September 3rd, 2007


Buckwheat Hulls?

Long shot here...

Would any of you know where to find local (ideally organic) buckwheat hulls? ie the stuffs you put in pillows to make them awesome.

I found some links to seeds (not the hulls) but I can't really use those in pillows as they might rot over time.

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Help! HALP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please no more Comcast . . . .

A few weeks ago we were talking about alternatives to comcast. Speakeasy was mentioned, but like with Qwest I live too far from the central switch/phone/hoo-hah to get high speed. Waaaaaaaaaa! I have to get out from under Comcast. My promotional rate just ended. I like living indoors, which is incompatible with their price strcuture.

I feel the digital divide widening out in inner NE.

Any thoughts? suggestions?
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dry ice shipping

I want to ship some frozen tamales to a friend in California. How would I go about doing this? I know that you have to ship with dry ice...but that is about it. Where do I get a good box/container that will hold all of this? Does FedEx or UPS ship items packed in dry ice?

I've read up on it and basically all I know is that I need a good (special?) box to ship it in and that it needs to be packed with dry ice, but still not be in a sealed tight box (so it doesn't explode)

Any advice? or ideas where they sell the right materials?
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Vacation Rentals

I'm looking for a vacation rental for my birthday weekend. Somewhere with a few outdoor activities but not too far from Portland... Maybe Mt. Hood. Does anyone have any experience with rental companies that they'd want to refer to me to search with? Thanks in advance!
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practice space

hello! I'm looking for a practice space, monthly not hourly. bongo fury is full, audiocinema looks like it only does hourly, suburbia is next to look into, but do you have any other recommendations?

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Is anyone interested in signing a complaint letter to PDOT and the mayor about the cleanliness of Portland's streets? I don't expect cleaner streets to come of it but it will give me an outlet for my anger over my glass shredded bicycle tire this morning (yes I try to avoid riding over glass but any regular rider has observed that bicycle lanes are a bastion of broken glass and other tire shrapnel).
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lately i have been entertaining the idea of finally obtaining a mailing address. today i decided i will apply for a p.o. box.
this is an effort to receive all sorts of creative items such as:

-love letters (these are different then letters)
-miscellaneous items that you keep in  your "junk drawer" at home

tomorrow  i will be posting my p.o. box on here and in my other forums as well.
i will somehow find a way to make all the things i receive into something beautiful.
please help me.


just send me cute stuff to make me like you.
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Ruby Receptionists?

Does anyone have comments on this company from personal experience? I'd like to hear more from the employee perspective.

There is some lovely info on the Internet, but if you know more, I'd love to hear it, especially anything about scheduling and salaries. Thanks!