September 6th, 2007



Does anyone know if the Oregon Unemployment Department can garnish unemployment wages?  If you are being garnished and you are on unemployment, will you even see any of the unemployment benefit or will they just take it all towards you debt?  Or is it the same 25% of wages?


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I use Audacity for some things, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent (free) multi-track recording package that could work with a rack-mount hardware input so it could record several independent tracks simultaneously.

Or if Audacity can do this.

Thanks any of you audiophiles that can help.
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The greatest question of our generation:

Good afternoon Portlanders,

Are video games art?  I am asking this as I lean across the bar to Sheri who, not even batting an eyelash answers immediately and without hesitiation: No.

I query further.  I am told that they are a waste of time.  This is true.  But I point out that reading a book or playing music or watching a movie, is in many aspects, wasting time as well.

Its not the same, I am told. Perhaps not.  However I press the issue.  In a book you experience the character through the narative, through a movie you are presented with actors and sets who you experience their world through it visually.  Much like movies, books and music there are terrible games and great games. 

An example of a bad game:

Much like novel by Tom Wolf, a movie from director Uwe Bowel or a song performed by Smash Mouth, this game lacks any real redeeming value of any kind and should be burned.

An example of a great game:

Dripping with literary goodness of an Ayn Randian nature, combined with a fantastical setting, rich enviornments and multiple ways of completing your character's journey (do you burn or shock the little girl to death or do you sneak around her?), jaw dropping locations, stellar music and a compelling story line this is art.  It provokes an emotional response of wonder, fear and exhaltation.  This would be equated to: a book by Asimov, a movie by Frankenheimer or a song performed by David Bowie. 

To actually /be/ the character in a narrative is compelling as it is addicting, specifically when the virtual world is an open one.  

So I ask you.  Can video games be art?

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I just have to ask, because this came up in both my real life today and on DPers..

Why can Ayn Rand suck your balls? (or not?)  I've only read Anthem, and enjoyed it tremendously so I don't quite get the anti-rand sentiment yet.  Someone explain?

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The Muddy Boot Organic Festival this weekend in Southeast Portland--I am very curious about checking out the festival--especially the new Hopworks Urban Brewery's libations.

2. Annual Belmont Street Fair on Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.--I have yet to attend the Belmont fair even though I have lived in the inner SE Portland area for over 12 years!

3. The "ah, Eureka!" moment of realizing that almost all of the businesses along LoSt (Lower Stark) area are independently-owned, small businesses. It's nice to live in a neighborhood where I can walk down the street and pass by couple of frame shops, a Thai restaurant, hair salons, a women's empowerment nonprofit, a tofu maker, a dive bar, a local/indie clothing shop, and a small auto repair shop. Sometimes I take the lack of big-box establishments for granted. I am definitely looking to welcoming Food Fight! as future neighbors (they will be relocating just down the street from my apartment later in the year).

4. The gorgeous amber dusk on Tuesday!

5. Finding good homes for unused Chinook Book coupons thanks to this community (I will probably have a huge purge at end of October for those coupons which I won't be using up before the expiration date).

6. Meeting awesome people and making new friends from damnportlanders!
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Any tradespeople out there? Free booze for you!

I'm in a pre-apprenticeship course with the Oregon Tradeswomen, and we have to interview two tradespeople - who have to be from two different trades - by Tuesday (which is an insane deadline for me with two jobs + school, so I'm kinda worried about it). Anybody willing? It isn't a ridiculously long interview, and I could do it by email, or if you need to be bribed I will happily buy you a beer.
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potluck in the park

there's a really reallllly reallllllllllly amazing event coming up on september 16th (a sunday).

potluck in the park

The 16th Anniversary Barbecue and People’s Resource Faire is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 16th. The Barbecue begins at 2:00, and the Faire runs from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. For the fourth year, we will hold the event in the South Park Blocks by Portland State University. That’s in the same place claimed on Saturdays by the Portland Farmers Market.

We expect to have 700-1,000 guests, so we are hoping for a great turnout of volunteers to make the afternoon go as smoothly as possible. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors and come down as early as 10 a.m. to help set up, and, if you can, please stay late to help us clean up. If you have limited time, please consider joining us from 4:00 p.m. on. As the clean up begins, we often lose volunteers.


- bicycle repair
- resource guides
- veterinary services
- blood pressure checks
- possibly haircuts (volunteers still needed)

Info provided on:

- legal services
- health services
- shelter & housing
- veteran's services
- senior services
- youth services
(and much more)

potluck in the park also provides free hot meals every sunday in o'bryant square (sw 9th & washington) at 3pm, rain or shine, to anyone in need. new volunteers are always welcome!

for more information about volunteering, visit their site, email, or call (503) 255-7611

please share this information any way you can. this is a grassroots effort, as always.

Help: Rilo Kiley

I just got invited to go see Rilo Kiley @ the Crystal Ballroom on Friday. The show is sold out.

Does anyone have a spare ticket
Does anyone know anyone who has a spare?

I really don't want to buy the musicfest nw wristband for just one show.

and go!


Seriously, Portland. What the hell?

A few hours ago I was on my walk home and... holy crap, I'm in the middle of a street fair! Hundreds of people, live bands, pretty art and other assorted crafts. I asked someone about it and they said it goes on every month. I'm probably the only person here who didn't know about it.

I'm sure I'll just get a bunch of razzing for asking, but how do people find out about things like this? I know there's event calendars all over, but I have no means of separating the totally-freaking-awesome events from the so-horrible-I-want-to-die events (especially when all of them claim to be the former).

I'm sure a lot of you find out about such things from your friends, but, since I don't have that luxury, could someone out there be so kind as to once and a while say "Hey asshat, you should go to this event or you will be sorry you missed it."?