September 4th, 2007


Hey, sorry to bore you with my woes, but I am currently looking for some horrible landlord advice. Even if you don't have any, feel free to read this, it's probably quite entertaining from the outside...

Two months ago, my landlord told me that there was going to be some work done on the house that I'm living in. He said it would be minor, and there would be no change to the part of the house that I was living in. However, for the noise, he would give me a $50 decrease in rent until the construction was complete.

A month later, the night (10:30 or so) before construction was to begin, he sent his 'manager' (his son) over to tell me that the construction was going to be a bit more involved than they had originally thought, and the roof to the majority of the house would have to be removed. The next day, that roof was removed.

I'll jump through until now. I am sitting in non-waterproof construction over where that roof was missing for a month (Remember that rain a few weeks ago? Yeah, I do. It was in my living room.) Several nights ago, I got a call from the son saying that construction was going to get even more elaborate than previously thought, and that I need to move out. ASAP. I'm currently looking for a place. I know, legally, they have to give me 30 days. But... I can't use my kitchen, living room, etc., when it rains, water leaks all the way down into the basement where I have stuff stored and need to use the laundry facilities at, there are missing doors to the out-of-doors in the construction area which means that not only can anyone walking down the street have access to walk straight into my house (Did I mention that I live in North Portland? I don't exactly feel safe sleeping here at night.), but so do critters. According to my roommate, there is a cat that runs out of the house every morning when he's leaving for work. I had to chase a squirrel out of my room. Oh, and you know that 24-hour notice landlords are supposed to give before entering? Yeah... umm... they and their incompetent construction crews have been traipsing through my house every day for the past month.

I told the landlord that sure, I'll move as soon as possible. But for September, I am not paying any rent, and that I will be getting my whole deposit back - at the very least. Since then, I have been doing some research online about those old landlord-tenant laws and have discovered that my house has (surprise!) not been legally habitable for the last month or so. Because of that, I am interested in receiving the rent I paid from last month back, as well as my deposit. So my question here, DamnPortlanders, is: do I have the right to demand that rent back? I really don't have the finances to move as it is, so would need that money to get into a new place.

I know I should have done something about this earlier, but, hell. I just didn't have the money to leave when I should have and was a bit flustered in regards to the whole situmacation.

I suppose I have another question in lieu of this situation... anyone know of any good, cheap 2-bedrooms somewhere close-in NW or SW? (Yes, I'm looking at Craigslist and camping out everywhere.)
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Pitter Patter

Ahhhhhh..... the lovely rain!!!! How I missed it!!!! =)

Yea, I know you guys are going to say, "But what about that freak-a-zoid rain that we had just last month???" Well, I was out of town at the time. So, I missed it.

It's so nice to hear the sound of falling rain through my open windows. At least there's one good thing about having had a warm afternoon (causing me to open up all the windows later) and a bit of insomnia!!!

- - - - Part of me will be sad to see the lovely days of summer go. But, on the other hand I rather like the cooler weather and the wet wet rain. There's a reason why we moved here! ;-)

Now, if only we could convince the weeds in our garden not to drink it up and continue taking over the small amount of grass that we have in our backyard! ... *Ha!!!* :P
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Your Desert Disc...

Taken from the 94.7 discussion this morning;

If you had to be stranded on a desert island, which one CD would you take with you and why?

I think for me, it would be Dave Matthews Band's "Crash". They are my favorite band and my all-time favorite song "Crash into me" is on that disc. But besides that, this CD really reminds me of a good time in my life. That transition from high school and into my freshman year of college. While I was always pretty independent in high school, this was the first time I had to be TRULY independent in all parts of my life. And I listened to this CD sooo much that first year away at school. Good times.
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need to copy some keys: anywhere close to ohsu, or on direct bus line?

Hey peoples as the title says basically. I need to do this today and can't take much time off work.

There's a trail I run down Marquam Hill (towards Duniway Park) and I have got stung there twice! This time I know it was a bee because I pulled the stinger out of my ear. Anyway, the shock made me drop my keys into the undergrowth in the steep drop next to the path. Argh. Freakin bees! There must be a nest or something, because I was running past exactly the same place where I got stung last time.

So yeah...keys.

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Does anyone here have access to discounted trimet passes?

The saga daughter's bus pass was not turned in as promised, so we have to replace it, does anyone here have the ability to buy them at a discount but they do not need one themselves? Depending on the discount we can toss some cash your way for helping us replace the one she lost.... or there could be baked goods as a reward for your assist.
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THIS VERY DESK..... out on the curb outside our house at *1723 ne 50th ave* waiting for you to come pick it up. The door hinges need to be screwed on but the keyboard drawer works and the formica top is clean and it's FREE FREE FREE.......!

