September 2nd, 2007

mahjong in pdx

Just wondering if anyone knows of any groups that play mahjong or coffee shops where people play it. I've been playing it online, but it's much more fun to play in person and learn from "REAL" people ;)  then I can teach it to a few friends!

Lego Castle Making
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I need shoes.

I'm in some need of shoes...nice shoes for work and general life activites requiring more than a tennis shoe. Any good places to shoe shop for the ladies? Besides department stores in Lloyd Center of course...


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Remember a week or so ago when I asked if anyone knew the owner of the wallet that was left at my place of business? Well, I'm hoping for this to be karmic payback time...

I lost my wallet. It's blue, Guess brand, fake alligator or something. It has no cash in it, but it does have my bank card, driver's license, and other important information. This is kind of an emergency as I am in a situation where I need to be able to access my funds and it will take a week or so to get a replacement card sent to me. I called the bank and no one has reported it found.

I frequently ride the 20, the 15, the 77, and the max, so it may have fallen out on any of those in the past few days. I'm going to call Tri-met and see if anyone's turned it in, but I thought I'd also see if any karma-loving damnportlanders may have held onto it for me.

If not, please keep an eye out. Thank you all!

Did you find a Sept Tri-Met pass or know of someone who did?

Lost Sept Tri-Met Bus pass 3-4 zone on Saturday 9/1

It had just come in the mail and my daughter put it into her wallet for safe keeping until she got home, she had not even signed it yet. She had stopped at the Taco Bell on old SE 82nd Drive right after leaving the post office, and it fell from her wallet while paying un-noticed.
The manager said someone did find one but took it with them and said they would check back in a couple days to see if someone had missed it. If you are this person please contact us asap, she needs this pass to get to work and we cannot afford to replace it, she is a single mom who saved all summer to buy her son his school clothes. We might be able to manage a small reward, but we are struggling paycheck to paycheck like lots of people. Hoping an honest person found it....

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who wants free haircuts?

I need 3 people tomorrow from between 9am and noon.
I work at the new bishops salon in the pearl

If you cant make it tomorrow I will be needing models next monday and pretty much every monday for the next 10 weeks. I will also be needing people who want color soon as well.

no restrictions, just whatever hair you want.

email me at

and I'll give you more details
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Hi, I just moved here.


Any tattoo parlours that any of you would recommend?

It's been five years since my last and I am well overdue for a new one.
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Dog-friendly beach rental

eibra and I and our greyhound, Gem, want to take a long weekend at the coast within the next 3-4 weeks. We're looking for a rental house/condo/apartment/whatever (not camping) that's on or a quick walk to the beach. Doesn't need to be anything super-fancy or super-large, since it's just the two of us. Prefer it to be $100/night or less, arriving on a Thursday afternoon and leaving on a Monday morning. We're pretty open to any place except for Lincoln City - we'd like to stay north of Newport, unless it's Bandon which we're very fond of. So...any tips on rental companies to look at, or specific places? We've been going the Craigslist route, and poking around on the various chamber of commerce websites, but we're a bit lost with all the choices and would love personal experience/recommendations. Thanks :)

(ps: sorry if I posted this here before! my memory is a bit hazy.)
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The penultimate tattoo post:

So here is a question that has been kicking around in my head for a while, and of course will fit in with this community's discourse very well:

What is the appeal of tattoos?

I really don't get it. I don't have a strong objection to tattoos (although I don't want them for myself), but I don't see why people like them enough to go through the pain, and to put so much stock in them.

For example, yesterday I saw a quite good tattoo of the Fremont Bridge on a guy's shoulder. I liked the design well enough. But what the leap I don't get is from "I like this picture" to "I want this picture to be the visual image that represents me and that I will carry around forever". I just don't see how people feel so strongly about dolphins frolicking or slightly-misunderstood hanzi to make them a permanent part of themselves.

Am I just a grumpy old man?
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looking for.

Give me help.

You know those bumper stickers that are in the shape of Oregon and they have the red/green/purple polka dot heart in the middle? Where does one find one of those? I work at Made In Oregon and for some reason we don't carry them. Because that would be, you know, logical. But I get questions about them all the time and actually, I want one for myself. Anyone?

Also, tell me your favorite thrift store for furniture and home decorating junk. My friend and I just got an apartment in Seattle and we have crap for furniture. And by 'crap' I mean 'nothing' and we like secondhand funky things. Especially of the Asian- or Indian-inspired persuasion.

And finally: if your landlord tells you not to hang things from the ceiling, how would you go about doing that without drilling a permanent hole? I could use those sticky hooks but I'd be afraid of it crashing down on my head.

I'm so demanding tonight.
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