September 5th, 2007

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Here's a question for people with crappy vision:

My prescription is about a year old, and I never got new glasses to match the prescription. I have it written on the side of my contact lens box, but do I need my actual doctor's prescription to, say, get a new pair at lenscrafters?

Thanks! :D
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got mashup?

Have we done this in here yet? If we did, high time we did it again.

Post / link yer favorite mashups!

My favorite recent one:
Tegan & Sara vs. Mylo "Walking with a Ghost in Paris" (2005 mix) by PartyBen (+CLICK+)

My favorite all-time one:
Michael Jackson vs. Steely Dan "Do It Again, Billie Jean" from way back in 1983 (can't find an mp3!)
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Garage sale

 Having a big garage sale this weekend from 10-4 both friday and saturday.  Kids clothes, toys, collectibles, furniture, and other assorted junk.  email for address - we're in the damascus area.

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Cingular Cell?

My husband needs a cell phone. He dropped his into the Willamette the other day trying to prevent my sister's dog from getting smashed in between her boat and the dock. Wheeee!!
We only have about 6 months left on our contract so we don't really want to invest the money in buying a new phone for two reasons 1)we're ultra poor 2)we might not be staying with Cingular/AT&T when our contract is up.

So, do any of you have a Cingular/AT&T cell phone that you don't need laying around? I know that sometimes people get new phones and don't need the old ones for whatever reason, so I'm hoping that someone still has an old phone.
I'm a nursing student and he's a chef so money isn't something we have much of but I bet I could get him to make you some cookies or something!
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creative punishment

Today a co-worker was trying to figure out new ways to punish her son, this struck a conversation about creative ways that our parents punished us..  Looking back , my mom use to make me copy pages and pages out of the dictionary or the encyclopedia instead of time outs …  that still didn’t help with my horrible spelling habits..
What were the creative ways that you were punished or what creative ways do you punish your children now?
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Speaking of art openings:

Hello my DamnPortlanders,

I would like to invite you to the opening of my art show on First Friday, at Bamboo Grove Salon. A little bit of culture and a little bit of wine is a good way to kick off your weekend, so do feel free to stop by because it would be nice to meet some of you internet-Portlanders in the flesh.

Relevant information:

Where: Bamboo Grove Salon, 134 SE Taylor (at the corner of 2nd Street) in the Industrial District. A stone's throw from Clarklewis and a few blocks from Produce Row.

When: 7pm-11pm Friday, September 7th

What: Some of my art, a small preview of which is under the cut-
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The show runs through the month of September, and gallery hours are 3-7 Tuesday through Saturday should you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood. I hope to see you there!


Many of your responses to my last post (asking for places to get good beer in Hawthorne on a budget) were for places too far to walk comfortably when I am beat and want to crash out immediately. (Does biking solve this problem, yes, am I in the mood to fumble with locks when I'm tired, no; am I still in disbelief that you folks lock your bikes with CABLES and they don't get cut, ABSOLUTELY.)

I'm living on 37th St. So I guess my real question: Where should I become a regular?

Tugboat Brewing...

Hey guys,

It's been a little while since I had anything interesting to report on Damn Portlanders, but I thought I'd extend an informal invite to all of you to come down to Tugboat Brewing, where I've recently begun work as a bartender.
It's got the flavor of a laid back neighborhood bar, but it's actually a downtown brewery. In fact, it's the smallest, oldest, and ass kicking-est brewery in downtown, and the only place you'll find the Chernobyl Stout - a double Russian Imperial Stout, which is 13% alcohol and beautiful.
Plus, if you come down on a Monday, Thursday, or Saturday night, you'll find me behind the bar, and if you tell me you're a damnportlander, I'll happily let you taste any beer in the place before I pour your first pint :)

Tugboat is located at 711 SW Ankeny, downtown just southwest of the intersection of Broadway and Burside, around the corner from Mary's stripclub (which I mention for reference, not because Tugboat and Mary's are in any way connected).

Max accident

Wow... for all the times that someone posts up something about this, that, or the other thing, I was finally witness to something huge and no one says a damn thing. Did anyone notice that the MAX downtown was a little messed up? I was at McFadden's tonight and heard a crash and turned around in time to see the MAX had slammed into a semi and watched as the truck tipped over on it's side. No one was hurt (well a few people on the MAX were hauled off on a precaution, but otherwise, it was relatively injury free). It was most amazing to me to watch people literally sprint to the truck within seconds (literally seconds) to see if he was ok. People were crawling all over until he came out and proved to be ok. He came into the bar as they were clearing things up. The driver looked like he was in shock about the whole thing. I love watching this city come together for the community as a whole. Anyway.. sorry.. a bit emotional here.

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So I tried to ask the people at the BikePortland forums this, but for some unexplained reason, my registration was rejected. BikePortland can eat fifty dicks.

Anyway: recommend me some good rainy weather bike tires! I want radical, physics-defying wet traction, speed, and moderate-to-good puncture resistance in a 700C package. (And a unicorn.) I've done my research but I lack experience and can't afford to try two of everything I came up with.
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We really need those volunteers....

Right now we need help from people putting up posters and postcards.
Later, we'll need help at the show shuffling confused artists around to the various places they'd promised to be.

I'll be doing an opera panel, Sat. at 3pm with some of the musicians from the show as a way to start promoting the sequel (April 2008). They'll even be performing a couple pieces. Should be good. I need help at my table for the times I'll be gone.
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pet transportation/relocation

so i haven't seen my cat tanuki for over 5 months now. she has been staying with my mom thousands of miles away because the landlord here doesn't allow pets. alas, my mom has 2 cats of her own and they are all still trying to kill each other. my mom is at her wit's end and is talking about giving my cat away! i have no idea what to do, as not only do i not have vacation time at my job yet (not until late oct.), but i don't have the money to fly out and get her even so.

so, portland seemingly being more transplants than natives, i assume someone on here has gone through the same thing. what can i do? what are my options? i briefly looked up pet transportation services, but of the 2 that actually gave me online estimates, $455 was the cheapest. this is way outside of my budget. does anyone have any suggestions or know of any other options?

this is tanuki:

please help!

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