part.

Edit to add: I'll be making a post to Craigslist when I get the time and if I get no response from this.
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What was that news story about???

I was flipping channels and caught the last few words of a news story. It was at 10:20 pm on channel 12, KPTV. I couldn't find anything about it on their web-site. Here's what I heard...

" there's a way to get a dog without the commitment."

What the hell were they talking about???? ;-)

Thanks DPers!!! =)