* we have a killer attack dog, please no knocking on the door- it's FREE anyways -  if you don't want it just leave it for someone else!

Rental oddities

I was walking around NW the other day and noticed that every damn apartment had a vacancy posted. I admit I'm a sucker for the look of an old brick structure. So I wonder why the availability (or the alleged availability). Has anyone lived in one of these little apartment buildings, and can tell me why this is? Do people have the same weakness for window boxes, move in, loathe it, and move out just as fast? Are the managers just very lonely and looking for excuses to get calls? I'm very curious about this.

In (possibly related?) news, one of my friends has informed me that his apartment downtown is going up $800/month in rent - that's an additional $800 in one fell swoop - and so everyone currently living there is moving the hell out. What's going on in this town?

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I am a smoker.
I am not proud of this.
I estimate that I have spent $18,000 since 1993 on cigarettes.
I wish to quit.
Gums. Patches. Lozenges. Meditation. Diaries. Nothing has worked.

My question for you damnportlanders is:

Does anyone have experience with (either directly or second-hand) with Chantix.

I'm not seeking any "I heard of.." or "I know of.." because I've heard a few third and fourth-hand account stories, but I'm looking for direct experiences.

You. Your mother. Your sister. Your best friend. Have you or someone you know directly had success with this newer solution? I'm curious with trying it, but don't know anyone personally who has tried it.

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Hello, all.
I'm posting to ask if there are any artist cooperatives or artist residential spaces in Portland? I am a photographer in need of shared darkroom space. I'm looking for something that is on par with AS220 in Providence, if that is of any help.

Thanks! Thanks! in advance

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kill it with FIRE!

Yo, what the hell is up with this spider:

I've walked into TWO webs (face first, mind you) in the last month. After the initial horror of "OMFG SPIDERWEBSPIDERWEBSPIDERWEB" wore off, I saw these yellow-brown-ish and white looking spiders out of the corner of my eye. Why are the so intent on building their webs across walkways and stair cases and shit?

Also, I've seen brown and white spiders before around, but never with yellow as well. I've seen like 10 of these dudes around recently and they're freaking me the fuck out. They're also kind of big, thus increasing my "GFTO AWAY FROM ME" reaction. In case you couldn't tell I'm scurred of spiders.
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greetings future neighbors

Yo, I'm planning on moving cross-country to Portland in the beginning of October. Does anyone have any words of advice, suggestions, warnings that could be helpful for a newcomer? I'm still looking for housing (though I might have a lead), what areas would you tell me to stay away from? Anything you have to say would be great. Thanks y'all.
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large empty paved surface?

So I have a car with a manual transmission.

Unfortunately, none of my friends know how to drive said car.

Anyone have any ideas as to where there might be a safe (open, empty, free) where I could teach them? Preferably in the SE (I'm at Reed) but elsewhere would be okay, too.


hawthorne bars, microbrews

I relocate to your fair city from the East Coast in two weeks. I will be living in a lovely house in Hawthorne. I am a fairly new beer enthusiast (partial to hefeweizen and IPAs). My favorite breweries are Allagash, Smuttynose, and Dogfish Head. I am also dirt poor, and can only afford to drink these because I tipped pretty well when I was better off.

So, what bars in Hawthorne are my best bets for drinking on a student's budget? Any ideas on local beers I might like?
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I'm most likely buying myself a lap top in October or so and I was wondering what the best ones to get. I'm looking to spend around $600 - $700.

I looked at Dell today but how can I get one without vista? I really really DON'T want vista AT ALL.

I'm not looking for anything to fancy, c/d burner, wireless, dvd player would be nice but not that important.


x-posted to my own journal as well.
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For Eugene-bound or Eugene-based Damnportlanders: Free Chinook Book Coupons!

In the off-chance that there are Eugene-based (or Eugene-bound) folks in this community, I have a whole section of my Chinook Book discount coupon book that I wont be using at all. Since I don't anticipate making a trip to the Patchouli Central anytime soon, I would love to donate the entire Eugene/Springfield section of my 2007 Chinook Book to an interested party. These coupons are good until November 30, 2007.

The Eugene/Springfield coupons include those for The Kiva, Red Barn Natural Grocery, Sundance Natural Foods, Eugene City Bakery, Ben & Jerry's, Mazzi's Italian Restaurant (yum!), Prince Pucklers, Smth Family Bookstore, Laughing Planet Cafe, LTD (two all-day passes), Play It Again Sports, True Value, Down to Earth Home, Garden, & Gift, and many more.

If anyone is interested, please respond here. I would love to find new homes for these coupons so someone else might be able to take advantage of them. :)
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Daycare in Hillsboro

Hello folks!

I have a friend that lives in Hillsboro, and is trying to find a reputable daycare situation for her three children, who are all around the age of 6-10 or so. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!